Fred R. Coulter—November 26, 2011

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What has been going on has been quite an unheard of revolution in science and universities, and what it portends for the future. Transhuman means more than human; they also have the phrase post-human. In other words, we have graduated beyond being human.

There is a tremendous amount of scientific endeavor going on, of which I will get to here in a little bit concerning humans. But Jim gave me this: 10 Technologies that are Going to Change the World in 10 years. Let's look at an example of how the Bible fulfills things not in the minimum, but in the maximum.

This becomes important for us to understand, Daniel 12. This is a Scripture we've gone to how many times in the past to explain things that have been taking place, to show what is happening in the world. This also helps us to understand what God is telling us and how important that the book of Revelation—when it talks about all people, all nations, the whole world—involves all of them, and it means just that.

We know the Word of God is Truth. We know that God has given us the Truth, so we can understand the things that are going to take place. But we live in an age that is completely unimaginable, by those who wrote the Bible, by those who translated the Bible.

I was watching a documentary just this morning called The Scriptorium, which shows the history and preservation of the Bible. They did quite a very, very good job in showing it. But, you see, the thing is, God has preserved His Word and God wants it to be a witness to the whole world and also published in the whole world. So, we see that happening just exactly as God said.

How much time we have toward the end we don't know. But we do know that Harold Camping was wrong twice this year. He said May 21st and October 21st and he doesn't understand that when it gets down to the final analysis of things, when we get to the end, when the earth has been shaken, the heavens have been shaken, it's going to cause day and night to get out of sequence. But more importantly, there's going to be the sign of the Son of man shining like a second sun out there, and so who is going to know which day is which? That's why it says that only God knows, the times and seasons under His authority. We don't know.

However, we're told in 1-Thessalonians 5, where Paul wrote and said, 'Now, brethren, you know the times and seasons'; which means that the Church of God, the brethren of God who study the Word of God are to know approximately how these things come by events. But we're not told how thorough that the fulfillment is going to be.

Here's a really good example. Daniel 12:4: "But you, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, even to the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." How is knowledge going to be increased? Look at all of us, just sitting here in this little room here today. It says many. How many is many? How many people are on earth today? About 6-billion! What if we have more time? One scientist has said that the way things are going now, we will have to build on earth a city to take care of the equivalent of a million people a year. No, it's more than that, about a month—more than that, I think it's a week. So, the many includes how many?

Well here we have 100% of us drove to get here, so we're going to and fro. You drive through the neighborhoods and how many cars do you see? Rarely one. I know in the neighborhoods around where we are I count them—2, 3, 4, as many as 6—run to and fro. That means all kinds of travel, all kinds of going, that includes: airline, bus, rail, car, motorcycle, kiddy car, bicycle, everything you want, subway, tram, all of those.

Knowledge shall be increased. How much? What kind of knowledge? I've read this Scripture over and over and I've given many sermons through the years, where I say that knowledge is increasing. You think you reach a certain point that how can it get any more? If we look at both of these and understand that God is going to fulfill these to the maximum, this will help us understand what I'm going to read to you next.

10 Technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years by Julie Bort, July 15, 2011 (

It shows a picture of a bicycle, a working bicycle. You know how this bicycle was made? With nano-technology and nano-materials, it was printed. Layer by layer by layer by layer. Have you seen these schematic drawings where they have all the parts and how they fit all together? They took that schematic drawing and they made this fully assembled and it works.

There are a lot of people in top jobs—a lot of governments involved in it, almost all universities—are involved in the science of transhumanism, which covers many, many aspects of the scientific fields.

One of the chief futurists at Cisco—now Cisco is the one who develops the means by which they have machines to print a bicycle. What else do you think that they're working on that they would like to do by printing? Human organs! Lose a kidney, 'Oh, come on into the hospital, we'll print you a new one. Give us a little of your DNA and we'll make one up just for you.' Well, hooray, everyone said that's a great thing.

His name is Dave Evans and he's the chief technologist for Cisco International Business Corporation. He's outlined 10 trends that will change the world in the next 10 years. Let me give you two, which will be a catastrophe. He talks a little bit about it here. As I was watching that video on The Scriptorium, it was talking about how the businessmen would smuggle in William Tyndale's New Testament and Bible into England and then they would gather them all up and burn them.

I want you to think big on this. What is a way to destroy all accessible knowledge? Put it all on computer systems or clouds, get rid of all physical books; you don't need books, you've got your iPad, you've got your book reader. Then in one stroke, you can lose every bit of it. Cloud technology can be gone. All computers can be fried. One powerful magnetic storm that hits the earth in such a manner will eliminate in the blink of an eye all knowledge that man has accumulated.

Everyone who thinks, 'I am a high-tech guy. I've got this device. I have that device. I've got the Bible on computer.' That's fine, but if you don't have the real thing, what are you going to do? They've even talked about those who have Kindle and subscribe to Kindle, if they cancel a book, you can plug in and they'll delete it from your Kindle. BANG!

