Mark of the Beast

Fred R. Coulter—February 6, 2010

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Ever since Cain, and then personified in Nimrod, controlling the human mind and the mark of the beast. Co-incidentally I also had a printout which I receive every once in awhile from Seventh Day Adventists where they say, 'The mark of the beast is Sunday keeping.' As a matter of fact, that's what the Radio Church of God had in their booklet and they got that from Church of God Seventh Day and the Seventh Day Adventists. It seemed plausible at the time, that that could be it. You go back and you read the commentaries and everything, and you find that they have a very hard time understanding what it is.

One of the difficulties with Church of God Seventh Day and Seventh Day Adventists is this: they take the two beasts of Rev. 13 and make all of it the Catholic Church, which it's not. They never really thought everything through. But let's just give them the benefit of doubt. The pope becomes so important that he causes the whole earth—now you need to consider all the different religions and the problems involved with it—everyone in the whole world to observe Sunday. On Sunday they cannot buy and sell because everything is closed down.

And sure enough I got an article that someone sent me, it's on the Internet how the Germans are trying to enforce Sunday-closing now and less Sunday shopping and the pope is all happy and clapping his hands and saying, 'That's wonderful.' But just suppose that could be for the whole world. What would happen Monday morning at 8 o'clock? The stores would open—correct? Could people buy on Monday? Yes! And on Tuesday? Yes! And on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday? Yes! So, it can't mean the observance of a day, even though the Catholics say that Sunday is, as we have in the Rome's Challenge in one of the appendices in the Bible, that it is a Catholic institution. But what does it really mean?

Let's look at a couple prophecies here and let's understand something. When God fulfills a prophecy, it is fulfilled in its fullness. I think it's very interesting here what Mike mentioned concerning the destruction of the temple. Let's come to Matthew 24. We'll look just at one Scripture here. I think it's interesting that Mike pointed out that the rabbis thought that if they would all get to Jerusalem God would have to protect it and not destroy it. In other words, by their will and by their works, God would be compelled to do what they wanted. As a matter of fact, we do have a quote from some of the Jewish sources for the book that Phil Neal is writing where they even brag and say, 'Even God is bound by the decision of the ribbies.' The ribbies are the top rabbis. Well, that's not true.

Was Jerusalem destroyed? Mike made the comment that there is in the Talmud in a certain section where God made a law, and the rabbis looked at it and changed it. Then God says, 'Oh, My children have overruled me.' Where do you ever find that in the Bible? What does it say in Isaiah? 'Every knee shall bow to Me.' What does it say in Phil. 2? 'Every knee shall bow to Me.' What that shows is that the rabbis can give their own interpretation to Scriptures and overrule God, but no man can do that.

Let's focus on one verse here when the disciples wanted to know what was going to happen. Matthew 24:1: "And after going out, Jesus departed from the temple; and His disciples came to Him to point out the buildings of the temple…. [At that time it was a vast wall from the floor of the Kidron Valley up about 600-feet to the top of the temple and all carved and placed stones and it was white. So they were looking down from the Mount of Olives and looking at it and saying, 'Look at this. This is wonderful!'] …But Jesus said to them, 'Do you not see all these things? Truly I say to you there shall not be left here even a stone upon a stone that shall not be thrown down'" (vs 1-2). Now that's quite a statement—isn't it? Yes!

Let's come to v 35. Notice what Jesus said concerning everything that He just explained to them, but we want to take this one verse, v 35: "'The heaven and the earth shall pass away, but My words shall never pass away.'" Now think about that for a minute. What happened to the temple when it was destroyed? You can read in Josephus exactly what happened. In order to get the gold that melted because of the fire, and they didn't intend to have the fire, but nevertheless the fire burned the temple and melted the gold and it all went down into the rocks. What did they do to get the gold? They pried away all the rocks, everything, every stone where the temple was, was torn down. So where you look where the western wailing-wall is, what do you find? You find stones that were not torn down. That tells us that had nothing to do with the temple area, but that was part of Fort Antonio and was Roman territory.

So the Jews have even forgotten that in saying, 'Here's the remnant of temple.' The temple is up there where the Mosque of Omar is and that's not where the temple was. The temple was south of that and directly over the Gihon Springs. Did that happen? Yes, it did!

Now let's look at a couple other things here so we can find out what's going to happen. Let's come here to Revelation 13. This afternoon we'll get into it in a little bit more detail. Let's see what it says concerning the mark of the beast. As I have brought out for a long time, it's not just buying and selling. It is total control of the minds of people.

Revelation 13:16: "And he causes all... [Now this is the beast for whom the image was made. That's the he in this verse.] ...he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond... [Now when we come to the book of Revelation we're dealing with worldwide events. So when it says all, it means all. And what is happening today with globalization, the world is getting, as they say smaller and smaller. It's not getting smaller and smaller, it is that we are becoming more and more monolithic in the structure of things, in economics, and so forth.] receive a mark in their right hands, or in their foreheads; So that no one may have the ability to buy and sell unless he has the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of the his name" (vs 16-17).

So there are three parts to it. The or in the Greek has the force of and, rather than equivalent of or. Now how close are we to that? Let me ask you a question here: How many have debit cards or credit cards? You use them—don't you? What's one big problem with credit cards and debit cards, and things like that that people run into all the time—it's called what? Identity theft! They are going to solve that. They can even have DNA theft and plant your DNA in a crime scene and you'll be convicted, because your DNA is there. They could take one piece of your hair, or one swab of your saliva, they can take it to a laboratory and they can multiply the DNA, which is yours, and spread it around the crime scene and you're convicted, because the DNA cannot lie. Is that true? Yes! How you going to solve that problem? We'll see how they're going to do it.

All prophecies will be fulfilled to the fullest, not the minimum. A lot of people they read the prophecy and say, 'Well, they might not have to build a temple in Jerusalem, just set up a tabernacle.' The Jews are not working on tabernacles. You go online and look at the Temple Institute online, they're going full bore for the whole thing and that's what they're going to have.

Buying and selling becomes the important thing. What is involved with the credit cards and debit cards? Checking accounts? Numbers—right? Now, what happens if you go to an ATM and you want to get some cash? You put your debit or credit card in there, and if it happens to have one number that is damaged, you're denied—right? Now, think about this: if you have no money and no credit card and no debit card, can you buy and sell in today's world? You might be able to do a little bartering, but how many people know how to barter? But it's not the buying and selling that they are really interested in.

Let me read to you something very important here and this is from the book, Controlling the Human Mind by Dr. Nick Begich. And he's also a senator from Alaska. He gives the whole history of things that started and all of this started in 1920. Let's come back here to Daniel 12 for just a minute and let's see how we can see what it tells us, so we can understand Revelation 13 even more.

