Fred R. Coulter—August 29, 2009

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If you've been watching the news, a lot of things have been happening. So I'm not going to cover all of those, but let's ask the question: Why are they happening and what is going to take place? How serious are the difficulties and problems that we face? What will be the likely solution or outcome which may not be very good indeed.

So let's first of all concentrate on some things that God wants us to always learn and know and understand. Let's come to Deuteronomy 6. Here's what God wants us to do. Now this is Old Testament/New Testament both. It's the way that we stay right with God, the way that we receive the blessings of God, and for us to understand why God is doing what He is doing. I think we'll find as we look at the Word of God, this tells us why we're going through what we are going through. Because a lot of people do not understand. Even those who are religious do not understand. The government is certainly, and I'm not the only that has said it, that the inmates and the insane asylum are running the institution. That's coming out of professional financial advisors' material. I've got lots and lots and lots and lots of material, so I can't cover it all. So I'll just tell you where it comes from. Please don't ask me to mail it to you, because it would take too much to mail it to you. The only way you can get it is go online and the only way you can get it other than that is the summaries that I will read for you.

But here is what God wants. This is even with all people in the world. As I mentioned, Israel was to take the laws and commandments of God to the world and Israel has failed, and so God is punishing us with the world. That's as simple analysis of the whole problem as we can get.

Deuteronomy 6:1: "Now these are the commandments, the statutes and the judgments which the LORD our God commanded to teach you so that you might do them in the land where you go to possess it." Because they were getting ready to go into the land and Deuteronomy, 'deutero'—the second giving of the law. Deuteronomy, second giving of the law. This is a summary. These are all the commandments. Back here in chapter five, he just finished giving the Ten Commandments. (We'll go back and analyze that a little bit later.) So this is what should be taught, not only in the sense of religion as religion is, but also in the sense of the government, because Israel was a sovereign nation with God as it's Head. So you could say that would be a theocracy.

Now theocracies today are different because they have religion as the head, rather than God. So that's the sleight of hand that we have today. And we can see some of that especially in the Muslim and Catholic religion.

Now here is the reason that God wants people to keep the commandments. Because we have human nature, human nature does not like to yield to God, does not like to be told what to do, where to go. God has given us choice what we should choose, whether life or death, blessing or cursing. So here's He's giving the proposition. 'Here's how I'm going to give you life, and bless you.' Is that not what most people want? Yes1. Most people don't come up and say, 'God, I don't want any of your blessings, give me your cursings.' No, it doesn't work that way. But on the other hand, human nature is so devious, 'God, I want to live in my sin, but still bless me.' So you can't have it that way.

Verse 2: "That you might fear the LORD your God, to keep all His statutes and His commandments, which I command you, you and your son and your son's son, all the days of your life, and so that your days may be prolonged." Now we're going to see one of the things that has changed this nation was that when they got rid of God and prayer in the schools, they severed the tie from God, even though it was carnal, even though they were Sunday keepers. There would still be blessings for keeping the rest of the commandments. And education and the way that the family has been set up (as we'll analyze a little bit later), has been severed. So, therefore, we have short lives, we have rebellious children, and rebellious grandchildren, and yes, we even have rebellious grandparents. Because a lot of the grandparents today, and great-grandparents, were the ones who went to the Woodstock thing in New York and set off the whole Hippie movement which spread like wild fire across the United States and even into the world.

So here's what God says, and here's the only way you can maintain that relationship with God and receive the blessings of God: "Hear therefore, O Israel, and be diligent to observe it… [That's why the Sabbath is every seventh day. That helps keep you diligent. The Sabbath has been given:

  • so you can be in contact with God
  • so you can have a relationship with Him
  • so you can learn of His Word

…so that it may be well with you… [Because God wants it to go well with human beings. Don't human beings function better when everything goes well? Yes, as long as they don't forget God and let sin enter in. Isn't that what everyone is trying to do, to make it go good for themselves? So God is saying how to do it, how to receive it.] …and that you may greatly multiply, as the LORD God of our fathers has promised you, in the land that flows with milk and honey" (v 3).

Boy, if the United States is not a land flowing with milk and honey, at least it was. How much longer it will be, we don't know, but even here in California through stupid political practices, they're cutting off the irrigation water, and turning parts of the most fertile land in America into desert again. All because of rotten thinking and political agendas and hidden things that people don't know about, which we'll talk about some of it today.

"'Hear, O Israel. Our one God is the LORD, the LORD'" (v 4). Just a brief thing here: all the way through the Bible, there are two who are in the Godhead or family—One Who is the Father, One Who became Jesus Christ. And He was the Lord God of the Old Testament before He was God manifested in the flesh in the New Testament.

What we're covering here in v 5 is identical to what Jesus said the most important commandment. "'And you shall love the LORD your God with all your hear and with all your soul and with all your might.'" That's how our relationship with God is to stay strong, to receive blessings, and to receive blessings even in times, (as we will see a little later), of difficult situations where you're living. We're going to be facing more and more difficult situations, so this is why you need to keep this right in the forefront of your mind, lest you be consumed with the fears and problems and difficulties that are going to come. And they are going to come! You cannot prepare anyone mentally enough to go through all the horrors and difficulties that lie ahead, any more than you could do so for the people in England who were bombed by the Germans, and the Germans who were bombed by the English, and the Chinese who were bombed by the Japanese, and the Japanese who were bombed by the Americans. If you go through a bombing, that's a terrible thing indeed! People had to learn how to live even though everything was falling down around them, and bombs were exploding all around them, and people were dying.