The thing we need to understand is technology can be good and can be evil. But given the mind of men, under the power of Satan the devil, guess what's going to come out on top?

No. 1: The Internet of Things

We have passed the threshold where more things are connected to the Internet than people. The transition to IPv6 also supports seemingly limitless connectivity.

That means connectivity, connecting everywhere. I mean today. I call Randy and talk to him and we're talking about a program that he's editing. He edits our Church at Home. And I'm talking about something and while I'm talking, he's sitting there at his computer and dialing up on Google, and he says, 'Oh, here, I've got it right here.' I mean immediately. So, all of this is in the realm of knowledge shall increase.

Cisco IBSG predicts the number of Internet-connected things will reach 50 billion by 2020... [that's unimaginable.] ...which equates to more than six devices for every person on Earth.

Cell phone, computer, laptop, even your television at home, they're now going to put WiFi right in your television. That's four of the six.

Many of us in the developed world already have three or more full-time devices connected to the Internet when factoring in PCs, smartphones, tablets, television devices and the like. Next up are sensor networks, using low-power sensors that "collect, transmit, analyze and distribute data on a massive scale," says Evans.

Your little-old computer printer's going to be nothing. Won't be able to handle it. Then it gives all the things there. Here's one thing they've done in Sweden.

There's even a tree in Sweden wired with sensors...

Trees emit sounds; almost everything in nature emits sounds. They've discovered that there are sounds coming out of the sun, because they just now discovered that there are waves going around the sun. And each one of these waves sends out a sound. So I've got a report, The Singing Sun.

…that tweets its mood and thoughts...

Wonder what would happen, go up and you hug the tree. 'I love you tree.' Mmmmm. Another guy comes up with an axe, going to cut it down, Help!

...with a bit of translation help from an interpretive engine developed by Ericsson...

If you don't believe me, I'll give you the Internet site for Connected Tree and you can check it out: Let's talk about knowledge, how it's going to increase.

No. 2: Not just Big Data, but a zettaflood

Have you ever heard of the term zetta in relationship to the quantity of knowledge?

About 5 exabytes...

What's an exabyte? I don't know what an exabyte is; shows you how ignorant we are. That may be above terabytes. One exabyte is five times the number of words spoken in the history of mankind. Boy, you're never going to say you're running off at the mouth anymore—are you?

About 5 exabytes of unique information were created in 2008. That's 1 billion DVDs. Fast forward three years and we are creating 1.2 zettabytes, with one zettabyte equal to 1,024 exabytes. "This is the same as every person on Earth tweeting for 100 years, or 125-million years of your favorite one-hour TV show," says Evans.

You talk about wasting time in front of the television!

Our love of high-definition video accounts for much of the increase. By Cisco's count, 91% of Internet data in 2015 will be video.

Which means they are making the machinery for it now. That's something we need to pay attention to in what we're doing.

Much of Cisco's development focus (not to mention its marketing) preaches that the so-called "zettaflood" will require vastly improved networks to move more data, and not drop the ball (or the packets) of our beloved video.
That's everything.

No. 3: Wisdom of the cloud

How many have seen the advertisement on television: 'In the cloud you can get right here Charter Communications; you can get cloud service.' Cloud service is renting the space in a server somewhere where everything that you do is no longer in your computer. When you turn your computer on, it goes up to your cloud. So, if you don't store that somewhere, they could take your cloud away on a rainy day and you would have nothing.

Cisco predicts Global cloud services revenue will jump 20% per year...

And they're encouraging everybody to use cloud technology. And as I mentioned, that's going to be a real Achilles' heel. They don't like you, they can take away everything that you have. 'Oh, where did it go?' We'll look for it. computing could top $1-trillion by 2014. That's enough to create the next Google. "Already, the cloud is powerful enough to help us communicate through real-time language translation, increase our knowledge from access to powerful supercomputers such as Wolfram Alpha, and improve our health using computing platforms like IBM's Watson in new ways," says Evans. "We're able to communicate in much richer ways."

That's something! We're going to face all of these things. Now the Bible never told us in detail about this. This is why Jesus said we are to watch. And we're going to see where this leads to.

No. 4: The next 'Net'

Multi-terabit networks. In other words, you can send terabytes in the blink of a second. Multi-terabit networks.

Evans notes that multiterabit networks using lasers are being explored. And early work is happening on a concept called "quantum networking," based on quantum physics.

Now quantum physics is very interesting. I've got another book, which I'm going to use to quote from on another one of transhumanism, which is this. A biologist got into quantum biology, and now all of these top scientists know that behind the physical things that they are investigating and studying is spirit. That's going to be interesting. I'll save that for another one.

