Fred R. Coulter—August 1, 2009

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Now there are always cycles that are talked about in the Bible. There are many sub-fulfillments leading up to the final fulfillment. Let's see this in religion when we come to the Epistle of Jude. There is one chapter, so we just go by the verses. The Epistle of Jude, written by the Jude, the brother of Jesus. Toward the end of the apostolic era, and when there was the growing rebellion with the coming invasion from the Romans into Palestine, and the subsequent destruction of the temple, which you can read of in the appendices. Also if you have the book of Josephus, read the destruction of the temple in 586 B.C. and the destruction in the temple in 70 A.D.

Please understand something very important: They were both destroyed and burned on the same day, the ninth of Ab. So the cycle that was coming to the apostles, and they could see what was happening, is a forerunner of what is happening today, only theirs was condensed very quickly, with these events beginning say in the late 50s and early 60s A.D. Today they're more protracted. The things that we have in the stealth revolution with religion actually started just before the turn of the century to begin the 1900s, and has gradually been making its way down through time to today. If you want to go online and see what has happened, then look up information on Rick Warren, Joel Osteen and David Land. Those are the three leaders who are taking down Protestantism, and taking away what knowledge that they had. Remember what God has said: That if you don't have the knowledge, what you have is going to be taken away from you. And as we've covered many times, the Achilles heel in worldly 'Christianity' is Sunday.

For a great number of years and centuries Protestantism was blessed, because they kept the nine precepts of God quite well, and preached morality quite well, and helped get the Bible around the world to accomplish God's will in getting it out. This is why you need a historical perspective, and as I was reading all of the quotes concerning what the different Protestant denominations said about Sunday-keeping vs Sabbath-keeping, they were all 1893, 1894, 1895, etc. Then we also have, which we have as an appendix in the Bible, Rome's Challenge to the Protestants. So there was a tremendous witness given by that, so if you haven't read Rome's Challenge recently, read it, and listen to the words that were written there. In particularly, it stands out in my mind, where Cardinal Gibbon said, 'If you Protestants don't wholly come to the Catholic ground, since you're keeping Sunday, you're not keeping the Sabbath, the Roman Catholic Church will rise against you in an arrogance of her old ancient self, and you will not understand when it comes.' So that's why if you have the book, All Roads Lead to Rome?, read it. Then multiply that by ten and that's what they have already accomplished. Because the taking down of Protestantism takes people further, and further, and further away from God. They need to get people further and further and further away from God in order to bring in a universal religion—don't they? Yes!

Here was a precursor of what we're going through today. I might mention, too, I believe it was in 1993, I gave a sermon on The World's Parliament of Religions. So I'll see if I can get that on this CD. But that was 1993 and it was held in Chicago. But the first one was held in 1893, the same year that Rome's Challenge to the Protestants was written. It's interesting, Rome's Challenge, the four series of things that they published in the Catholic Mirror, were all published on Saturday's edition. In other words, they were published on the Sabbath. Is there a historical message? Yes, indeed!

The first Parliament of World's Religions‑‑ there's a brief history of it that I give in the sermon on the one I did in 1993, but here is where all of the super-elite who did not believe in God, and who believed in theosophy, and believed in melding all of the religions together, this was their first attempt in America to have the pagan religion, such as Hinduism accepted by Americans. Since that time, there has been a gradual changing and taking down of Protestantism, which I outline through the various translations in part of the introduction that I have in the New Testament (Faithful Version)when it was published.

But here's the principle that happens. Jude 1: "Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James, to the called saints, sanctified by God the Father and kept in Jesus Christ… [Now this means made Holy. Having the Holy Spirit makes you Holy before God, and you are sanctified, and kept in Jesus Christ. Now kept also means that not only does Jesus keep us in Himself, but we also have to be on guard, as we will see, to keep ourselves in Christ, because that's very important. Satan loves nothing better than for Christians to just lay back, take it easy, think everything is just fine, and when it's peaceful nothing drastic happens. But remember, those times are changing.] …Mercy and peace and love be multiplied to you" (vs 1-2). The only way you can have that is with a personal relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ. That's what John talks about in 1-John 1:3 that truly 'our fellowship is with God the Father and Jesus Christ.' That's the important true teaching of the New Testament.