Daniel wanted to know, so he was told this. Daniel 12:4: "'But you, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, even to the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.'" Think about those two phrases there: 'Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.' Never in the wildest dreams of anyone would they ever imagine that we would have a world filled with cars, trains, planes, buses, rockets, subways. At any one time, how many people are in planes going over 500 miles an hour?

I often think of this: what would happen if you would resurrect the Apostle John right in the middle of a freeway? What is this? Knowledge increases. How fast is knowledge increasing today with the computers that we have, because they are getting closer and closer and closer to human intelligence in computers. Another sermon I'm going to bring will bring out concerning nanotechnology and what they're going to do with that.

What is the length of time that it takes now for knowledge to double? Five months! That is an example of fulfilling a prophecy to the maximum, rather than the minimum. And it's still going. That's what's so important. They are still increasing the knowledge.

Now here's something for us also to understand. Let's come down to v 9, after he said, 'Oh, I want to know.' "And he said, 'Go your way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end." Now this becomes important from this point of view: nearly every commentary of the Bible cannot explain Rev.13 'until the time of the end,' when the facts match with what was said. We're at that time. I read many of the commentaries which say, 'Well, it's this, or it's that, or its the other thing.'

Notice what he's promised here. Verse 10: "'Many shall be purified, and made white, and refined. But the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.'" Now that is a promise. We will understand when it's necessary for us to understand. But what do we have to be doing in order to understand? We have to be watching! We have to be looking for how is this going to be possible? We now know—I don't know how many ever saw the movie, Enemy of the State, where they could track them down any place and they cancelled out his identity. They cancelled out all of his credit cards. If he tried to use his cell phone, they knew instantly where he was, and they were coming after him.

Controlling the Human Mind, pg 28. This has to do with controlling the human mind; that's what the mark of the beast is all about.

The early attempts use chemicals and hallucinogens to achieve some measure of control. Then in the '60s the interest changed to non-chemical means of affecting behavior. By the early 1970's within certain military and academic circles it became clear that human behavior could be modified by the use of subtle energy manipulation.

How much energy does it take to run your cell phone? Virtually every one of you here have a cell phone—right? Very little. It comes in on a microwave frequency. This room is filled with how many frequencies? Every radio station in Los Angeles area, every television station in the Los Angeles area, every cell phone tower in the Los Angeles area. We have lights, we have all of these things. All of these things are forms of energy.

By 2006 the stage of technology had been perfected to the point where emotions, thoughts, memory, and thinking could be manipulated by external means.

Now this is more than just 'Satan is the prince of the power of the air' (Eph.1). This is that they can do it on a mass scale with very low-level frequencies and power.

Stop for a moment and consider the impact of what this means: The idea that human thinking can be disrupted or manipulated in a way that can't be resisted. The ability to impact thinking in this way comes through according to leading Russian scientist, Dr. Igor Smirnoff... [I wonder if he wrote this when he had some of his famous vodka?] ...which he says it comes through as if it were a command from God. It cannot be resisted.

Remember the movie, Universal Soldier? Remember the movie's implants and you have assassins?

Think about this for a moment. What else could be a greater violation of one's individual personhood? What is surprising is the volume of evidence now available to us that documents that these technologies are here now.

We'll get into some of those, and we will see what some of them are. This book is incredible—pg 71:

This already has a U.S. patent and the creators say that this invention relates to an electrical apparatus that is capable of generating a magnetic field that is so precisely tuned in order to interact with the brain and heart, in order to pace the heart, and also interact with the nervous system in order to counteract pain.

They always use it for good, first. How many have been on the list since 2002? I gave a sermon, The Mark of the Beast is Here (2002), with the digital angel. I don't know if any of you remember that or heard that sermon. People said, 'Oh, it's here already.' I said, 'Wait, wait, wait. It has to be developed.' And now they're getting ready.

An additional patent that was found to be particularly interesting concerns the use of either low-level or very high frequency audio signals for delivering subliminal information. The invention was intended to: (A) To provide a technique for producing a subliminal presentation which is audible to the listener, yet is perceived and decoded by the ear for use by the subconscious mind. This system bypasses the conscious mind, and drops the information into the subconscious by a manner that avoids any conscious filtering of the information...

Think of that! That's why, brethren, we need the Spirit of God.

...without conscious review, may in fact set up conflicts in the listener's belief systems. In other words, the messages may not line up with the way that the individual person thinks, which can lead to a number of problems. Conflicts in beliefs can lead to significant emotional, psychological problems, which is why when subliminals are used a person should know exactly what is being sent to assure that the messages line up with the beliefs of the individual. A person should be able to hear and review all the words that are sent.

But they can do it without you even knowing it now. I've never attended a rock concert. Do you know what a rock concert is intended to do? It is intended to hypnotize you, because of the strobe going. Why do they have to have the lights? It is intended to give the people, not only to hear the music, but to feel it in every cell of their body. So the music is driven through them, rather than just hearing them, and it affects the mind.

How many have gone into a store where they're playing some kind of really ratty music? How do you feel? You feel angst—right? I'll have to congratulate McDonald's. Since they have many senior citizens coming in for breakfast, they have nice soothing music in the morning. Then I went over to Nob Hill to buy something, and they had all of this beat-em-up music. It kind of set me on edge.

Let me talk to you about a machine or a device that is called HARP. How many have ever heard of HARP? HARP is one of the things that they can use with low-level electrical frequencies, just like with the telephone thing. It's like with the cell phone that you have.

The United States plans to carry out large-scale scientific experiments under HARP program and not controlled by the global community. They are trying to create weapons capable of breaking radio-communication lines and equipment installed on space ships and rockets, provoke serious accidents in electrical networks and in oil and gas pipelines, and have a negative effect on the mental health of people populating entire regions. (pg. 80)

That's what they're capable of doing now. (pg. 86):

Over twenty years ago, Dr. Pursinger has been working on a theory that connects not only UFO's and earthquakes, but also powerful electromagnetic fields and an explanation of paranormal beliefs in terms of unusual brain activity. He has also found that stimulating another area, the temporal lobes can produce all sorts of mystic experiences, out-of-body sensations, and other apparently paranormal phenomena.

In other words, you think that you're seeing reality.

These experiments may be the result of activity in the brain and not the actual experiences that are being reported by individuals. He indicates that the brain can be altered... [note this very carefully] ...with very little power including that which is released from natural geomagnetic activity of the earth, or via contemporary communication networks.

Now let me ask you a question: Living in the city, what happens when you get out, when you're away from the traffic, the noise, the lights, the phones, the television, the radio, and say you're up in the mountains and it's nice and quiet. You're relaxed, aren't you? You feel good! Same way when you go down to the beach, especially if you go down and its quiet and you take off your shoes and you walk in the sand. You really feel invigorated. You feel just really good. Why? Because your body and your mind are being released from all the stress and tension that you have living in the society. And by the way, I was just handed a report and stress is a leading cause of cancer.

He suggests that within a very narrow set of variables we can stimulate the sense of smell, taste, touch, sight, or hearing in a manner that will not permit us to see the difference between the laboratory-created experience and reality.