No. 5: The world gets smaller

A smaller world also means faster information dissemination. "Tweets from people in Japan during the recent earthquake were sent to followers even before the U.S. Geological Survey could issue its official tsunami warning to Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California," says Evans.

People are on it. And you hear them talk on television, especially with the so-called Arab Spring. What's happening with the Arab Spring? That's all developing into the area for the 'king of the south.' There's a lot of development yet to go on. What about Europe with all of their problems? There are a lot of problems with the Euro, and that's going to develop into the 'king of the north.'

Every time we say, 'Now it's set,' I'm remember what was it, back in the 1970s, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, there was an article in a religious magazine which said the ten nations in Europe are assembled. There will be five from Western Europe and five from Eastern Europe and these equate to the two legs of the image in Dan. 2. Eastern Europe and Western Europe are not defined today the way they were then. That's why we have to be alert to all of these things and we have to not make dogmatic statements that 'it's going to happen exactly at this point.' Whatever that may be. So what will happen here is:

The capture, dissemination and consumption of events are going from "near time"... [That's what they are now, near time. It's going to translate]: "real time."

How many times have we gone over Matthew 24 for prophecy? How many times have I said and others have said that Matt. 24 is for the end-time, though the prophecy began in Jesus' time? Obviously if you're in Judea, where they were,

  • they experienced false Christs
  • they experienced wars and rumors of wars, which ended in the destruction of Jerusalem
  • they experienced seeing nation rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.
  • they experienced seeing famines and pestilences and earthquakes in different places.

Then Christ says,

Matthew 24:8: "Now all these things are the beginning of sorrows." Then it blends in to the end time from there on. They were delivered up; yes, a lot of them were martyred. But the book of Revelation tells about a future martyrdom that is going to happen in our day and beyond our day. I think we will understand a little more why we will be totally hated by so many people, because we won't go along with transhumanism. I'll explain that later as we go along in this series of sermons.

I checked this out the other night just to make sure that I translated it correctly, and I did. It's in the passive tense and it is to be led into error or sin in the passive tense. Verse 10: "And then shall many be led into sin..." Is that happening today? If you don't believe that, just watch the Christmas shopping. It's like lemmings. They can't even wait to get there by 4 o'clock in the morning, no, they've got to start at midnight. How about led into sin

  • concerning rejecting the Word of God?
  • through adultery and fornication?
  • because of all the false reality that's found on television?
  • because there is no moral standard?

You can see that with the uproar that the students had at Penn State because Joe Paterno was fired. They wanted to put Joe Paterno ahead of those victimized boys in the pedophilia thing with Sandusky. Why? Because they have no moral standards!Why? Because they are taught that there are none!So therefore, 'We want our hero. We don't care about other people.'

"...and shall hate one another.... [sounds like the Congress] ...And many false prophets shall arise, and shall deceive many…. [Again, many. What does the many mean? It means the majority of people! Is that true? Has that happened? Yes!] …And because lawlessness shall be multiplied... [Many forms of lawlessness. And all the transhumanism that's going on to put into humans genes from other humans, genes from animals, is lawlessness.] ...the love of many shall grow cold" (vs 10-12). They don't even know what love is. Think of this when you survey your television channels.

Verse 13: "But the one who endures to the end, that one shall be saved." There are two endurances:

  • To the end of your life and you're faithful, you'll be resurrected
  • If you're living in the end time and you are faithful through that time period until you're either martyred, taken to a place of safety or changed in an instant, twinkling of an eye when Christ returns

Verse 14: "And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be proclaimed in all the world... [Here again all—all the world. And God is going to use many people to do that and it's going to be] ...for a witness to all nations; and then shall the end come."

Put all of these in the time frame of real-time news on television. Just this morning they had a near-time event. The U.S. drones killed 26 Pakistani soldiers. They now have given the U.S. 15 days to get out of that air force base that they have in Pakistan. That's near-time/real-time, right as it's happening. They showed a Google picture—because they have the whole earth mapped by satellite, photographed—of that air base; near-time. Take all of what we just read in Matt. 24 and put that it in real-time.

Put it in the context that there are Christians everywhere in the world. Many of them we don't know about, because God is dealing with them at their level where they are. Some of them we know about. We have our part to do. They have their part to do. God has provided the means by causing the Bible to be printed, to be digitized, and now down-loadable on any electronic device in the world if someone wants it. Now that is quite an effective witness. That's to say nothing of the two witnesses that we covered recently, what they're going to do.

Here are all the Christians scattered around the world, that an event takes place right here in v 15: "Therefore, when you see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the Holy place'... [If Christians are scattered all around the world, how are they going to see that? How are you going to see it? Right on your television, real-time television!] ...(the one who reads, let him understand)." That was inserted by John, because John was given the vision of the temple in Rev. 11 and he knew that the temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed in 70A.D. He put this in here because he didn't understand it and he knew it was for a future time.