There was one town in England that was bombed without warning was called the town of Coventry. The officials knew that it was going to come down. Put yourself in that situation. No one knew, no one told you, and all of sudden raining out of the sky were bombs blowing up houses and churches, people were dying, running, screaming, and so forth. After the bombers left and the bombs had been dropped, they had to continue on with their lives. The reason I bring this out is because there are going to be some things that we're going to cover today which are going to very similar to what's going to happen. The way that you stay right with God is the all important thing in every circumstance. As I've mentioned to people time and again, you need to claim the promises of Psalm 91 every day, that God will watch over you in spite of the difficulties the angels of God will protect you.

Now notice how He continues on here in v 6. Now why do you love God this way, becomes the sole focal point of your life. And that's the whole point of conversion, and that's the whole blessing to you and your family and those who come along. "And these words which I command you this day shall be in your heart. And you shall diligently teach them to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up. And you shall bind them for a sign upon your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. And you shall write them upon the posts of your house and on your gates" (vs 6-9).

If we had done that, the way we started this country with the Bible, belief in God, trusting God, having very limited government, and that's how God wanted it originally. The government that God set up for Israel was a government of judges. Of course later Israel sinned, and 'Oh, we don't like the judges. We want a king.' So they got a king and the rest of the story is in the Bible. So Satan's plan is to do this: take away all of what God has said here in Deut. 6, and then we'll examine what happens to a society when that occurs.

"And it shall be when the LORD your God has brought you into the land which He swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob, to give you great and goodly cities which you did not build, And houses full of every good thing which you did not fill, and wells which are dug, which you did not dig; vineyards and olive trees which you did not plant, and you shall eat and be full; Then beware lest you forget the LORD Who brought you forth out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage" (vs 10-12). That's always what happens—people forget God! First thing they do is forget God.

"You shall fear the LORD your God and serve Him, and shall swear by His name. You shall not go after other gods, of the gods of the people who are all around you, For the LORD your God is a jealous God among you, lest the anger of the LORD your God be kindled against you and destroy you from off the face of the earth…. [Then He goes on saying 'you shall not tempt Him.' Now how far do people go in tempting God? We've gone a long way.] …You shall diligently keep the commandments of the LORD your God, and His testimonies, and His statutes which He has commanded you. And you shall do that which is right and good in the sight of the LORD, so that it may be well with you, and so that you may go in and possess the good land which the LORD swore to your fathers, to cast out all your enemies from before you as the LORD has spoken'" (vs 13-19).

Now if you break the teaching from generation to generation, you can cause people to go astray. We'll see that here is just a little bit. I'm going to give one sermon here pretty soon. I'm going to read all of Deuteronomy 28, I won't do it today. I want you to read it. I've told you how many times to read it. I want you to ask the question when you read it: are all of these things happening today right now? The answer is: Yes!

Let's come to Isaiah, the third chapter. Let's look at the prophesied condition of our nation today. We are the modern descendants of the ten tribes of the children of Israel. Isaiah 3:1: "For behold, the Lord, the LORD of hosts, takes away from Jerusalem and Judah the stay and the staff, the whole stay of bread and the whole stay of water. The man of might and the man of war, the judge and the prophet, the diviner and the ancient, the captain of fifty, and the honorable man and the adviser, and the cunning charmer and the skillful enchanter. 'And I will give young lads to be their princes, and capricious children shall rule over them'" (vs 1-4).

That's being fulfilled right now in our government against the people of America. "'And the people shall be crushed… [You been feeling oppressed lately?] …every man by another, and every man by his neighbor… [So now they want to have so much control that they want to come into restaurants and in homes and tell you what to eat, how to eat, how much to eat, want to control your life—totally.] …the young shall rise up against the old…" (v 5). Have you heard about the generational gap? Yes, indeed!

The other night we had electricity go out, and I talked to a woman who said, 'Well,' she said to her family, 'here we are. No electricity, no computer, turn off your cell phones, turn off your tweeters, and we're going to sit here in the living room in candlelight and have a conversation.' Which was revolutionary for the family today. It is so divided with all of these things, and that's how they're destroying the nation. And that's how they're making nitwits out of those who are going through the school system today so they would be foolish and emotional enough to follow leaders that we now have in the United States Government.
Come down to v 8: "For Jerusalem is staggering and Judah has fallen…" [Are we staggering? Yes, indeed! We're ready to fall. We'll talk about that, because, you see, if I don't warn you and tell you, God's going to hold me responsible. So I'm going to tell you, whether you like it or not. I think there's one man on television; his name is Glenn Beck, who's doing more warning to warn this nation than anybody else. He's naming names and times and everything, so I won't get into that, because he's doing it. Please understand this: God, I'm sure, is using him to do this very thing because where would anyone listen to someone who's from the Church of God? Wouldn't do it!

Now there are many others out there doing the same thing, and it's called talk radio. So there is a literal fight and battle going on for the United States of America and the soul of this nation, and it is rooted in the sins that we have committed against God. So not only do we have to take care of the political things, but we have to take care of the sins through repentance and turning away from them. But we also have to understand the tactics of the enemy as they are doing it so we can be alert, because not only have we forgotten God, we have forgotten what the country is all about, and forgotten what the civilization that we have is all about and all of these curses are coming upon us because 'the curse shall not causeless come.'

