Book: Why Were You Born?

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To help you begin to fulfill your destiny, the Christian Biblical Church of God has available, at no cost, many essential biblical publications, studies, and audio/video messages that will show you how to become one of the “called, chosen, and faithful.”

Church at Home: This is one of our primary Web sites, Its focus is on basic teachings of the Bible and scriptural Christianity. With 360 half-hour video segments, this site compares the truth of God’s Word to the false teachings of nominal Christianity. We cover current news and Bible prophecy, and examine the problems of this world in the light of the Scriptures.

This is the place to begin. You can search our directory and select the videos that will help you the most. For starters, we recommend: To Return to God; What is Sin?; Which Day is the True Sabbath of God?; The Love of God Series; How to Pray Series; Why Were You Born?; The Addicted Society; Obsessed with Sex; How Old is the Earth?; How the Christian World was Deceived; The Truth About Sunday-Keeping; The Truth About the Holidays; The Truth About God’s Holy Days—and much, much more. 


Christian Biblical Church of God Web site: This site is simply It is one of the largest biblical sites in the world—and is used by nearly one million truth-seekers each year! 

This site contains nearly 1,500 full-length (90-minute), in-depth audio messages and over 400 video messages. Many studies cover Bible prophecy in great detail. There are also verse-by-verse studies of many of the books of the Bible. And every audio message includes transcripts.

This is a vast site—packed with information covering almost every biblical teaching and doctrine you can imagine. It is an excellent resource for messages on Christian growth. All of this is freely available so you can learn the truth of God’s Word and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.   


A Faithful Version: This is our third Web site, This site is solely devoted to The Holy Bible In Its Original Order—A Faithful Version With Commentary. The site is easy to use. It features the entire Bible, book by book, in the original manuscript order. There is also an audio reading that accompanies each chapter—as well as the commentary and the 26 appendices. These appendices give detailed explanations of difficult-tounderstand passages of Scripture. The Holy Bible in Its Original Order is one of the finest English translations in the world—and is sure to make your Bible studies come alive!