Now any church organization is secondary to that. Any teacher or church organization has got to teach the people the Word of God, not the ideas of men. They've got to, as Paul wrote to Timothy, 'rightly divide the Truth.' You can take the Truth, wrongly divide it and create a lie. That's how the ones who come in stealthily in this stealth revolution of religion, come in to change things and bring 'new understanding.'

Verse 3, here's how bad the situation was: "Beloved, when personally exerting all my diligence… [So this was a tour de force on his part. Remember at the time that this was written, the war-clouds of the invasion of Palestine by the Romans was gathering by the day, and by the week, and month, and year.] …to write to you concerning the common salvation, I was compelled to write to you… [Obviously motivated by the Holy Spirit.] …exhorting you to fervently fight for the faith, which once for all time has been delivered to the saints."

This is why we are to preach the Word, rightly divide it, and all of us are to search the Scriptures to see whether these things are so or not. God expects us to be knowledgeable, and especially today, educated in the Word of God and knowledgeable of history so we can see what's going on and know how things have been happening.

For here's the reason, v 4: "For certain men have stealthily crept in… [And we have seen that happen—haven't we? The ones I remember, one of them was a lawyer. That's not to say that all lawyers are bad. Another one came from 'house of Kuhn/Lobe.' This is in our age, to bring in the doctrines of Judaism to upset the beliefs of the Bible. Then coming on the other hand, there were those who stealthily crept in who believed in the trinity, and just laid low. Now it happened then, and it happened again in our age.] …those who long ago have been written about, condemning them to this judgment. They are ungodly men, who are perverting the grace of our God, turning it into licentiousness…"

That's how Sunday-worship came about. Because you go back, when Sunday-worship was enforced in 325 A.D. by Constantine, the churches were about equally divided between Sabbath-keeping and those who wanted to go to Sunday-keeping. They could not stamp out Sabbath-keeping in Asia Minor. It wasn't until about 1100 A.D., even according to the Greek Orthodox Church, that they finally got rid of the last Sabbath-keeping churches in Asia Minor. So that's how strong Sabbath-keeping was. But they come in, and they start changing things a little at a time. Then they end up denying the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ.'

Come down here to v 8 because we are following along with the same ones after he compares it to coming out of Egypt and Sodom and Gomorrah, and so forth. "In the same way also, these dreamers of filthy dreams are defiling the flesh, and are declaring as invalid the lordship of God, and are blaspheming the divine powers"—that is the angels. So this is what they do: they deny His lordship by changing the Word of God—adding here, taking away from there, misinterpreting over here, and going through and compiling many false doctrines of which Protestantism today is mostly filled with false doctrines. Catholics long ago fulfilled that.

Now notice v 10: "As for these, whatever things they do not understand, they blaspheme…" Now how do they blaspheme? What is the most blasphemous thing that they can do? They're denying Christ, but what is the most blasphemous thing that they can do? The comment was made: work on the Sabbath. But why do people work on the Sabbath then? They've been told 'Jesus abolished the law.' Now think about that for a minute, how blasphemous that is; because Jesus was the Lord God of the Old Testament Who spoke the Ten Commandments. For a man to say that God abolished His law is the most blasphemous thing possible! And yet the Protestants, because of poor translation in the King James, and because of men crept in unawares, stealthily, the doctrines have gradually been watered down, watered down, watered down, and they despise the Sabbath. And they despise the Holy Days. "…they blaspheme; but whatever things they understand by instinct, as irrational brute beasts, they are corrupting themselves in these things" (v 10). Interesting—isn't it?

Let's come down to v 16: "These are complainers and critics… [Because if you go through and pick out the things that relate directly to those talked about in v 4, then you get an additional picture of it.] …who are walking after their own personal lusts, while their mouths are speaking great swelling words, flattering persons for the sake of advantage."

We've seen that—haven't we? That was written by Stan Rader about 1980, Against the Gates of Hell, where he said that that self-proclaimed, and also flattering boosted-up by that individual, that that 'apostle' held an office equivalent to 'his holiness the pope.' If you're converted, you're not going to refer—and I'm just quoting that—to the pope as 'his holiness'—are you? No! Which also tells you something interesting, too, when you check back into the education of this so-called attorney: He was educated by the Jesuits being a secular-Jew, and also received a medal from the pope. The comment was made: You don't want to be put on the same level as the pope, because he's a servant of the devil. Yes!