"For Jerusalem is staggering and Judah has fallen, because their tongue and their doings are against the LORD, to provoke the eyes of His glory. The look of their faces witnesses against them; and they declare their sin like Sodom…. [I've got a news report, 'Wonderful, we're broad minded, we're tolerant.' Now the Lutherans are gong to say that they will allow homosexuals in committed relationships to be ministers and priests in their churches. Is than not an abomination? Absolutely!] …They do not hide it! Woe to their soul!... [Because

  • that sin is against your body
  • that sin is against your mind
  • that sin is against God.

…For they have rewarded evil to themselves…. [Now here's a little breath of fresh air.] …Say to the righteous that it shall be well with him; for they shall eat the fruit of their doings'" (vs 8-10). So God says it will be well with you. Not that you're going to live fallaciously in the times of destitution, but that God will watch out for you and He promises that if you're righteous, you don't have to go begging bread.

On the other hand: "'Woe to the wicked! For the evil doing of his hand will be given to him'" (v 11). That's what's coming back. That's what's coming back upon the people of America because:

  • they have become so complacent
  • they have forgotten God
  • they have turned their backs on God
  • they have kicked God out of the government
  • kicked God out of the schools
  • kicked God out of the lives of people
  • they have changed the Gospel

Those who are in the pulpit have become the worst offenders and liars that have ever been and it has brought us to this point that our land is filled with

  • crime
  • abortion
  • drugs
  • rebellion
  • children that run after the occult.
    • They get tattooed
    • pierce their tongues
    • pierce their lips
    • pierce their noses
    • pierce their ears
    • wear odd and strange clothing
    • give allegiance to those who are the rock stars and the Grateful Dead

—and mainline directly into their ears all of the propaganda and satanism that comes from these rock stars through MTV and records and music, and are taught the same thing in the schools, yea, even teachers having sex relations with the students. And people wonder: Why are these things coming upon us?

Remember, God doesn't accept you as you are. He will forgive you as your are, provided you repent and change. But He never accepts anyone as they are. That's why this Protestant song, Just As I Am, you know, hypnotize you to walk the sawdust trail and shake the preachers hand. No! God wants repentance and change in the government—more importantly in the whole banking system, because they're nothing but liars from top to bottom, head to toe throughout. And God's judgment is coming because of it. We're all going to be broke and we're all going to be paupers, so you might as well fess up to it that that's going to happen, and not too far down the road either.

"'Woe to the wicked! For the evil doing of his hand will be given to him. As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them…. [And yes, even in the Church of God.] …Oh, My people, those who lead you cause you to err and destroy the way of your paths'" (vs 11-12). How do they cause you to err? By chipping away at the commandments of God. That's how they cause you to err. We'll see this here in a little bit.
Let's come back here to Exodus 20. Let's look at the Ten Commandments, and we will see that not only are those in the government, but those who are supposed to be teaching the way of God in what is called Christianity, which it is not, have changed the words of God. And what did God say? In same cases they have, in the NIV they have deleted 65,000 words from the Word of God, and have changed certain things to leave out the true meaning of the verses. That's why we have this Bible and it's called A Faithful Version, because the translation for this Bible—New Testament and Old Testament—is not for any political reason, for any personal gain, it is for the truth of God, dedicated to the way of God, dedicated so that those who read it can have full confidence that it is the Truth as closely as possibly obtainable in a translation to convey to you the way of God. That's why we have the commentaries. That's why we have the appendices, so that you can learn. You can find you way out of the maze of the lies that have come upon you if you have gone to a Sunday keeping so-called Christian church.

Let's analyze the Ten Commandments. The greatest sin—and we emphasize this is several places in the appendices—the greatest sin of those who are supposed to be Christian teachers is this: They say that God has done away with His law through Christ. That is tantamount to saying with the atheists, 'God doesn't exist.' Here's why. We'll see as we analyze these as we go through.

Exodus 20:1: "And God spoke all these words, saying… [You want to know what God would say to you today? Here it is. These are His Words recorded for you. You don't have to go back in time and history. It's here today.] …'I am the LORD your God, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage'" (vs 1-2). When you come to yourself in repentance and sin, God is calling you, and God expects you to repent and answer. In the New Testament, He has a way of forgiving. You can bury your old sins through baptism. You have to come completely to God in order to do this. You can't just say, 'Well, I'll quit going to this church. I'll change this behavior.' That's fine, but where is God? Where is your relationship with Him?

So here's what He says, commandment:

  • "You shall have no other gods before Me" (v 3).

Other gods can be other versions of God, which are not true. In the case of the New Testament, another Jesus, another gospel, which there are plenty of those. Whenever you do that, you get further from God, a step away from God, and then you take another step away from God unless you repent. Satan knows this. This is why the laws of the land have been changed to exclude God. 'Oh, yeah, let's have Allah.' 'Oh, yeah, let's have Buddha.' But not God the Father and Jesus Christ, not the Ten Commandments.

  • "You shall not make for yourselves any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in the heavens above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters under the earth. You shall not bow yourself down to them, nor serve them, for I, the LORD your God am a jealous God…" (v 4-5).

People say, 'God says jealousy is sin. How could God be jealous?' Because of the sin and stupidity of making idols, very simple. But here's what happens when you do that when you have other gods and you make idols. Idols don't have to be religious. They can be posters on the wall. They can be pleasures. They can be self. Narcissism is self-idol worship. I think we have one in the White House. A lot of people bow down and worship him. So here's what happens. Why are we going through what we are going through today? Because God visits] …the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of those who hate Me…'" (vs 4-5).