Little piece of information: Jonathan got this for me, because we have said, which has proven out to be true, the Western Wailing Wall in viewing up toward the Mosque of Omar is not where the temple was, because Jesus said 'all these stones will be cast down and not one upon another.' Guess what? They have discovered, through archeology, where they were digging under the wall and they came to one of these ritual bath areas. In this ritual bath area there were things thrown in it and they found some coins that were 17A.D. That means that this was after 17A.D. and it wasn't Herod the Great that did it, it was his great, great grandson that had did it. And that area has always been from its origin Roman property by the Roman Empire and then other empires succeeding, taking it over.

We know that the temple area is going to be south of that. Now the Jews have official Jewish knowledge where the temple was not. This solves the problem of creating a great furor with the whole Arab community by some Jews saying, 'Well, we need an earthquake to knock down the Mosque of Omar and we'll build the temple there. No, we'll go up and take it, we'll get all the Israeli troops.' So they'd have 100-million Arabs over there instantly if they tried that, so now they are going to discover the place south of the temple area, like Dr. Martin and others have known about and he has since passed away.

But know this for sure: Jews will never accept the testimony of a Gentile concerning 'their' business. Think about this next statement, v 16: "Then let those who are in Judea flee into the mountains."

It says, v 15: "Therefore, when you see the abomination of desolation…" If we have real-time seeing this around the world, this is also telling us that only those in Judea are going to flee into the mountains—correct? If you're not in Judea, you're not going to flee to the mountains—correct? Something else is going to happen. You're either going to go to a place of safety, taken there by angels, or you're going to be martyred.

How would we know about this in America? What we call America? Try any country in the world: South Africa, Australia, anywhere. This is telling us something specific for Judea. It's not telling us the rest of it, because Jesus told the disciples, 'Go into all the world and make disciples in all nations.' Do we have that today? Yes, we do! We have, like with our website and how many other websites, we're on there 24/7 around the world. Anyone can get us, anywhere. We even get questions from Pakistan. So the world is getting smaller and real-time.

No. 6: The power of power

The human population also continues to grow, and Evans estimates that a city with 1-million inhabitants will be built every month over the next two decades. More efficient methods to power those cities are becoming a necessity, particularly solar energy.

We don't know how that's going to work. I don't think solar power works very well at the North and South Pole. However, they have plans for doing some of those things.

In June, Oregon State University researchers showed off a novel, relatively affordable, low-impact method to "print" solar cells using an inkjet printer.

No wonder Solydra went broke. See what's going to happen? More people are going to be out of work and the solution will be the mark of the beast and give everyone so many digital dollars—whatever they call it—every year for not working. We've got to think about this in the years ahead because as long as we live, we've got to be preaching the Gospel and doing the things we need to do. And we have to adjust what we do with the world and the environment that we see; not adjust to behaving like them, but to adjust the message of God to reach them on a level that they need to be reached.

No. 7: Tea. Earl Grey. Hot

I don't know how they're going to do it. This is bound up in what is called nano-technology using atoms that you can use and build things with it. Now they even have this in the form of some medications or foods. They have found that medications, vitamins, minerals, food all have a certain electro-magnetic signature or frequency.

What they say they can do is instead of eating the food, you put that frequency in specially compounded water and you drink it. Can you taste it? I don't know! If you enjoyed Thanksgiving, that will be kind of a bummer—won't it? Everybody line up for Thanksgiving, here's your jar for the meal.

More items will move from physical to virtual. Today, we download e-books and movies, rather than bound books and DVDs. A technology called 3D printing will allow us to instantly manufacture any physical item, from food to bicycles, using printer technology. This is strikingly like the replicator concept from "Star Trek."

How many here were 'trekkies'? Dolores has said for years, every time we have a prophecy sermon like this, she says, 'Satan always telegraphs what he's going to do in the movies before he does it.' And he's doing it.

"3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is the process of joining materials to make objects from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer," says Evans.

Just keep printing it. Just put a layer, a little more layer, a little more layer. Then the problem comes up, when you do human organs, how do you make it living tissue? That's the question they're working on.

Trend 8: Another family tree


Virtual humans, both physical (robots) and online avatars will be added to the workforce.

Then he talks about how that will develop.

No. 9: Yes, there's a cure for that

They think that they're going to cure all human sickness and disease.

No. 10: Humans or Borg?

Because there will be cyborgs, which are transhuman.

According to Stephen Hawking, "Humans are entering a stage of self-designed evolution"... [you have to keep that in mind] ...Taking the medical technology idea to the next level, healthy humans will be given the tools to augment themselves.

Don't have to take vitamins anymore. Just plug into a computer. Have you seen the ad for this machine that they have in the movie, I forget the name of the movie, but they took this scrawny little guy and they were drafting him into the army and then he got there to the army depot, and so forth. Now they're going to make a soldier out of him. The first thing they do, they put him in a special chamber and they have all of the technology that all of a sudden, just augments his body and they open it up and he walks out with muscles and strength and a better brain and all of that sort of thing. This is what they're talking about.