So what is this leading to? Control! That's what it's leading to. Now it's going to take several years to get it all going, but it's all there.

A signal could be generated at power levels that were consistent with the earth's and would be hidden in the noise created by many manmade background-radiating sources of energy.

Let me come to another page here.

One could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period.

Makes you wonder. Stop and think. When you see politically the right hand doing something over here, what is happening on the left hand? Take for example the healthcare thing. They don't care two-hoots to a whirlwind about your health. They want control.They want the power over you.

This capability exists today through the use of systems that can stimulate the ionosphere to return a pulse signal, which at the right frequency can override normal brain functions. By overriding the natural pulsations of the brain, chemical reactions are triggered, which alter the emotional state of the targeted population.

This is really some stuff and the book is just full of it. Where does that come in with the mark of the beast? (pg 139):

Control of the Mind and the Body: There are four wave lengths that your mind and your body are subject to. First are beta waves, alpha waves, data waves, delta waves. External stimulation of the brain by electromagnetic means can cause the brain to be in-trained or locked into phase with an external signal generator. People can be driven or pushed into new frequency patterns by external stimulation. This causes changes in the brain waves which then also changes the brain chemistry, which then can cause changes to in-brain outputs in the form of thoughts, emotions, physical conditions.

As you are driven, so you arrive. Brain manipulation can either be beneficial or detrimental to the individual being impacted... [Quite a thing!] ...What can it produce? Amazing! It can produce these neuro-chemicals which when released cause specific reactions in the brain, which result in feelings of fear, lust, depression, love, etc. All of these and the full range of emotional and intellectual responses are caused by very specific combinations of these brain chemicals, which are released by frequency-specific electronic impulses.

that's the key to running the body. The key to the mark of the beast is to get a chip that will be compatible with the body. They haven't quite arrived there yet, but they'll be getting there.

Precise mixtures of these brain juices can produce extraordinary specific mental states, such as fear of dark, or intense concentration. The work in this area is advancing at a very rapid rate with new discoveries being made regularly. Unlocking the knowledge of these specific frequency codes is yielding significant breakthroughs in understanding human health. The control of the mind and body using various forms of electromagnetic energy, including radio signals, light pulsation, sound and other methods, has resulted in several inventions and innovations.

Have you ever been watching a television program and you just all of a sudden feel downright miserable? The best thing to do is turn it off. Give yourself fifteen minutes and you'll feel better—right? Because what do you have on television? Youhave sound, you have visual, emotional, all those things coming through. What also was coming through? Electronics! Why did they go to digital from analog? Well, I'll tell you. They went from analog to digital so they can use all the analog band waves to make what I'm reading here happen. So they can control people. When you have a lawless society that can't be controlled, you have to have a means of controlling. That's what they do with this.

There was another patent in 1980, which is a method and apparatus for producing a noise-like signal for inducing a hypnotic or anesthetic effect in human beings. The invention also has uses in crowd control and consciousness-level training... [called bio-feedback] ...The invention may also be used in creating special musical effects. This device would have a profound effect in controlling individuals to a point otherwise only achievable through the application of hypno-therapy or drugs. This type of controlled effect can be induced from a distance outside the human body without implants or physical contact of any kind.

Isn't that amazing? Later we'll see what they can do with implants. Have you heard of RFID's? Radio Frequency Identification Device? Yes!

These inventions generate a whole ray of breakthroughs for controlling a person's emotional state, concentration, and pain levels, and creating other effects as well. In 1990 the result of a study strongly indicated these specific types of subjective experiences can be enhanced when extremely low frequency magnetic fields of less than one mili-gus are generated through the brain at the level of the temporal lobes. The vestibular feelings—that is vibrations and floatings—depersonalization, feeling detached, sense of presence, and imaginations, vivid images from childhood are more frequent within the field exposed groups than the Shamfield exposed group.

A lot of heavy reading in here. Weaponization of theMind. What are they going to do? How many have seen the movie, Universal Soldier? They actually program them this way. It shows some of the devices that they have. (pg 198).

Brain Drivers: Research internationally found...

Every major country is researching it, because the first one that has it, so it's really workable, can do what? Control the world—right? Yes!]

...that the brain can be easily in-trained or be influenced to change states [mental states] by external electromagnetic fields. These discoveries have provided new tools for both scientists and others and the new tools include, electro-cranial stimulation devices, sound system, light pulse system, and a very large variety of other brain entertainment and feedback devices.

So you could get something you think is entertaining and what is it doing? It's re-programming your mind for something else and you don't even know it. Now what the theme of controlling the human mind? Proverbs 4:24, 'Guard the door of your mind.' Now, we're at a time that we have to ask God to really protect us. They don't yet have these things out on a mass scale, but they will be available.

Technological advances also have been applied to special monitoring and control devices, which allow people to learn how to control and manipulate their own brain activity for beneficial results. Reports include relaxation, pain control, speed-reading and memory improvement.

It always starts out with something good. How is sin introduced to children? Cartoons! You might take some morning and look at the cartoons that they have for all the kids and see what's going into their minds, see what they're looking at. It's always a joke—isn't it? Who introduced transvestitism in the cartoons? Walt Disney with Bugs Bunny, dressing up as a female bunny—right? Sin is always introduced to children through cartoons and to adults through humor. You go to some entertainment show and what is there to break down the moral barriers? All you have to do is just watch the Comedy Channel. What is it? Jokes about sex—right? So, you see, you don't have to have a device out there doing this, as long as you let it enter into your minds through whatever media is available. Now there are a lot of media things available.

When we think about the body's energy and the way we relate to energy, this is a very important concept and goes back to very ancient cultures based on the archeological evidence. Earlier I mentioned that around us exists 200-million times more radio frequency energy than the earth naturally produces because of what mankind has added.... [No wonder we're under stress.] ...When we include all the energy that man has added into the environment, it's a tremendous difference. The idea of being immersed in a sea of energy and not really sensing it is where most of us are today in terms of sensing energy. Here's a way to see the difference. When the power grid shuts down, most people immediately notice how quiet it is, because the refrigerator stopped humming, the fan motors aren't buzzing, and your computers are not running. If you think of the general state of your body when the energy fails, it's almost like you're exhausted as if your whole body relaxes.

So if you're real hypertensive, turn everything off. Think about it the next time the power goes out or if you want to experiment at home, go to your circuit breaker, stop the power coming into your house, remember to disconnect sensitive electronic devices when doing this. Notice the difference as your body relaxes, because your body constantly has to create equilibrium. A certain level of stress is created within our bodies to compensate for those external fields that dominate so much of our lives today. (pg 220).

Now all of this is to pave the way for what I'm going to bring this afternoon and it's going to blow your minds. Let me just tell you where I'm going. You can go online and get these.