So hating God. You bring up God, you get a lot of hatred, you get a lot of flack. Even the little bit that Glenn Beck has brought up about returning to God, even though he is a Mormon and doesn't know the Truth, at least he understands that he's accountable to God the Father. And his critics call him a religious nut. Are they not secular nuts? Are they not sinful nuts? Are they not crazy people running the government? Thinking up all kinds of things and the government becomes an idol. We'll talk about idolatry here in just a little bit more. We will see that once you leave the true God, you have an idol somewhere, some kind, some thing. Maybe your idol is a cause; whatever it may be. 'Those that hate me.' Remember where we started. You are to love God. If you forsake Him, you hate Him. You bring things upon your children and your children's children.

But notice v 6: "But showing mercy to thousands of those who love Me and keep My commandments." And that is New Testament doctrine. There you have it. So what do you do? You create a society that takes people away from God. Gives them other things to do and practices and things, games and entertainment, devices, and mechanism, and all of this sort of thing, and those become the idols. Have you ever heard of rock stars who are their idols? Yes! What happens? What are the kids like today? I don't need to expound on that. If you don't know, I can't help you.

  • Verse 7: "You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain."

And the ones who take it in vain more than anybody else—and I'll tell you this, it's not the golfers on the golf course swearing; or it's not the football players on the field calling each other names; it's not the men working in the trenches and the ditch and something happens and they curse and swear; it's not people with filthy mouths that you think all the time these are the ones who take God name in vain. They do, but they're not the number one culprits. The number one culprits are those who are dressed in sheep's clothing, and have titles like reverend or bishop or cardinal or pope or evangelist, who lie in the name of God. Think of it, the conundrum of this. God is a God of truth. His Word is Truth. And someone stands up and says, 'I represent God,' and tells them a lie. You read what God says about false ministers, false prophets, false teachers, who bring these abominations to people. Look what's happening to these churches as punishment because of it. Protestantism is falling apart. Catholicism in Europe, they only have 2-3% of the people enter those great chasms of cathedrals.

Here's one everybody forgets. Isn't it interesting, every time God says 'remember,' people turn around and forget. We've even seen this happen within the Church of God.

  • "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy" (v 8).

Because that's the day God puts His presence in, but only for those who come to God. His presence is not in the seventh day on Friday night football games, on Friday night dances, on Friday night partying and adultery and fornication, and all that goes along with that. God is not there. God is not there on Saturday shopping and specials and blue light treasures in Wal-Mart. God is not there with those people. Those people have forgotten God, and they're out doing their own thing. They're out serving themselves. Oh, they may go to church on Sunday, but they're going to get home before the first football game starts. They're even some Sunday preachers who say, 'We'll start services early so you can make it home for the 10 o'clock football game.' Everybody says, 'Yeah, he's a good preacher.'

How about all those college students? All the football games for college students is when? Saturday, Friday night. High school the same way. So what happens? You pull people away from the Sabbath, and keep people from having contact with God. So what do you do? You devise everything to keep them from doing it. You assure them of the lie that Sunday is just fine. Or if that bothers some people, you can say, as the Jehovah Witnesses do and their lying witness, 'every day is Holy.' If a Jehovah Witness says that to you, then ask them, 'If that's true, then when do you work?' God did not make every day Holy, only one. Man cannot change what God made Holy. That simple!

That's why in the Bible we have an appendices, Rome's Challenge to the Protestants, where the enemy of God wrote to the Protestants that you are in a death wish if you keep Sunday, because that was established by the Roman Catholic Church. And there's no place in the New Testament which authorizes the keeping of Sunday—period! And we're telling you so that if you say the Bible is your guide, you start keeping the Sabbath and get out of the death wish, or you give up saying that God is with you when you refuse to do what God says and you come back to the Roman Catholic Church and stand wholly on Catholic ground and not have one foot in the Bible. Because if you say the Bible is your guide and you don't keep the Sabbath, you're doomed, because God says those who break the Sabbath, the penalty is death from the Catholics! God gives many witnesses in different forms.

  • "Honor your father and your mother…" (v 12).

So what are the kids taught today? Dishonor father and mother, rat on them in school, tell the school what kind of religion they have. You can't discipline them, you can't spank them, you can't have them take a Bible to school. One little boy, he brought a Bible to school right here in Hollister, because he really liked the Bible and liked the story of it, so he brought it. The teacher said, 'Well, you can't stand up here and tell anybody in the class about this.' Separation of church and state. What are we going to see? One of the tactics that they have in bringing all of these things about is this: 'The Word of God is not inspired, it was written by men, and so therefore it is their opinion. It was written thousands of years ago and today we're modern and we do not need them to tell us what to do. So as you think, as you choose, you do it.' That's what's happened.

"'…so that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God gives you'" (v 12). Now this fifth commandment is for children. How many have had their days cut short? Talk about being cut short, how about abortion? They could even go get it without permission from their folks and the nurse at the school will sign the excuse so you can go to the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic funded by $400-million this year by the federal government to destroy and murder that life that was conceived in your womb because you went out and played around with sex.

  • "You shall not murder" (v 13). What do we have? A land filled with murder.
  • "You shall not commit adultery" (v 14).

'Oh, everybody does it today.' It's like Alan Dersowitz, speaking of the tenth commandment, he said, 'You can't enforce the tenth commandment today, you shall not covet. Wall Street would disappear.' There was a movie out, American Greed. There's even a series on CNBC about what happens with American greed, greed from the least to the greatest. The debt is destroying all of them. There was the movie where one of the famous movie stars said, and he was playing the role there and he was speaking to a whole room full of stock brokers, and important people, and so forth, about the American dynamo of making money, and he said, 'Greed is good.' Now God's taking it all away.