Here's what they have done, just to give you a couple examples:

July 2009—Spanish researchers discover substance for photographic memory

'Oh, give that to me so I can eat. Oh, yes, let me eat that and my brain will be better.' Or, 'Just inject it into my brain, I want my memory back.' This will cure what? Alzheimer's!

October 2009—Italian and Swedish scientists develop the first artificial hand with feeling.

March 2010—Retina implants restore vision to blind patients

See what they're doing with all of this. They start out with the benefit. They start out with the good.

June 2011—Texas Heart Institute develops a "spinning" heart with no pulse, no clogs and no breakdowns.

...eventually designer enhancements will be available to all.

Ultimately, humans will use so much technology to mend, improve or enhance our bodies, that we will become the Borg.

Cyborgs! Now, what's missing in all of this? There are two things that are missing.

(go to the next track)

We're going to cover two things that they have overlooked, or at least one of them they cannot deal with, and the other one they will deal with. Just to update two things:

  • I was told that today on the news they said the 7-billionth person has been born

What's the latest update in evolution? We know that they want to go post-evolution and do the manipulating so man will be made in whatever image they desire. But what is the latest theory in evolution?

  • The coupling of aliens from space with evolution to say that space aliens genetically modified Neanderthals to become modern man.

And they fail to realize that today on this earth, you have the whole variety of mankind in every situation of development all the way from Neanderthal cave dwellers to naked people/barbarians and tall people/short people around the world

So, to go ahead and say we evolved from here to there to the other, then why do we still have the un-evolved? What they want to do with the science that they have, is to modify human beings and 'make them better.' All of this science that we have today, that we're reading about here, is predicated on evolution, the superiority of man and that there is no God. All of it is predicated on that.

God made all life after its kind, and He said over and over again, of the fish, of the birds, of the livestock, of the wild beasts after its kind, and human beings after their kind. Isn't it interesting how that all the verses that we have used many times in the past, now we need to use again in understanding what's happening in the world of what men are doing and what the future holds.

Genesis 1:26: "And God said, 'Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness...'" We are made after the likeness of God and the image that we have is a reflection of the image of God Himself as a person. And we can just say right here, the whole plan of God is God's transhumanism—and we'll cover that at a later date, but just a little preview—so that we can become after His kind in His family. And that God put it in human beings to realize that their potential is so much greater than what they are. It's in every human being. That's why they have religions and believe in afterlife.

"'...after Our likeness... [all the attributes of thinking, emotion, and all of this comes from God. And then He gave us the whole earth.] ...And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him. He created them male and female" (vs 26-27).

Genesis 5:2 says: "...and He called their name Adam." Mr. and Mrs. Adam. I don't know what He said with that first wedding ceremony, but God married them. I don't know if He said, 'I pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Adam.'

Everything that we're talking about is centered on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Someone asked: Why didn't God put the knowledge of the tree of good and evil and the tree of life in two remote corners of the Garden of Eden? That they may not have found it and we wouldn't be like we are today.

God put them in the center of the Garden because the two choices between the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life are central to our existence and our relationship with God. Every human being in his life, wherever he has come from, whoever his parents are, are confronted with choices of good and evil. God has set those before us. We have to choose what is right and choose to love God.

We covered this in many sermons, so I'm just going to summarize it here: After Adam and Eve sinned under the temptation of Satan the devil, they had to choose which God they would serve. Satan always comes along and says, 'Follow me and you can become like God.' But what he means with that statement is, since he always wanted to become God, 'You will become like me. And I will give you a benefit.' We see that in all the things that we have here. 'Well, let's take care of all the sickness in the world through all of these genetics.'

The Bible says, repent and believe God, and He will take care of those things. The benefit that comes from Satan the devil is good when viewed without the perspective of God. Everything gets down to that.

The number one thing that they completely overlook concerning human beings and transhumanism is this:

  • The law of sin and death

God changed the nature of human beings to what we call carnal nature, the carnal mind, cut off from God. They also have in them the law of death. You will die! This is what the transhumanists are trying to find in the quantum biological investigation that they are doing: Can we find the gene of death? Can we extend that so we reach immortality? As they propose between 2030 and 2050! How far will it go? We don't know, but they have not yet dealt with the fact of the law of sin and death; especially the law of sin since it is genetic; it's passed on.

Let's come here to Romans 5 so we will see that the law of death is genetic because of sin. This will be a great relief to all women, because in 2-Tim. it says that the woman was deceived and she sinned. But they don't interpret it rightly, because the woman was deceived, but so was Adam by knowledgeable choice. Adam could have said, 'No, Eve, put the fruit down. God says don't touch it, don't even think about eating it.' The full responsibility fell on Adam, because he obeyed the voice of his wife, instead of God.