The first one is An Introduction to New Technologies, the RFID. The second one is, An Introduction to Genetic Engineering. The third one is An Introduction to Synthetic Biology.

Now a couple of years ago, I think it was two years ago at the Feast of Tabernacles, I gave two sermons from Raymond Kurzweil's book, The Singularity is Near. That was very hard to follow, I realize that. I got some flack for it. 'Why didn't you bring something about the Feast?' I brought that because of what is coming. Now it's going to be happening. Think about it this way: if we had healthcare, like Obama wants, and they start using these things as treatment, and start controlling the human mind and you have to take the treatment that they give, and no doctor can operate outside of the system, what's going to happen when all of this system comes together and they begin chipping people? They already are!

This one here about the RFID is absolutely mind blowing. Just to give you a preview: they have chipped violent prisoners in prison. They don't know they've been chipped, because they can put it in, it's so small. They set it at the frequency of 120. What happens to the mental state of those prisoners? They become totally non-violent and sleep 22-hours a day, completely involuntary. That's why God says if someone has done something worthy of death, you execute them. Because when you reach the proportion of prisoner population that we have today, and the proportion of very violent people, and even the state cannot control them. You watch some of this on MSNBC that they run on Sundays about all of the prison things. They go through and watch the real violent ones. That's what they're going to do. They're going to chip them, change their behavior, control them. That is the opposite of what God wants.

God made us free moral agents. He set before us life and death, blessing and cursing. He expects us to choose life and to love God. But God Himself does not intervene and take away free choice, but that's what the mark of the beast will do. So it's going to be something. Now it's down the road quite a little ways, but remember: down the road always comes near. I know I didn't remember when I gave that sermon on The Mark of the Beast is Here (April 20, 2002). So here we are, almost eight years later. We're a lot closer. What will the next eight years bring? What will man do?

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Let's first of all come to Psalm 8. Now this is quite a Psalm because it tells us about the potential that God has given us.

Psalm 8:1: "O LORD our Lord, how excellent is Your name in all the earth! You have set Your glory above the heavens! Out of the mouths of babes and suckling You have ordained strength because of Your adversaries, to silence the enemy and the avenger... [Now we're the babes. No one knows except us. The world doesn't know that we are a threat to them, inasmuch as we're going to rule the world. It's through us that God is going avenge all the enemies.] ...When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars which You have ordained, What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You care for him?… [Now here's the key]: …For You have made him a little lower than God..." (vs 1-5). And the Hebrew there is Elohim, which is God. The King James translates it angels, and from the Septuagint it is angels. That's why in Heb. 2 it says angels, but the Hebrew is Elohim, which is God. Now how did God make us? 'Let Us make man in Our image after Our likeness.' Then the rest of the story through the Bible is to be after His kind. That's why Jesus said, 'I'm the first and the last, the beginning and the ending,' so that's the beginning, and the ending is taking place at the resurrection—so a little lower than God. That means we have great mental abilities, great analytical abilities.

Let's come back here to Genesis 11, and let's finish another part of the story and let's see what God says concerning man. Let's just think a little bit about the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. How did God appear to Adam and Eve?

  • He walked with them
  • He talked with them
  • instructed them
  • made and created them.

Did He appear in His glorified form? No! He probably appeared as a human being, just like He appeared to the disciples as flesh and bone after His resurrection, though He was still a spirit being. Now it's key to remember there in Luke 24, He didn't say flesh and blood. He said flesh and bone.

So here's Adam and Eve, created with great capacity; little lower than God; they already have a language; they can think; they can talk; they can reason; they can analyze; and they can see God face-to-face. They look at God and they look at themselves and say, 'We're almost like God.' Can't you see that happening? So along comes a serpent and he says, 'Aha, if you eat of this tree, you will become like God, and you decide what is good and evil.' You don't have to listen to God anymore because you'll be like Him. You decide. Well, they didn't become anything like God, other than the fact that they were created in the image and likeness of God. So maybe this helps us to understand why they succumbed to the temptation, because God put in every human being

  • the desire to improve
  • the desire to do better
  • the desire to get ahead

But He wants people to do it His way with His laws, with God's Spirit.

However, that sin did not change their intellect. It didn't change their ability to reason, to think, to do what we would call, the scientific method, etc., etc. Now we know that God brought the Flood because man was wicked and corrupt. But Jesus also said, 'Just as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man'—right? So what do we have? We have scientific development kicking off like a rocket, but we have sin and wretchedness also multiplying—don't we? Lawlessness!

So human beings, though they can think of all of these good things, do not have the inherent way within them to do what is right. However, they can do fantastic things. Let's see what God said after they said, "…let us build a city and a tower, with its top reaching into the heavens…. And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower which the children of men had built. And the LORD said, 'Behold, the people are one and they all have one language. And this is only the beginning of what they will do—now nothing which they have imagined to do will be restrained from them" (vs 4-6). The Word of God means exactly that. We will see how far that human beings can go, whatever they imagined to do. Nothing will be constrained from them.

So men have great abilities. Look at all that we've created and designed, the machines, the mechanisms, and so forth. I was thinking the other day. How many here lived at a time when there were no cars, no phones, no electricity, no running water, no flush toilets? Now, children coming into this world, what do they have in addition to it? Television, computer, Internet, cell phone, iPod, iPhone, iPad, text messaging, even creating new ways to communicate by re-creating words by using consonants so that they can say a whole sentence in just a few letters. Of course all of that is powered by very low levels of electricity—isn't it?

How many have seen the ad where a person comes before this big video screen and you can see it on the news. They go before the screen and they just go like this, just like an iPhone, go through many different things till you come to what you want. All of that is natural to them—right? They grew up in it. We have a couple young boys over here. When I was a little older than them, I was milking two cows every morning, feeding the chickens, feeding the horse, gathering the eggs in the afternoon, milking the cows in the afternoon, separating the milk. In the summer I'd drive a team of horses to cut the hay, rake it in windrows, shock it and get it into the barn. I started that when I was eight years old. Well, today, you ask a child: Where does milk come from? A bottle or a carton, because we have changed the way everything is done, not necessarily for the good.

Now we have a lot of technology that is coming down the pike. Let's come back here to Revelation 14, and let's look at something concerning the mark of the beast. This talks about the mark of the beast. We'll talk a little bit about this here, maybe put it in some context. Let's look at it and see what it says here.

This is the beginning of the three angels' messages. When do these messages come? When you read Rev. 14, you think that it follows in chronology of Rev. 13, but it doesn't do that. Let me just mention Rev. 14 and the 144,000 here. This is not the same as the 144,000 in Rev. 7, because Rev. 7 are from the children of Israel. These are 144,000 from the earth. I'll explain that at a later time. I won't get into it here, just to let you know it's different.

Here's the first angel. Revelation 14:6 "And I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to proclaim to those who dwell on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and language and people; saying with a loud voice, 'Fear God, and give glory to Him, because the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him Who made the heaven, and the earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters" (vs 6-7). Now we're not told when this occurs, but we'll pick up a clue of it here with the third angel.