  • "You shall not steal" (v 15).

You can't leave anything out anywhere, someone will pick it up. Once in awhile someone will be honest. I remember when someone found a whole bag of cash that fell out of one of the armored cars in Los Angeles, there was about $48,000 in it, and he came and turned it in. And everyone said, 'Boy, you're nuts. You should have kept it.' Everyone's a liar, everyone's a cheat, everyone's a thief, everyone commits adultery or fornication, if not directly, then vicariously through pornography. So that's how.

Now, if you want to try and get rid of these things, what is the defense for these sins? Freedom! Freedom of expression. Since there's no God in the courts, why uphold, 'You shall not commit adultery.' The judge is doing it, the prosecutor's doing it, the defense attorney's doing it. Look at the sick affair that we have with the leading American politicians, and the one who was eulogized today as a wonderful man, Ted Kennedy. I saw part of it and it was almost like you were hearing someone talk about Jesus. You talk about calling evil good, and good evil. That was done by a bishop in the Roman Catholic Church, because they gave lots of money to it; political, you see.

We could go on and on. We won't. We'll see where the idolatry really starts, and we will see that it's with the leaders.

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Ezekiel 14:1: "And some of the elders of Israel came to me and sat before me. And the Word of the LORD came to me, saying, 'Son of man, these men have set up their idols in their hearts, and put the stumbling block of their iniquity before their faces. Should I at all be inquired of by them?.… [Which also tells you, you're not going to go before God and have your way. You're going to go before God His way.] …Therefore, speak to them, and say to them, "Thus says the Lord GOD, 'Every man of the house of Israel who sets up his idols in his heart, and puts the stumbling block of his iniquity before his face, and comes to the prophet; I the LORD will answer him according to the multitude of his idols: So that I may take the house of Israel in their own heart because they have deserted Me for their idols—all of them'"'" (vs 1-5).

Ever wonder why the Church of God is so small? Right there. That's the answer. All these other religious people in the world that look pious, remember, Satan appears as an angel of light, and his ministers as ministers of righteousness.

"'Therefore, say to the house of Israel, "Thus says the Lord GOD, 'Repent and turn yourselves from your idols, and turn away your faces from all your abominations…. [Everything that takes you away from God you need to repent of. Because here's what He says:] …For every one of the house of Israel… [That's a lot of people—isn't it? Today, hundreds and hundreds of millions.] …or of the stranger who lives in Israel, who separates himself from Me and sets up his idols in his heart, and puts the stumbling block of his iniquity before his face, and comes to a prophet to ask of him concerning Me; I the LORD will answer him Myself. And I will set My face against that man, and I will make him for a sign and for a proverb. And I will cut him off from the midst of My people; and you shall know that I am the LORD'"'" (vs 6-8).

What about when the whole nation does that, or the majority of the nation does that, the government does that—what happens? Let's again see something very interesting. Come back here to Ezekiel 8. Here we talk to the elders. These are all the important people in Israel. We find something also which shows concerning those men. Because as I have said, what you see is not what you're really getting. There are other agendas behind the front, and it is what is tearing us down. Your leaders have led you astray. Why? Because they have idols in their hearts, they have other gods, they have another agenda, they lie, they cheat, they steal, they have created the most ungodly banking system that there has ever been—and we're all going to pay the price because we have all left God.

Ezekiel 8:6: "And He said to me, 'Son of man, do you see what they do; even the great abominations which the house of Israel is doing here, that I should go far off from My sanctuary?... [You see, if people treat God with contempt and sin against Him, God goes away. Oh, but every time there's an emergency or an accident or something, they expect God to be right there to help them. But He said, 'No, you drive Me away.'] …And He brought me to the opening of the court; and I looked, and behold, a hole in the wall…. [Something you would think hardly anything about.] …And He said to me, 'Son of man, dig in the wall now.' And I dug in the wall, and, behold, an opening. And he said to me, 'Go in and see the evil abominations that they do here.' And I went in and saw. And behold, every kind of creeping thing, and hateful beast, and all the idols of the house of Israel, were carved on the wall all around. And seventy men of the elders of the house of Israel…" (vs 6-11). The leading men.

Let's just be right up front. We talked recently about the Committee of Three Hundred, right? Now we're talking about all of the other ones below that who belong to various secret organizations: Masons, Knights of Columbus, etc. 'Oh, well, these are just fun things for the boys.' Why then do they have the head of the lodge called, 'the most worshipful master'? And it is known, if you want to go any place in the world in business, you better belong to some organization. This is what it is talking about here.

Then it lists them: "…and Jaazaniah the son of Shapan, standing in front them, these were before them, and each man with his censor in his hand. And the sweet smelling cloud of incense was rising. And He said to me, 'Son of man, have you seen what the elders of the house of Israel do in the dark, each man in his room of idols? For they are saying, "The LORD does not see us; the LORD has forsaken the earth"'" (vs 11-12). So they don't let you know what their secret agenda is.

Now let me read a few things to you and give you some hints as to what's coming. I have here a collection of many sayings by many men. I'm only going to read one to illustrate the point. This was in 1946. This is when they started changing the educational system in America.