Here's how Paul explains it, and this is what they're trying to overcome, but they're not able to account for it, Romans 5:12: "Therefore, as by one man sin entered into the world... [this is after the sin of Satan and the angels.] ...and by means of sin came death... [we all inherited the death gene, everyone of us] ...and in this way, death passed into... [the Greek there is 'eis'—into, being part of your being] ...death passed into all mankind; and it is for this reason that all have sinned."

Because you have a nature of death and a carnal mind, there is no way that you, of and by yourself, can avoid sinning; you cannot do it. Look at little children. What did David say in one of the Psalms? 'Oh, Lord, remember not my sins of youth.' What were they? Look how you grew up! Maybe those were some of the same sins that David had. Don't know.

But all have the law of sin and death in them and they cannot counter that. Yes, before the Flood they lived many hundreds of years, but as we have covered in Gen. 6, God says man is only going to live to be 120 years. And after the Flood we see that the age comes down, down, down. Moses died at 120 years; Joshua at 110; Joseph at 110; I think it was that Jacob died at 147, somewhere there. Just off the top of my head I don't recall exactly, but I think that that's how old he was.

Now today, when they conceived Social Security, they figured everyone would die right after 65, so they said, 'Okay, we'll start paying you when you're 65.' Lo and behold that was a trap—'there's a way that seems right to a man; the ends thereof are the ways of death.' Now they're stuck with a conundrum: How are you going to pay for it with no money? They're not!

    • the way that seems right to a man
    • the law of sin and death
    • good and evil

They have not accounted for that, so when they start their transhumanism, they start out with the egg and the sperm, and they're able to splice out genes and splice in genes. They have also done this in England recently, they have created a human being with two female parents using part of the genes from one woman and part of the genes from another woman, then a male sperm.

I don't know how it's going to turn out, but is this person going to have a split personality? Someone walk up, 'Oh, that's a nice child, but why is one side of its face different from the other side of its face?' You don't know what's going to happen. These things are at a high level and they're doing it everywhere, in all nations, with government funding, with grants to universities.

What's the other one that they have forgotten?

  • Satan the devil

They've already rejected God! Let's look at how Satan is with the world. Along this line some of the scientists are beginning to understand that behind physical human beings and all matter, is spirit. That agrees with Scripture. Heb. 11 tells us that 'by faith we know that the worlds were made by things not seen.' And they get down to the matter, smaller and smaller and smaller, and they still haven't found what life is.

Here's something they have not accounted for. They reject Luke 4:4, when Jesus was being tempted. The whole of man is this, is what Jesus was saying to Satan. And Satan comes along with a benefit.

Luke 4:3: "Then the devil said to Him, 'If You are the Son of God, command that this stone become bread.'" He could do that. Later He fed the 4,000 and the 5,000—correct? Yes! But if He had done that at Satan's command, He would have obeyed Satan. Satan has always wanted to be God. So, if he could get Jesus to worship him just once, he then would become God in his own mind.

Verse 4: "But Jesus answered him, saying, 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.'" That's the central thing of all human beings. That's what we are to do. Where is the whole Word of God contained? In the Bible, Old Testament and New Testament!

Verse 5: "Then the devil led Him up into a high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.... [That's kind of high-tech—isn't it? Yes, indeed!] ...And the devil said to Him, 'I will give You all this authority, and the glory of them all; for it has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I desire'" (vs 5-6).

Now that's quite a statement—isn't it? Who rules this world? Men think that they do. No, they don't! Satan does and his demons do! You want to know what's wrong with human politics today. That's it, right there.

  • Revolutions aren't going to solve it.
  • Changing of government isn't going to solve it.
  • Voting isn't going to solve it.

They have not accounted for human nature and human nature is corrupted by Satan the devil. No one gets into office unless [God and] Satan allows it, just that simple. If you don't believe me, just watch the world news and see how marvelous all these world leaders really are, and how many problems that they can solve, how wonderfully that they love each other and get along. Never happen!

Verse 7: "Therefore, if You will worship me in my presence... [which means, 'worship me as God,' because that's been his desire] ...all things shall be Yours." Isn't that what Satan is telling all of this transhumanism thing? 'Everything can be yours. You can make yourself and your offspring what you want them to be.'

There are a lot of other things that can get into it. What we have to do, we have to be aware of Satan's devices. What we're seeing in all of this is Satan's activity. How many have seen the History Channel, The Third Reich and the Occult? Where did a lot of that knowledge come from? They know it came from occultism! God allowed it to a certain level, because what is happening now God has held Satan back from that. He must go to God, Job 1, and ask God if he can do what he wants to do. And he can't do anymore than God tells him he can do.

The time has come now that God has given Satan the permission to give the technology to unlock a lot of the things concerning life. That agrees with Gen. 11, that now 'anything they imagine to do, they will do.' And under the inspiration of Satan the devil, all of this technology is blossoming forth.