Come down to v 18. It's interesting when you pick out these verses and add them all together—right? "Because they said to you that in the last time… [That is the true apostles of God.] …there would be mockers, who would be selfishly walking according to their own ungodly lusts. These are the ones who cause division; they are psychic… [Now I translated it that way for this reason: The Greek word 'psuchikos' comes from the word 'psuche'—which is also translated soul, or life. But it is also translated worldly.] …not having the Spirit of God" (vs 18-19).

Now if you don't have the Spirit of God, whose spirit are you using? Satan's spirit, who's the prince of the power of the air, that spirit which is the prince of the power of the air. Therefore, I translated this 'psychic,' because they have charisma, they have a nice way about them. Satan doesn't come, nor does the stealthy infiltrators come, with a big flashing neon sign, 'Watch out for me, I'm an agent of the devil.' They come in with much love. They come in with a lot of flattery. They come in with building up men, instead of building up God. So that gives you the tactics that are used.

Now let's come back to Revelation 13, and let's pick up where I left off on the last one. I know we've gone over this more and more and more, as we get closer to the end. But I just want to cover one thing here that is very interesting. I read to you a report last week that the pope is pushing for, and wants to see, a world government 'that has teeth.' In other words, an international army, and an international police force, and an international court system. And the skeleton for that is already set. But as we're going to see today, the tactics of bringing it in are different than how they've done it in the past.

Verse 2: "And the beast that I saw was like a leopard… [which stalks at night and is very swift] …and his feet like the feet of a bear… [which can just kill a man with one blow] …and his mouth like the mouth of a lion… [Sharp teeth. Isn't that interesting?] …and the dragon [Satan the devil] gave him his power, and his throne and great authority."
Now who does Satan give the power to? Matt. 4, Luke 4, those who worship him. What you need to do is understand this: Everything that is coalescing into one-world government, one-world religion, and one-world monetary system, all comes out of the Club of Rome. Why don't you go online and look up the Club of Rome, and look up all the green things that come because of the Club of Rome.

Let's come here and see the final beast that is going to come. Remember, they cannot come to power unless the bankers approve, and put them in power. That you have to understand, and I'll give you a little history to corroborate that, too.

Now v 4: "And they worshiped the dragon… [That's why I have in the Occult Holidays or God's Holy Days—Which?, the last chapter warning the occult is going to sweep the world. So back and read that, because it's coming!] …who gave his authority to the beast. And they worshiped the beast, saying, 'Who is like the beast? Who has the power to make war against him?'" So this tells us that there is coming a system that no one is going to be able to make war against him. What does that imply? That he has all the military power in the world! Now we'll see it breaks down a little later, but what does that also tell you? What does it take to make war? Money! That means you need bankers—correct? Yes! So we need to get our heads together and think about this.

Verse 5, he spoke blasphemies, and so forth. Verse 6: "And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, and His tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven." Now just put in your notes there, 2-Thess. 2, that he actually goes into the temple of God, which by the way they're actively doing as much as they can to build as much ahead of time, so when the day comes they can set it all up, and proclaims himself to be God, and does great signs and wonders. And he comes with all deceivableness of Satan the devil.

Now notice what's going to happen eventually to the Church. Here it is. This is why we have to be strong in the Lord, and remember this: When the day comes, remember Christ died for you. So if it comes for us to die for Christ, He promises to give us strength to do so, and to overcome them. Because we will become enemy number one.

"…and he was given authority over every tribe and language and nation" (v 7). Now we need to take the book of Revelation at its word, just what it says here. 'Over every tribe and language and nation.' That is no less than world government.

Now I need to inject in here for all Seventh-Day Adventists. You are following a false doctrine if you believe that that is the Roman Catholic Church. It is not, it's the coming world government. And I need to also tell all of those, who many in addition to the Seventh-Day Adventists believe that the mark of the beast is Sunday keeping. I just got a booklet from a man saying, 'Watch out, the final inquisition is here'—he's a Seventh-Day Adventist. And he says that the pope is enacting Sunday-keeping laws in Europe. As I've said many, many times over, we're going to see the mark of the beast means you cannot buy, you cannot sell, under any circumstances, unless you have it. That's why that comes right close to the end.