William Benton [transcriber's correction], Assistant U.S. Secretary of State, 1946, to the UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization). Now remember, Aldus Huxley is an atheist, and he has set the agenda along with others for modern education, and here's what their plan was and they have succeeded. He's talking to UNESCO:

As long as a child breathes the poison air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only precarious results….

Now world-mindedness is one-world agenda.

…As we have pointed out, it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism….

So the target is the family.

  • When did family start disintegrating?
  • When did they start having easy divorce?
  • When did they kick God out of the schools?

Now you've got an open field. Now it's completely controlled by evolutionists, atheists, and those who say that right now what we need to do is drop all barriers concerning sex and teach them at as young an age as possible because they know once they do that, they have destroyed and ruined and scarred that mind for life and they become easy targets to control. To say nothing of what they just recently found in Berkeley: a girl kept captive eighteen years by a sex fiend, from the time she was eleven. Brain washed her and she thought she was married to him. Even the man's wife went along with it and encouraged it. That's the end result of what I'm reading here. Parents have the first line of authority over their children in all things. Period.

…The schools, therefore, use the means described earlier… [to break these things down] …to combat family attitudes that favor jingoism (nationalism)…we shall presently recognize in nationalism the major obstacle to development of world-mindedness. We are at the beginning of a long process of breaking down the walls of national sovereignty. UNESCO must be the pioneer. [Source: by Stephanie R. Pasco, The Move to Depopulate the Planet; Create the Problem Cause a Reaction Offer a Solution]

Has that happened? Yes. Then here's one, Club of Rome: How Did We Get The Green Movement, 1991. This is interesting.

In searching for a new enemy to unite us…

See, because that's the way that they operate. They always have a enemy. They attack the enemy, they go against everything that they do. And you saw that in full force against the Bush Administration in his second term. Now they have it in full force against Sarah Palin, and anyone who would dare defy them, you are demonized. Here's the new enemy.

…we came up…

We, that is those in the Club of Rome. That's where the Green Movement started and that's the headquarters for it.

…with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine, and the like, would fit the bill (this is absolute proof that man-made global warming is a fabrication)…. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself. [Source: by Stephanie R. Pasco, The Move to Depopulate the Planet;Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution, 1991]

Amazing! I'll read two more. Mikhail Gorbachev, and I love the way that Rush does it.

We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, about the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren't enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage. [Source: by Stephanie R. Pasco, The Move to Depopulate the Planet Mikhail Gorbachev

How's that for 'loving your neighbor as yourself'?

This is by Aldus Huxley in The Brave New World, 1946. Aldus Huxley is quoted through here quite a number of times; Bertrand Russell, David Rockefeller, and everything that he says, and all of the things that he belongs to, he says he's proud of it, he's done it, and so forth. So this is really quite an interesting one. I will give you the web site. It is: [Source: by Stephanie R. Pasco, The Move to Depopulate the Planet

Now let me get to another one. Now I want to talk about the way that the change has come and we're seeing the end result of it now, what methods were used and how they used them, and we can see how all of this in action right now. So here is the program that they have and this is—I'll give you the web site, you can go to it. You can also look up Jim Simpson. This is about how to manufacture a crisis, and the things that they have done to manufacture crises. Does that sound familiar? I'll just break into the middle of the report.

Prior to the Republican takeover in Congress in 1994, Democrats had over fifty years of virtually unbroken power in Congress with substantial majorities most of the time. With all the time and the money in the world‑‑trillions spent‑‑they couldn't fix a single thing, not one….

They had all their programs, end poverty, integration, all of those things.

…Today's liberal has the same complaints, and the same old tired solutions. Can a group of smart people, studying issue after issue for years on end, with virtually unlimited resources at their command, not come up with a single policy that works? Why are they chronically incapable? Why?….
Like what they're doing today.

…When things go bad all the time, despite the best efforts of all involved, I suggest to you something else is at work‑‑something deeper, more malevolent….

I submit to you that it is not a mistake, the failure is deliberate! And how do they do that? They create programs, anti-poverty programs.

  • …The beneficiaries find government subsidies a replacement for, rather than a supplement to, gainful employment and eventually they become incapable of supporting themselves. This in turn creates a dependent culture with the attendant toxic behaviors which demand still more government "remedies."
  • The programs create their own industry, complete with scads of "think tanks" and "experts" who survive on government research grants. They are the aptly named "Beltway Bandits."
  • They create their own bureaucracies, whose managers conspire with interested members of Congress to continually increase program funding, regardless of merit.
  • Members of Congress secure votes and campaign donations by extorting them from beneficiaries of such programs, either through veiled threats—"vote for me or those mean Republicans will wipe out your benefits"—or promises of still more bennies.

That's how they have done it.

The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The "Cloward-Piven Strategy"… (David Horowitz)—[Source: The Cloward-Piven Strategy, Part I: Manufactured Crisis By Jim Simpson August 31st, 2008]

Because those are the two men who devised it in 1960, a pair of radical leftist Columbia University professors. And where has our President gone? I'll read just a couple more things from this report, how they do it. This is part two.

Yet no one to my knowledge has connected all the dots between Barack Obama and the Radical Left. When seen together, the influences on Obama's life comprise a who's who of the radical leftist movement and it becomes painfully apparent that not only is Obama a willing participant in that movement, he has spent most of his adult life deeply immersed in it. But even this doesn't fully describe the extreme nature of this candidate. He can be tied directly to a malevolent overarching strategy that has motivated many, if not all, of the most destructive radical leftist organizations in the United States since the 1960s.

Now here's how they do it.

The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis….