Verse 8: "Then another angel followed, saying, 'The great city Babylon is fallen, is fallen, because of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, which she has given all nations to drink'.... [notice the third angel]: ...And a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, 'If anyone worships the beast and his image, and received the mark in his forehead or in his hand, he shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed undiluted in the cup of His wrath; and he shall be tormented in fire and brimstone in the sight of the Holy angels, and of the Lamb" (vs 8-10).

Would you not expect the warning to come before the mark of the beast is implemented? Why give a warning after it's already implemented? It would have to be before. So this puts it sometime just before the enforcement of the mark of the beast.

Is this when the Church is no longer able to give a message because of the persecution that has come against the Church? And so God sends an angel to warn the whole world, because the mark of the beast is coming on the whole world—right? I would be inclined to believe this would have to be before the enforcement of the mark of the beast. We're not talking about voluntarily accepting it, but we're talking about enforcement. Now even those who voluntarily accept it are going to find themselves in the same trouble as well.

Let's read the next couple of verses here. "And the smoke of their torment ascends into the ages of eternity... [I understand this verse now, only after seeing a very unusual sight, which was photographed from a satellite, which is this: The ionosphere is like an envelope around the earth. They had a photographic motion picture of what happens to the ionosphere. Occasionally it opens up and radiation goes out. Now smoke goes up—doesn't it? It's caught in the ionosphere and so when the ionosphere opens up, guess where that smoke goes? All the particles go in space and stay in space and go and go and go and go. So this is literally true. It's the smoke of their torment goes into the ages of eternity, not that they are tormented into the ages of eternity.] ...And the smoke of their torment ascends into the ages of eternity; and those who worship the beast and his image, and all who receive the mark of his name, have no rest day and night" (v 11). That is, until what time? Until they die. They will die.

Now come back here to Revelation 16—has to do with what? Pouring out of the seven last plagues. What is the scene that is set? Rev. 15: the Sea of Glass is there and all the resurrected saints are on the Sea of Glass. We're going to see all the seven last plagues poured out. Down below are the armies of the beast and all of those who have received the mark of the beast. So let's read what it says here.

Revelation 16:2: "And the first angel went and poured out his vial onto the earth; and an evil and grievous sore fell upon the men who had the mark of the beast, and upon those who were worshiping his image." So their judgment comes. But these are men. Do men in extreme circumstances die? Yes! No human beings are tormented day and night forever, only Satan the devil and his demons.

Revelation 14:12: "Here is the patience of the saints; here are the ones who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.... [This also gives us a little time setting—doesn't it? This could not be right at the end of the tribulation, but right at the beginning of it before the mark of the beast is given and enforced.] ...And I heard a voice from heaven say to me, 'Write: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from this time forward. Yes, says the Spirit, so that they may rest from their labors; and their works follow them'" (vs 12-13).

Come back here to Revelation 6:9. Let's see when they are going to die. Here it is right here, the fifth seal. "And when He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the Word of God, and for the testimony that they held; and they cried out with a loud voice, saying, 'How long, O Lord, Holy and true, do You not judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?' And white robes were given to each of them; and they were told that they should rest a short time yet, until it be fulfilled that both their fellow servants and their brethren also would be killed, just as they had been" (vs 9-11). That's when they die in the Lord. And what are their works? Giving their lives!

Let's see who does the persecuting. Satan the devil does. This also gives us a time frame in which to put this. Revelation 12:13: "And when the dragon saw that he was cast down to the earth, he persecuted the woman who had brought forth the man child. And two wings of a great eagle were given to the woman, so that she might fly to her place in the wilderness, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. And the serpent cast water out of his mouth as a river, so that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood. But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth, and swallowed up the river that the dragon had cast out of his mouth. Then the dragon was furious with the woman and went to make war with the rest of her seed... [The King James says 'remnant' and it really means rest,theremainder. Remnant indicates a smaller number, but from what we understand, the smaller number are the ones that go to a place of safety and the larger number are the ones who are left behind.] ...went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ" (vs 13-17).

Since we know that they're going to be in a place of safety for how long? A times, time and half a time. That's three and a half years—right? Which means that the war against the saints begins three and a half years before the end. Would that not be true? Therefore, Rev. 14 concerning the mark of the beast and the martyrdom of the saints, 'Blessed are those who die in the Lord,' that has to be in the same time frame as Rev. 12. We can explain other things with the rest of Rev. 14 and 15 a little later.

Let's come to Revelation 13:16 and cover the mark of the beast again: "And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, to receive a mark in their right hands, or in their foreheads; So that no one may have the ability to buy and sell unless he has the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name" (vs 16-17).

As we covered earlier, all the Scriptures are going to be fulfilled to their maximum degree, not the minimum, the maximum degree. Now how are they going to do it? Do they have the means to do it? Is the means to number everyone, to give them a number in their right hand or in their forehead available today? Yes! That's why I gave you the report that you can read along (you can go online and download it).

So this is the first part of three technologies. It's called An Introduction to New Technologies, Part 1. This is a transcript of a speech by Patrick Redmond. It gives his credentials. So he starts out:

I want to thank you Yvon for inviting me here to talk about new technologies. What I'm going to do is give you an introduction to three technologies that are becoming more and more important. The first is RFID chips... [That's Radio Frequency Identification.] ...the second genetic engineering... [what it's doing to the foods] ...and the third synthetic biology.
That is hair-raising.

I'll just tell you a little bit about synthetic biology. Have you heard of nanotechnology? Nano technology is working on the atoms scale. A nano is one twentieth of a millimeter. I think it's even smaller than that. We'll get to it when we get to the report. But at that level, they can take and combine with nanotechnology living cells, cells of plants of animals, of humans and create new life. Remember what we read in Gen. 11 that now 'nothing that they imagined to do will be restrained from them.' Now let's read on. Let's come to the first big paragraph that starts with RFID's.

RFID's can be passive, semi-passive or active. Active RFID's have an internal power source such as a battery. This allows the tag to send signals back to the reader [a machine.] so if I have a RFID on me and it has a battery, I can just send a signal to a reader wherever it is. They can receive and store data, and be read at a further distance than the passive RFID's. The batteries can only last a short while. But the current batteries in the RFID's can last for over a hundred years, because of their self-generating power.

And what they are trying to do is marry the electromagnetic circuits and systems of the body to be coordinated and attached to a chip, so that the body supplies the power to the chip. Just like when you move your hand—just take your hand and raise it up, and move it down. All of that is done because of thought, because of electromagnetic thoughts that come down through the nerves. You want to move your fingers, your brain sends a message to do that, whatever it is. Now they want to marry the RFID chip to the human nervous system. What they can do, as we read earlier, you give up your free will. That's why God is so against the mark of the beast.