The reason being, if shutting down every business in the world—as I've explained before, so I will explain again for those who need to have repetition here, in a way that you'll understand it. Sometimes repetition helps us to really understand the Truth, which is this: If every store, every business, every factory shut down on Sunday, I don't care who said so, the pope or anyone else, and you couldn't buy and sell on Sunday, you could buy and sell on Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday. Unless you're a Muslim, you won't buy on Friday or unless you're a Sabbath-keeper, you won't buy on the Sabbath. All the rest of the days, you can buy and sell. Buying and selling has to do with what? The economics! And the economics has to do with whom? The bankers and the banks!

Now we've covered quite a bit of that. I want to give you just a little background and a little history here, and this is in a report that we'll also post online. It is at (for Canada). The title of the article is: Global Power and Global Government: Evolution and Revolution of the Central Banking System.

Very interesting. See, you need to understand that, and you need to understand how it's going to happen, what is happening right now. I think that giving you some of the background and the history of it here out of this report, will help you. Now I'm not going to read the whole report, but I'm going to read the first three paragraphs. This report is July 21, 2009, by Andrew Gavin Marshall. It's a total of twelve pages, so I recommend if you're online, download it.

Humanity is on the verge of entering into the most tumultuous period in our history. The prospects of a global depression…

Now why would the super-elite, who are all the premier, richest people in the world, including bankers and corporations, etc., want a depression? So they can bring about a solution and it gives them more power.

…global depression, the likes of which have never been seen before; a truly global war, on a scale never before imagined; and societal collapse, for which nations of the world are building totalitarian police states to control populations; are increasing by the day. The major global trend forecasters are sounding the alarms on economic depression, war, a return to fascism, and a total reorganization of society.

What is happening in America? Now just a little side bar as we go along. I recommend that you really get in earnest about your health and your eating and your medications and how to take care of your body. If you think that Obama-care is going to take care of you, and if you are over 65, you better pay attention, and you better listen up, and you better start changing your way of eating, so you don't get sick. Because if you're not worth saving, you're going to be counseled to just, 'take these pills, and last it out until you die.' And I know what's going to come: Kevorkian will make a comeback in the form of government counselors. 'Now we realize the pain is so much, and we realize that there's a two-year wait for this operation, and besides the budget does not allow us to give you this operation because of your age. Now if you can't take the pain, would you like us to assist you to go to sleep and end it all?' In the coming health bill it's mandatory every five years you have end-of-life counseling.

And why would they do that? Well, economically, it saves a lot of money—doesn't it? Because 80% of the healthcare is spent on people who are 65 and older, so if you could cut that in two-thirds, 'why we could take care of everybody else.' A lot of baby boomers coming to that age. Isn't that interesting? Jonah Goldberg [transcriber's correction] wrote the book, Liberal Fascism. It's coming in full force. Now I mention a lot of books to you, brethren. I don't mention them in vain. Now I know you can't read them all, but what you might do is go online and get a summary of them, and find out, or check them out of a library. But you see, we live in an age of increasing knowledge all the time. We live in an age of change all the time, and we have to keep up with all of these things. I try to do the best I can, so I can keep you informed, but I couldn't possibly read all the things to you that I read.

Let me continue on with this report. Oh, by the way, they are developing a whole thing through ACORN, and all the other facilities, a coming army that Obama wanted which would be 'stronger and more powerful' than our military. And these are all the ones who will community organize the whole United States into a totalitarian system. It's coming! Why does he need thirty-six czars? As I said, the revolution in government has come about stealthily, and it is an unconstitutional government in the way that it's run, in the way that it's functioning, in the way that the President and the Congress and the Judiciary fill their offices. So don't look for a return to the Constitution. That'll never happen. Now continuing:

Through crises… [And how many have we had.] …we are seeing the reorganization of the global political economy… [Never heard of that before.] …global political economy…

It's facing all nations. Now I have another report which shows who holds most of the government debt.

  • Federal Reserve
  • American banks
  • American retirement funds
  • China

8 or 9. The oil countries

Just to give you a little side bar on this. Dubai is the gold capital of the world today. They're smart, they're buying gold with worthless dollars. Dubai does not hold the gold, but it is the center of buying and selling gold in the world today. Supposedly, America has the most gold. Well, we don't know where it is. No one has accounted for it. So we need to understand what else is happening here.

…we are seeing the reorganization of the global political economy… [and I'll talk about that in a bit] …and the transformation of capitalism into a totalitarian capitalistic world government. Capitalism has never stayed the same through its history; it has always changed and will continue to do so. Its changes are explained and analyzed through political-economic theory, both mainstream theory and critical. The changes are undertaken over years, decades and centuries. The next phase of capitalism is one in which the world moves to a state-controlled economic system, much like China, of totalitarian capitalism.