Or anything else. Now there's a reason why I'm bringing this up, because we are going to get to the banking thing in just a little bit, because that's the end result of what is going on here.

…The "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

Is that not where we are right now? Yes. Why? We've gone away from God! Because we have rejected God and the Ten Commandments. So here's how they do it.

Cloward and Piven were inspired by radical organizer (and Hillary Clinton mentor) Saul Alinsky: "Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules," Alinsky wrote in his 1989 book Rules for Radicals. When pressed to honor every word of every law and statute, every Judeo-Christian moral tenet, and every implicit promise of the liberal social contract, human agencies inevitably fall short. The system's failure to "live up" to its rulebook can then be used to discredit it altogether, and to replace the capitalist "rulebook" with a socialist one. (Courtesy of Discover the

Plan—carried out today, the very ones who taught our current President.

Their strategy is create political, financial, and social chaos that would result in revolution blended Alinsky concepts with their more aggressive efforts at bringing about a change in U.S. government. To achieve their revolutionary change, Cloward and Piven sought to use a cadre of aggressive organizers assisted by friendly news media to force a re-distribution of the nation's wealth….

No matter where the strategy is implemented, it shares the following features:

  • The offensive organizes previously unorganized groups eligible for government benefits but not currently receiving all they can.

The offensive seeks to identify new beneficiaries and/or create new benefits.
The overarching aim is always to impose new stresses on target systems, with the ultimate goal of forcing their collapse. [Source: The Cloward-Piven Strategy, Part I: Manufactured Crisis by Jim Simpson, August 31st, 2008]

Now, are we facing a collapse in the western banking system? The answer is, yes!

Also, at some point the failure of the world's prime reserve currency… [That's the dollar.] …will lead to the structuring of a new global currency system. I would be surprised to find gold as part of that system. [Source: John Williams, Shadow Government Statistics, Hyper Inflation, April 8, 2008]

 Let me read some other things here.

Financial Ruin of Western World Beckons.

For all the debt that we have and the rescue will be with the International Monetary System.

Mounting Joblessness Fuels U.S. Housing Crises.

And there are more foreclosures coming of a greater scale. You can't fix these things unless there's repentance to God. That's what it's all about.

There's no quick fix to the global economies excess capacity.

Europe is in trouble, America is in trouble, and they say now there's going to be a double-dip recession. Let me cover just a couple of other things. There are many reports which come in on this.

One Thousand Banks To Fail In The Next Two Tears by Natalie Erlich. [Source: 1,000 Banks to Fail In Next Two Years: Bank CEO Published: Thursday, 27 Aug 2009] Have you noticed every Friday some bank closes, the Feds take over. How long can that be?

I'm going to ring my bell here, but this has been fairly well substantiated. Let me read some things here. This is written by Jim Sinclair, Chairman and CEO of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation. He is a precious metals and commodities specialist. Here are the highlights, and then it lists all of his career things.

The U.S. financial systems wants…

Now let's talk about what's happening right now today.

…but more so needs to have China buying U.S. Treasury offerings to remain at these levels, but more so to increase to offset the wholly unavoidable increase in offering of U.S. federal debt.

Now let me just tell you how much debt we have in America total, everything, everywhere—$146-trillion.

 There is something that's going to happen because of that. China is in bad shape itself, but it doesn't want to keep buying U.S. treasuries, but we have to sell them to it. The Chinese wish to see the U.S. support, the creation of a super-sovereign currency as an offset to dependence on the dollar for international settlements and national reserves.

Now you've heard of the G-20. We'll talk about that a little bit, because that is going to happen. It will come.

The Chinese rightly feel that the greatest risk to their present dollar position valuation is quantitative easing.

Well, quantitative easing is printing money and buying your own debt. That's what we're doing right now.

Or simply put, the monetization of one's own debt by the electronic creation of money for funding yourself.

Isn't that nice? Spend all the money you want, and then say, 'Oh, the account's empty. I'll push a few keys and I'll fill it back up.'

You will note that the quantitative easing program was extended until October, particularly the end of October. This is what Bernanke would like to see, hoping that the management of perspective economics will succeed. As the market related, the management perspective works only when it has the wind at its back, such as in 1981-2001. Today we have the wind in our face, caught between, the quantitative easing cannot be curtained in 2009 or 2010.

So they're going to have all this debt. Remember, they just found out that Obama estimated 2-trillion short on the debt. So how they going to do it? Quantitative easing, printing it and buying it back.

To curtail quantitative easing as the federal debt explodes would be to release interest rates to the market place that could take them to the late 1979, early '80 levels, due to a currency event.

Now what was that interest rate? Anybody remember? 19%, prime interest rate at the Fed. Now you know it's coming, and it's going to have to come, and the banks know it's coming. Banks have been busy re-writing all of the interest rates of their credit cards. Do you know what the rate is that they have it up to now that they can charge you? 23.37%. So that tells you they know it's coming.

However, the U.S. cannot support the super-sovereign currency… [Which then is a basket of currencies through the IMF.] …to do so would be to disavow the U.S. dollar as the universal reserve currency, which the financial leadership of the U.S. still adheres to seeing this period as only an aberration in the constant market. The U.S. due to market considerations cannot yield to Asia and China on the two criteria's required to remain as purchasers of the U.S. treasury instruments, which is the only real support the dollar really has.

Put in simple terms, they are not going to buy Federal Reserve Notes. What is that going to do? Let me tell you.

Impending Bank Holiday.