Then it talks about how that GE aircraft, they have 30,000 square feet. They can track everything in there with five readers; know instantly where everyone is and what's being done. Remember, I gave the first sermon on that April 20, 2002. They have been busy every since doing things. In that sermon I said it's going to take time for them to develop it. They have been doing it. It's been six years since they've done it, seven years now, getting close.

For example, Digital Angel has signed contracts with satellite providers to transmit their data for military personal location beacons (PLBs). These beacons use the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite system. This system has some 400,000 digital beacons around the world and it's rising to some 900,000. By the year 2009 they plan to have a GL stationary satellite system that will enable them to find the location and details of any beacon. You may sometimes see these at night; the GO stationary systemscan track any beacon. Skiers sometimes use them so that they can be identified, and sailors as well, if they become lost at sea they will be able to be tracked. Anything that has an RFID tag can be tracked by a reader or a computer.

Think of that. Now try this on for size:

In 2007 Hitachi came out with a chip that was even smaller, they call it RFID powder. They are just like the talcum powder you would put on a baby.

So how about this: a robber comes in and robs a bank. He opens it up and poof, there's powder on him, but it's an RFID, and all they have to do is just have the tracker track him and they know exactly where he's going and bang, they've got him.

Somark Innovations in January 10, 2007, announced an invisible RFID ink. This can be applied to cattle, prime cuts of meat, military personnel and it can be read through hair.

In other words, put on the scalp, just print it. Isn't that amazing?

Then they put RFID chips in clothing, in labels. It talks about what they did at the gap. It talks about MIT. Now MIT has the responsibility of creating all of the different numbers for the different kinds of clothing and products. Did you know that the Gillette razor has an RFID tag built right into it? Now let's see what they can do with these, what they are planning. And, of course, businesses are really happy to have these kinds of things. It helps them.

It works with people who want to use this technology. One of the many companies who sell the chip is called, Technic Imitations. If you have a company and you go to one of their presentations, they will give you books like this that tell you what the chips look like, how they work, the types that are sold, and what the readers look like. They will help you install chips in your company. It's a very big business and it's spreading very quickly.

So you have total control over your factory, everything and everyone.

Soldiers can have active chips so they can be tracked via satellite wherever they might be in the battlefield.

Now I want you to think about this in relationship to the mark of the beast. Then they have another one here, goods that are shipped from China. Every item in a box has an RFID number on it. Every carton has an RFID number on it. All it has to do is just pass through a scanner and they have these big scanners like this, and the trucks just drive these container cartons that are stacked on the ships, they're unloaded, put on trucks and they go right through it and instantly they know what is in there. They check it with the 'weigh bill' to see if it's exactly what the 'weigh bill' says. And they know whether something has been moved, moved out of place, taken, they know instantly. Amazing!
They are using the chips to track inventory in order to be able to monitor what items are going where, if the right items are in the truck, etc. The passive chips are being put on devices to ensure they are valid.

Now, they're going to do this with drugs, because there's so many counterfeit drugs. Now they're going to put an RFID information on the drugs.

RFID's are a great economic help to a company because they reduce theft and loss.

Can't steal anything from the boss now, put it in your purse and take it home, because they'll see it's missing and all they have to do is track you, come and search your home and there it is.

That's why companies are interested, because of these big economic benefits and efficiency.

When you go to Wal-Mart, Best Buy, the U.S. Military and many other agencies around the world, you will see that they are all implementing RFID chips on items and increasingly on people.

Because in 2002 I said it would become natural. Everyone will accept it. See, because you don't take these things and all of a sudden out of the blue say, 'Everybody line up and get this chip.' No, what you do is you have it start invading the society. Everyone is using it. Everyone says, 'Oh, this is wonderful! This is great! We've stopped the losses of theft. We've stopped the losses of over-inventory. We know where everything is. We can keep track of the trucks, we can keep track of the truckers, we can keep track of the policemen, we can keep track of these things, and it really works good.' Like I said this morning, they can take violent criminals, put the chip in them, and set it at a frequency, and they will sleep twenty-two hours a day. So it is to control behavior. Notice how it is growing:

The recent growth of the RFID industry has been staggering: From 1955 to 2005, cumulative sales of radio tags totaled 2.4-billion; in 2007 alone, 2.24-billion tags were sold worldwide and analysts project that by 2017 cumulative sales will top 1-trillion—generating more than $25-billion in annual revenues for the industry.

So here's what's going to happen:

We're starting to see chips being implemented in credit cards, debit cards and passports, driver's licenses... [What do you think national identification card is for?] cards, and many other things. Increasingly they are being used to monitor people as well as items. RFID tags embedded into clothes and personal belongings allow people to be tracked and monitored in shopping malls, libraries, museums, sports arenas, elevators, and restrooms.

Big brother is not only watching, big brother knows.

American Express has them on their blue cards.

I just got my passport renewed and I bet there is one there.

They are announcing plans to place people-tracking readers in stores to track customers movements and observe their behavior. If you bought something with your credit or debit card, they will know what items you bought and if the items were chipped, they will know what you were buying. In this way they will be able to track you.

So when you go into one of these malls, bang, you buy something or use your credit card, or just have your credit card with you and its got a chip on it, as soon as you walk in the door—you know these little things that stand alongside the doors that you walk through? Bang, it'll read it. It'll know whether you have a credit card, a debit card, how many you have, and then they have that tied in so they can go to whatever it is, City Bank or Bank of America. They know how much your balance is. They know what you can buy. They can track you where you're going.

So say you go to Macy's. The women go in the women's department and they buy this and they buy that. They go down to the men's department and buy something for their husbands or their sons. Then they go to the furniture department and last of all they stop by the jewelry counter on the way out—right? Yes! Isn't that where they have the jewelry counter? Glitter! Glitter! Glitter! Yes! Now why I don't like shopping in malls. Besides that, what else do they have? Surveillance cameras everywhere—right? Yes!

In 2006, IBM received a patent approval for an invention called, "Identification and tracking of persons using RFID-tagged items".... [you're dealing big time] ...One stated purpose was to collect information about people that could be "used to monitor the movement of the person through the store or other areas."

Now what if you have these reader—how shall we say—towers throughout the city? Then they can track you going home. Remember the ad that came out years ago. This fellow went into the store and he piled everything into the cart, he put it into his coat, he had it coming out of his pocket, and he didn't go through the checkout stand. But when he went out the door—Bing!—everything was rung up and it said, 'Thank you, Mr. Jones, for all your purchases.' They can do that.

When somebody enters a store a reader "scans all identifiable RFID tags carried on the person,"... [whatever you have] ...and correlates the tag information with sales records to determine the individual's "exact identity." A device known as a "person tracking unit" which then assigns a tracking number to the shopper "to monitor the movement of the person through the store."

If I had three readers in this room, I could scan everybody in one second and I would know right away who's here; so it would scan that quickly. The computers are getting quite sophisticated and capable of doing large numbers of scans at any given time. One company recently announced a computer that reads data transactions at 200 million/second, an incredible number.

