The Biblical Truth About His Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection


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Narrated by Fred R. Coulter





Lord, What Should I Do?

Modern “Christianity” is in a downward spiral. Its pastors and ministers are plagued by corruption, complacency and negligence; its teachings are largely watered-down pablum. Increasingly, “Christianity” in America is seen as irrelevant— ineffective at dealing with real-world problems. The result: churchgoers are dropping out at an unprecedented rate. Perhaps you too are troubled by the growing problems in “organized religion.” Has your church experience left you frustrated, feeling neglected, and spiritually unsatisfied? Like so many others who are searching for God, are you wondering, Lord, what should I do?

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All Scriptural references and quotes are from The Holy Bible In Its Original Order— A Faithful Version with Commentary, Second Edition 2009, 2010, York Publishing Company. ISBN 978-0-9819787-0-3

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