I've had this verified from four or five different sources. When it will come, we do not know, but the collapse of the dollar is near. Some people may not like what I'm saying, or reading, but this is well known and it's out there. If I don't say it, regardless of how you may feel about it, then I'm going to be held responsible for not telling you. Now we had Impending Bank Holiday, we had one in March, 1933. So they expect one here very shortly. Here's a report here. This one is:

U.S. Bank System Shut Down Is Being Planned.

They don't know exactly how they're going to do it. There are many different ideas and things from this report.

Harry Schultz is a veteran news writer, an expert analyst, whose reputation is beyond reproach. He wrote in his June newsletter a preface to the surprise event of the magnificent magnitude and importance of only one precedence in U.S. history. He wrote some U.S. Embassy's worldwide are being advised to purchase massive amounts of local currencies, enough to last them a year. Some embassies are being sent enormous amounts of U.S. cash to purchase currencies from those governments quietly, but not British pounds. Inside the State Department, there is a sense of sadness and foreboding that something is about to happen, unknown to a date, but within a hundred-eighty days from June, could be one-twenty to one-fifty days. Notice the U.S. dollar and pound are grouped together, both to become unavailable.

Now, what they want to do is bring in a basket currency using the International Monetary Fund through the G-20. Now how are they going to do it? We know those who are the super-elite ultra powerful and ultra-wealthy, they don't want to lose very much money. So there has to be a way of them retaining it. So how will they do it? What will happen to the U.S.? It could be they close everything down, and they bring in a new currency. Or it could be that they could say: In order to preserve their wealth—now this is my opinion, so I'll ring the bell—that they might do like they did with the Euro. How did they bring in the Euro? When they first announced it, they said, 'All transactions between the nations will be financed by the Euro instead of the national dollars and it will all be digitized. In five years we'll bring in the currency.' So that's what they did.

That was different from coming in and saying, 'Whoom! We're going to do it all at once.' So this may be the way that they're going to do it. We don't know how they will do it, the timing. There are many different ways that it can come about, but we're going to see that the U.S. dollar is going to collapse. And we will see it probably no later than next spring at the latest. This is going to affect everything that we do, that you do, that I do, that the Churches do. It's going to affect everyone in the United States of America, and it will fulfill the prophecy of Deut. 28 that we will be brought down very low, because we borrowed and borrowed and borrowed and borrowed and borrowed. And if you total it all up, $146-trillion in debt has got to come home. To borrow a phrase from 'reverend' Wright, he said, 'The chickens are going to come home to roost.' This is not just a few chickens, this is everyone that has ever been created in all time are going to come home and roost.

Where is that going to put us? Going to put us in a very difficult situation. We're going to have to learn to live differently. We're going to have to learn that there are going to be problems and difficulties. This nation, which glorified money, glorified greed, glorified lying, the judgment is going to come. No one wants the dollar. They're stuck and they don't know how to get out of it. They don't want to lose what they have. We don't want to change, we don't want to lose what we have, so the crisis is there, created for the very purpose that I read here, for control.

The final analysis is this: If we don't control ourselves before God with the laws of God, then God is going to let someone else control us. That's where we are today, brought about by all of our sins, by the banking things that are taking place, all the lies, all the cheating, from the least to the great. There we are!

I know years ago we would say, 'Boy, we're going to live to see the return of Christ.' We never thought about all the things involved of what that would mean. So don't think that this is just some little thing that Fred Coulter has hatched up. Get on the internet and check it out. Don't ask your stock broker, if you have one, because he wants you to keep the money there so he can pay his bills.

There are many other things I could go into. I have another report here which is: Closing The Collapsed Gap. America will collapse. Soviet Union collapsed. We think somehow it won't happen to us. Somehow if we don't speak about it, it won't happen. Or somehow that if I speak about it, I'm getting carried away with nonsense. But I'm not the only one speaking about it. It is out there far and wide. The reason they can't tell you when the banking holiday is coming is because everyone would make a run on the bank, so it's going to have to come at time that they don't expect. Some say it's going to come in eight-five days, some say a hundred-twenty. I don't know when it's going to come, but they will select a time and it will be announced and that will be it. With the de facto dollar that we have, there's nothing that anyone can do about it.

Now, we have to rely on the blessings and protection of God, for Him watching over us in these difficult times that we have to face ahead. No, they can't set a time and announce it. Just like when they take over these banks that fail. They don't tell you they're going to take them over. When all the banks have closed up through the west coast, then they initiate it and take it over, open it up on Monday morning under a new name. Right here in little old Hollister, we've had two banks, the branch of Washington Mutual and World Savings Wachovia, taken over. You drive up and down the streets, there are empty buildings. The malls out here, empty shops. You go into the stores, not a lot of people in there. So things are taking place, they're going to happen.

Comment: They're buying another currency. Yeah, they're buying it so they can survive. They don't know how long it's going to be. If we default on all of those treasury bills and all of those debt instruments, how can you take $146-trillion and then all of a sudden say, 'Oh, this debt is wiped out.' 'Sorry, we have nothing to pay you.' And not expect any repercussions? What I may have said here may be very, very mild. That's why I've said for years, get out of debt, get out of debt, store some supplies up, don't be caught short handed. Who knows? They already have plans nationwide for martial law; emergencies! That would be an emergency, wouldn't it? Yes, indeed! So those things are right there.

Good news is: The Kingdom of God is coming, but we have to go through this first. So we'll end it here.

Scriptural References:

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  • Isaiah 3:1-5, 8-12
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Scriptures referenced, not quoted:

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