That's 10,000 items. Think of that.

What about University of Washington? They have it for tracking students. They can tell where they are. They said, 'Where's student so-and-so?' Oh, he's on the fourth floor. Oh, now he just left the restroom and is going to class.' No more hooky, kids!

In London they're doing it for the police. All 31,000 police in London.

In Southern China they're implementing RFID readers in the city of Shenzhen to track the movement of citizens; all citizens have an ID card with a chip so they can identify who is in what part of the city at any point in time.

Amazing!—isn't it? The comment was made: they can put this in front of every building, train station, airport station, hotel, motel, and keep track of everyone, everywhere. Now we'll talk about the economic crisis here in a little bit. But I just want you to grasp what's going on and as Harry said, 'This is kids stuff.'

Chip all of the pensioners. Now, are you cheating? Are you working, when you shouldn't work? Or are you home on your lazy boy still being a pensioner?

Canada is adding a Real ID to the license plates and we don't hear anything about it, its being done a lot more secretly than it is in the States where there is a lot of public debate. The increase of the use of RFID chips is going to require an increased rate of the UBF spectrum, as a result in the United States they're going to stop using the UBF spectrum of the VHF frequency in 2009.

That's why they went digital. All of those frequencies that were used for analog television are now going to be used to track RFID chips.

A friend of his told him:
All farm animals have to be chipped and he says he's no longer allowed to kill as many cows as he wants. He was given a limit of two cows that he could kill and use only for the farm. All the others had to be sold...

Now think about the implication of this with the health care. If they got in the health care that they wanted, no wonder they're pushing it through at any cost. Because once they get the control, what has to happen? You have a whole new system and what do you have to have with a whole new system? You have to have a whole new system of authorized user-cards and numbers—is that not correct? And what else was it that they wanted to go along with this? Make all of the medical records computerized. You've got to put all the pieces together.

People are being chipped now. There's a trend that they're promoting in the media in terms of chipping people; they're saying why not chip children for safety...
And this is what we thought of eight years ago. Chip the children! Chip the Alzheimer's patients! we can protect them, especially if they're in the hospital then nobody could steal the newborn babies. Why don't we chip the sick, then if someone has a heart attack and falls on the floor, we can read the signal in the chip and send someone to help them.

Now, what if they're beyond the age of help? What if they consult the death panel before they send any help and say, 'Well, he's too old, just send a signal and end it.'

We should chip the military so we would be able to know where the soldiers are and if they're alive. After we could chip people on welfare so we could make sure they're not cheating the government.

How do you end all of the Medicare fraud? Chip everyone on Medicare—right? See, once you have the system, then you can add to it. What did they say? Just pass it, even if it's just a skeleton of a system, we can flush it out later on and Congress can add to it. What are they going to add? The mark of the beast! Question is: If people are chipped unknowingly and have the mark of the beast unknowingly…. The mark of the beast is going to be a special thing, because this system is not foolproof, as you'll see when you read it. That's amazing stuff—isn't it?

Then we can chip all the criminals so that we could control them, and we'll chip workers because a lot of them goof off at work.

And everyone will say, 'Yeah, every time I drive down the road, there's one guy working a shovel and three superintendents standing around watching them.'

Then we'll chip all the pensioners because they're just taking money from us; and after that we'll chip everyone else.

Baja Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain. It gets patrons chipped:

A BBC reporter went to the club and got himself chipped. He said it was like getting a needle in your arm; they just rubbed it with some antiseptic and put a chip in. Because it was fairly small, he said it didn't hurt too much and he had it inside him so whenever he ordered he would just move his arm and pay for it. The reader on the bar would read the signal and since he had his bank account information on the chip on his arm it would deduct the money from his bank account.

Immediately, Boom! Boom! No more floating checks. How many here floated checks? Yes! You get paid on Monday, but you need to buy something Friday, so you go to the store and you buy it on Friday, write a check and then you take your paycheck on Monday and put it in the bank before the other check arrives—right? I've done that, you've done that, everybody's done that. Won't be able to do that.

Nigel Gilbert of the Royal Academy of Engineering said that by 2011 you should be able to go on Google and find out where someone is at any time from chips on clothing, in cars, cell phones, and inside many people themselves.

Track 3: or Download

Isn't that amazing? Now this last section will be a little shorter, because they shorted us time on the room here and so we'll have to live with it this time. Harry was discussing: what about the corporations making chipping a key for high-paying jobs? 'Rick, If you want to work with us and you make $100,000 a year, for security purposes, now security tells us you need a chip, plus you need thumb print, plus you need a physical special key to unlock you system to get it going. If you don't have this, we can't hire you, because we've now made it part of the protocol of hiring. Do you want your job or not?' Now, if you're making $100,000 a year, you're going to say, 'All right.'

Even the conservatives would say, 'Yes, let's chip all legal immigrants'—right? 'Let's make it a law. You cannot hire anyone who does not have a chip and does not have the authorized social security number'—right? No more cheating on social security. Everyone's going to go Hoorah! Hoorah! Wonderful! Wonderful! You see how this is going to be received.

Let's come here to Revelation 18:1. It talks about Babylon the Great. "And after these things I saw an angel descending from heaven, having great authority; and the earth was illuminated with his glory. And he cried out mightily with a loud voice, saying, 'Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a habitation of demons, and a prison of every unclean spirit, and a prison of every unclean and hated bird; because all nations... [This is a worldwide system. I'll talk about how it's going to come in just a little bit.] ...have drunk of the wine of the fury of her fornication, and the kings of the earth... [That is, all the rulers of the earth. What do we have? United Nations and various other national groups—right?] ...have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the power of her luxury'" (vs 1-3).

Those are the multi-national corporations. That's why you're going to see those companies use it, promote it, make it work, because after all, they have to make money—right? Once they get it going, they're going to say, 'All employees must be chipped. If you're not, you can't work.' If you don't work, you can't buy and sell. If the government says you have to be chipped, which it eventually will, you can't get unemployment—right? And you can't get healthcare—right? You see how the system has been closing in, closing in,closing in, so there will be no alternative.

That's why God does not want us to take the mark of the beast. Now we're going to have to suffer because of it, but we're going to receive eternal life. That's why we always have to keep our minds on the goal—always! So there you have it. I'm glad Harry brought up about the corporations, because you work for what? Countrywide computer electronic department. That was before all those bad loans were discovered.

Now let's continue on with the Part 1, Introduction of New Technologies. Isn't that something? They already have this going with—how many have seen the ads for the Chevy Malibu? You've all seen this ad with the Chevy Malibu and the guy says, 'Well, I don't know if I want to buy it.' Then you have the ex-Raider football player there and he's very nice looking. He comes up and says, 'Look inside the car here. If you're in an accident, we have the OnStar system automatically included... [for $16.95 a month] ...and if you're in an accident or knocked out, it will automatically send a signal and they will send help to you.' So then they pull their heads back out of looking in the car and what do you see? You see a highway patrol car, you see a fire engine, you see an ambulance. 'Oh, I got help right away. That's wonderful!' Well, it's on the car, it's not on your hand.