The reason it's coming at the end of the age, is because just like before the Flood, man could only take it so long until God had to destroy all life. This final generation, however long it's going to be, can only handle so much and God must intervene and stop it. Otherwise, there will be no flesh saved alive on the earth. And here is the power behind it: Satan the devil! Let's understand what we have to be in this situation. We have to be alert to everything that Satan is doing, and just because something seems right and good to human beings, does not necessarily mean that it is.

2-Corinthians 2 has to do with the conduct of a man that they had to put out of the church and forgive him when he repented, and brought him back. Paul is writing them what they have to do so Satan can't come along and take advantage another way.

2-Corinthians 2:11: "So that we may not be outwitted by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes." That's what we have to be alert to today. His schemes are the same:

  • to destroy mankind
  • to get people into sin
  • to be in rebellion against God
  • to worship Satan the devil and destroy mankind through destroying his very being that he hates: man made in the image of God

That's his goal! He's going to come along with a lot of benefits first. Then the final coup de gras is going to come after they've all been deceived.

2-Corinthians 4:4: "In whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of those who do not believe..."

  • Do the scientists doing all of these things believe in God? No!
  • Who are they following? Satan the devil!
  • Have they been blinded? Yes!
  • Do they think that they are being enlightened? Yes!

Just exactly like Satan told Adam and Eve, 'If you eat of this fruit, your eyes will be opened.'

They have not accounted for it since they reject God. These people are in the perfect position when they're looking for spirit, to find Satan the devil and that's what Satan wants. "...lest the light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ, Who is the image of God, should shine unto them" (v 4).

They have been blinded! Says in Rev. 13, that the whole world worships Satan the devil. And there are a lot of people who think they're worshipping God, but they're not. Are we to love God and keep His commandments? Yes! What is the thing that keeps us on the track?

  • God's Spirit
  • His Sabbath
  • His Holy Days

And you can see that by watching the frenzy of the holidays, and I've seen it increase every year. They magnify Halloween, more and more people get into it. This is nothing against women, but analyze all the holidays of the world, and what is the main feature toward? Women and emotion! What happens? All of the men are just like Adam—follow along.

Here is how Satan appears to them. We're not talking about in a religious sense, yet. We are talking about how he will appear. 2-Corinthians 11:13: "For such are false apostles—deceitful workers who are transforming themselves into apostles of Christ." Now that is in the religious sense. Can you do this in the sense of technology? Can you do this in the sense of political law? Yes, you can! 'I've got a better plan.'

Look at all of the eleven that are running for President of the United States, supposedly Republicans; everyone's got a plan. The closest one that has something that may have God in it is Michelle Bachman, and she is the one who can't understand why people can't understand her. No one else has anything. Do you think they're going to solve the problems of America by electing any of them? They may improve it a little bit for a while. There may be a reprieve for a while, but nothing's going to change.

Here is how Satan manifests himself, v 14: "And it is no marvel, for Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light." But he is the minister of darkness! Now just think for a minute—I don't know if I can even get myself in the frame of mind—how exalted some of these scientists feel when they have cloned an animal, when they have successfully transferred genes—and all of that is lawlessness. It is enlightenment to them. Satan comes as an angel of light in many different forms.

One of his altars is not religious. One of his altars is scientific. He has scientific altar, he has political altar, and he has religious altars. They all come and worship him. The scientific community worships their minds. Now they have the means to do things.

Let's see what else that Satan is doing, 1-Peter 5:

  • Here's why we need the Word of God
  • Here's why we need the Spirit of God within us
  • Here is why we need to study the Word of God so we know the Word of God
  • Here is why we need to continually have our lives walking in the way that God wants us to with the attitude that God wants us to have

1-Peter 5:5: "In the same manner, you younger men be subject to the older men; and all of you be subject to one another... [Don't get all lifted up in grandiose schemes—okay?] ...being clothed with humility because God sets Himself against the proud, but He gives grace to the humble." If there's any one thing we need, it's the grace of God in everything that we do.

When you come to understand it, and I'm going to give a sermon on it here pretty quickly, you've heard it when we quote Isa. 28, that how you understand the Bible is 'precept upon precept; line upon line; here a little, there a little'? There's a phrase in the Gospel of John, the first chapter, which is then we receive from Christ grace upon grace. You put the first three together with the grace upon grace and that's what the Gospel is all about. And how that, in our relationship with God, everything that He does in dealing with us is through His grace, including keeping the commandments of God, as we covered in the series, God's Grace and Commandment-Keeping. He doesn't want us to keep it in the letter of law, He wants us to keep it in the spirit of the law and that takes a conversion within.

This is what Peter is talking about here, v 6: "Be humbled therefore under the mighty hand of God..." Don't get lifted up in anything. Don't get lifted up in grandiose things. No! Think of all the men that God has used. I think comes to mind on William Tyndale, how God used William Tyndale to translate the Bible from Hebrew, the Old Testament and Greek in the New Testament, and how he's just neglected. The most important man in bringing the English Bible that God has used.

And even to this day everything in the English Bible reflects what that man does and in the history of the Bible that I was watching on The Scriptorium, he was given like about ten minutes. If you do not have the DVD, The Indestructible Book, that's about the life of William Tyndale, you ask for it. We'll send it to you, because that really tells you how God used that one man who spoke seven languages fluently and could carry on a conversation and switch from language to language without skipping a beat, and it sounded just like a native. If any man was prepared to do that, it was William Tyndale.

I'll tell you this, when you watch it, you will not have a dry eye. It is so moving and he never thought about himself. He was always thinking on God and His Word. He was the first one to put commentary in the Bible to explain how to understand the Bible. In watching it, it just gave a verification why we have the Fourteen Rules of Bible Study. It's not because we know anything better than anybody else, but that's what the Bible tells us.

Verse 7: "Casting all your cares upon Him, because He cares for you." Regardless of your trial, don't think that God has abandoned you and left you. He has not! Because when you're in that position, when you have difficulties and troubles, guess who is going to be 'Johnny-on-the-spot'? Satan the devil! This is what we have to be on guard against in this age.

Verse 8: "Be sober! Be Vigilant! For your adversary the devil is prowling about as a roaring lion, seeking anyone he may devour…. [He's got the world worshiping him. Who does he want? Those who worship God!] …Whom resist, steadfast in the faith... [You can't do it with your own devices, because he's greater than your own devices.] ...knowing that the same afflictions are being fulfilled among your brethren who are in the world" (vs 8-9).

Peter gives us light at the end of tunnel of a trial. When you get out to the end of the tunnel, look back and think how many times God has

  • dealt with you
  • opened the door
  • answered your prayer
  • given you grace and favor
  • worked things out

—which is some cases were only thoughts in your mind—right? When you come through that trial, out through the end of the tunnel, then look back and see what God has done for you and you will be amazed.

"...that the same afflictions are being fulfilled among your brethren who are in the world. Now may the God of all grace, Who has called us unto His eternal glory in Christ Jesus..." (vs 9-10) The ultimate purpose of human life, to be given eternal life God's way. Satan can never give eternal life. He may try to extend it, but he cannot overcome the decree of God, of the law of sin and death. Satan may promise a lot of things, but he cannot deliver. It is all a deception.

"...after you have suffered a little while... [You look back through the trials you go through and you see these things when you yield to God help develop the love of God and character that God wants you to have, which is necessary to enter into the Kingdom of God.] ...Himself perfect you..." (v 10).

Come back to Matthew 5:48; we've been here before, but here's the place to put it in again. Compare that right here with 1-Pet. 5:10.

Matthew 5:48: "Therefore, you shall be perfect, even as your Father Who is in heaven is perfect." Notice who's going to do that. Here Jesus didn't tell us who was going to do it, but if we're going to be "…perfect, even as your Father Who is in heaven is perfect,' who has to do it? God the Father.

1-Peter 5:10, again, with this in mind. "Now, may the God of all grace, Who has called us unto His eternal glory in Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a little while, Himself perfect you, establish, strengthen, and settle you." That's quite a promise—isn't it? We're going to need to claim these promises that we have covered here, as God has shown us and given to us, as we look out in the world and see what is happening. There's almost an endless number of sermons to give on transhumanism, so I'll try and keep it below 50 if I can. (just joking) We'll cover it adequately.

You go online. Did you know that there are even Mormon transhumanists? Hey, it's everywhere! I hope to make you aware of it. This is just one step along the way.

In closing, I just want to mention one thing here. One thing. I'll have to cover some of this next time. Let's just give a little information. It was four years ago I gave two sermons, and Jim was running the camera right here. We were doing it for the Feast of Tabernacles. I took, what was it, day three and four, and I did a series of those two sermons from the book by Raymond Kurzweil on The Singularity is Near.

And I was going through it and I was reading and reading and reading, and I said, 'Boy, Jim, I'm just reading this. I hope people don't get upset about it, but I think this is important. We've got to read it.' Remember that? So I ended up doing two sermons and it was so much reading, I sent out a packet to everyone of the pages that I quoted.

The other day I asked Ron—because you read in the things here, singularity—to do a little research for me. Guess what Raymond Kurzweil is up to now? Singularity University in Silicon Valley! Guess who is there with him? This Dave Evans from Cisco and all of the great minds in Silicon Valley. This is their goal to bring men into singularity with their plan through machines, technology, and transhumanism. Raymond Kurzweil's goal is to live forever. That's what they are trying to find—the secret of how to live forever. I've got a whole thing on singularity—their goals, their university.

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