Where do you draw the line? That's the question. If you had it on a credit card, that would not be on your hand—would it? If you had it on a cell phone, that would not be on your hand or your forehead either. The phone may be in your ear, but that's not on your hand or forehead. When they go from the item or clothing or appliance or car or apparatus, whatever it may be, when they go from that to you and it's in your right hand, they try to fake out all the believers in the mark of the beast and put it in the left shoulder and say, 'See, it's not on the right hand, it's in the left shoulder.' But they will have to have a uniform system—right? Right hand or in the forehead. That's when you say, 'No!'. Anything up to that point is leading to it, but when it comes to being put into you, where they can control you, then you're giving up your choice and giving in to the beast.

And remember as we read from the book, Controlling the Human Mind, that electronically they can send thoughts into your head and it can sound just like a command from God and you would not know the difference. Now that's something—isn't it?

Nigel Gilbert of the Royal Academy of Engineering said that by 2011 you should be able to go on Google and find out where someone is at any time from chips on clothing, in cars, cell phones, and inside many people themselves.

Chips are becoming more and more sophisticated. Nature Magazine reported recently that a drug containing microchips has been developed that will release drugs at the right time and amount. They can put a chip in you and release drugs so you don't have to take a pill every day.

Now that's very convenient—isn't it? Why not take care of your health so you don't have to take pills.

This particular one that they're selling lasts for over 140 days, you just have to get chipped three times a year with this drug and it releases it every day automatically. We will probably start hearing more about things like this in the near future.

Watch for it on some of the ads.

In 2006, said that European researchers have developed neuro-chips, they've coupled together living brain cells in silicone circuits... [and that's by nanotechnology] ...and done a lot of experimentation on rats and snails. An electrical signal from a neuron is recorded in the chips transistors, while the chip's capitulators stimulate the neurons. They can create neuro-stimulators and use them to alleviate pain and lessen the debilitating effects of Parkinson's disease.

They can also control your thoughts. Then it talks about gastric stimulators and things like that. 'Now, we have a plan with healthcare. Our new healthcare, we have a new system. We have to cut down on obesity. Now we have a chip and everyone who wants to get government healthcare who is overweight, and you know that we have to fight overweight, because obesity is the number one health problem in America—right? And a bigger number one problem in the U.K.—correct? Viola! Solution! Come in and get your chip! We'll control your appetite! We will make your body lose weight! Isn't that wonderful! Now if you don't, you get no healthcare.' You can just imagine it. would be necessary to put a chip in your brain that would connect and send signals. In another study, neuro-chip implants were developed and are being used on violent prisoners.

I told you about that, where they put it in there. They don't even know they have it and they just tune the frequency and they sleep twenty-two hours a day. Some days I'd like to do that.

They're working on rats and monkeys, so if applied to humans what this could do is restore your short-term memory which people lose as they get older, or it could replace your existing short-term memory with artificial short-term memory.

Well, everyone, 'Oh, I don't want to get Alzheimer's disease.' Then they'll have a super, super, super chip. 'You want to be more intelligent? You want to be wiser? We can put into your brain a whole set of experience. We can give you a completed college education. Viola! Bam! Just get chipped and turn on the juice and there you are, the most intelligent thing that has ever walked down the hall.' Here's what they're working on:

Applied Digital Solutions has a Verichip that is compatible with human tissue and can be used on implantable pacemakers or put defibrillators in artificial joints... [that is make them work] ...It can be injected using a syringe...

Now why do they have it so it's compatible with human tissue? So they can eventually have the mark of the beast. Right now those chips cause cancer. It has set them back a good number of years, but they're working on how do we overcome that problem, so we don't create cancer. They're working on it.

Here we go: Cyberkinetics implanted with BrainGate system. That's just what we talked about.

This shows that human thoughts can be converted into radio waves and used by paralyzed people to create movement.

They've already shown that on television.

What are the problems about these new technologies? Let me just give you a brief explanation. Chips are going to end privacy.

And chips are going to end personal choice.

There's a website called operated by Katherine Albrecht; they research the use of RFID's by different companies. They have been warning people about them because chips that have economic or health data could get that data stolen.

Oh, yes, talk about stolen identity. That's why you have to have a separate, individual number, a separate individual chip. You have to have a whole new numbering system and that's what the mark of the beast is about.

They are finding that once implanted in people, chips can be damaging to our health. For example, the body of a rodent which was tested started rejecting some chips and started a development of cancer. Also there is a danger of viruses; you are all familiar with software viruses on your computers, imagine if you got a virus in your chip that deletes your information in your chip.

A whole host of problems—right? That's why when you have a society that is lawless, you must have a strong police force, and you must have means of control. So the ideal way when you do away with God, you do away with His commandments, you do away with obedience to law, you do away with loving your neighbor as yourself, you do away with helping even your enemy so that if things comes upon them you can help them recover, then you have to have a system of total control. That's what this is about.

If chips can disseminate medicine then they can disseminate other things too; anything put inside a microchip can be activated by a signal. And finally, with this technology, subliminal mind control becomes possible. I went on to Google and did a search on mind control; you might find it interesting to check that yourself. I read one on patents; there are patents that exist for mind control. This is what one states: non-aural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain.

Then it gives the patent number. There you have it. It's coming about as we've discussed many times for years. It is for control.

Let's come to Colossians 1. Here's what God wants us to have. This is why God is against the mark of the beast. They can even, if a person takes it, they can then get you to denounce God. But here's what God wants. Colossians 1:27: "To whom God did will to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory."

Now then, come over to Colossians 3. Here is how we are to control ourselves by choice—

  • by loving God
  • by loving Christ
  • by keeping His commandments
  • with the Spirit of God

Colossians 3:15: "And let the peace of God rule in your hearts... [That's what the Spirit of God will do for us. It will lead us. It will give us peace of mind.] which you were called into one body, and be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom..." (vs 15-16). That's what God wants, because with the covenant for eternal life that we have been given, we're to have the mind of Christ, Christ in us, and we're to have the laws and commandments written in our hearts and our minds by choice, through the Holy Spirit,

  • by our free will
  • by loving God
  • loving one another

That's what God wants.

This with the mark of the beast and what they have here is going to make everyone into an automaton just like this picture shows, a barcode and people and their eyeballs have no pupils at all—just a white blank. You are now owned by the state, lock, stock and barrel, your mind, your soul, your being, your choice. So that's what we're look at in the future. How far it is in the future, we don't know, but it's coming. So I hope this helps us understand where we are in all of these things.

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Sermon: The Mark of the Beast is Here


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Formatted: bo—3-5-10