Do we have a taste of that with 'government-motors' today? Which cars they can build; how many they can build. And now we have the clunker thing destroying the used-car market.

Let me talk a little bit about the history of it, so I will kind of do this from memory from the report. One of the first ones, and his name was (Friedrich) List, said that the world needs a 'cosmopolitan society in which all nations are united in a world federation.' This goes back to the 1600-1700's. However, what has happened in the past is this: A political union had to precede economic union. Now that's what happened with the European Union—right? That came in first.

Now we are seeing it happen the other way around. Economic union is coming first, before political union. That becomes interesting when we look at the history of it. He says in the report that List's theory was good for the nineteenth century, but it's been changing since then. He says in the report on page 2:

I would argue that the major banking interest, essentially made up a dynasty of banking families, (the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Morgans, the Rockefellers, and many others) decided to chart a different course in which they would pursue a strategy in which economic union would be incrementally undertaken with the aim of constructing a political union to follow in its footsteps.

Now what does that mean? That means that you get everybody involved in a global economic system first. Then you bring the world government. And that's what we've discussed before. Then it talks about what happened in Great Britain, and how all of that took place. Then it also talked about the wound that happened to Britain when they lost the colonies because of the Revolutionary War. And the bankers suffered terribly. Shortly after that came what? The French Revolution, and again the bankers took a big hit. So what they decided to do was, to support Napoleon. It says:

Thus the bankers threw their weight behind a general in the Revolutionary Army named Napoleon, whom they entrusted to restore order. Napoleon then gave the bankers his support and in 1800 created the Bank of France, a privately owned central bank of France.

Since that time all central banks are privately owned. The Federal Reserve is privately owned. The Bank of England is privately owned. The German Central Bank is privately owned; so is the European Central Bank.

Now then, it showed how Nathan Rothschild took over the whole British economy, because he knew ahead of time that the British were winning against Napoleon in Waterloo. Have you ever seen that on the History Channel? They had carrier pigeons with Rothschild spies watching the battle going on, and they would send the carrier pigeons back, and they would fly over on the coast of Europe there back to London, and he would have the news that the British were winning. And everybody else was thinking the British were losing. So he went in and deliberately started to buy stock low—sell, sell, sell, sell, sell—because it's all coming to an end. But he knew it wasn't.

So the next day when the news came that the British were winning, what happened to the stock market? Whoa! Went way up and he became the richest man in Europe, controlled the Bank of England, controlled the throne, and everything else. And they saw that through this, they could bring about change by having economics tied up first, and then you bring in the rest.

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One of the great struggles for the history of the United States has been the fight against the central bank. As you know, that did not occur until beginning about one hundred years ago. He has a section here, Retaking of America, that is by the bankers in Europe, because they lost control of the vast wealth and market in America. So during the Civil War:

The European financiers were in favor of an American Civil War that would return the United States to its colonial status. They admitted privately that they were not necessarily interested in preserving slavery. The Civil War was not based upon liberation of slaves, it was based as Howard Zinn described it, 'as clash of elites.' The northern elite wanted economic expansion—free land, free labor, and a free market, a high protective tariff for manufacturers and a bank of the United States. Whereas the slave interest opposed all that. The Civil War, which lasted from 1861 to 1865 resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths during which Congress also set up a national bank, putting the government into partnership with the banking interest guaranteeing their profits.

Now one man tried to get away from the Federal Reserve, and his name was President John F. Kennedy. And he authorized the printing of money as Congress voted it, contrary to giving it to the Federal Reserve. So you see what happens when you go against these guys. So here's what Lincoln said:

As Lincoln himself stated: "The money powers prey on the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity."

Now I want you to think about what's happening today as I read this. The question was about Kennedy: He wanted to go back to the Lincoln monetary system, where he issued the money himself, through the Congress, rather than going to a central bank. The bankers didn't like that, because they lost control. And here they helped foment the Civil War for the very purpose of bringing about a central bank to control America. Most people don't know that. And most people don't realize that the Catholic nations and the Vatican were behind the financing for the southern states. There's a whole lot more intrigue that goes into that. All assassinations are made to appear as if a single man did it. Not correct. Now continuing here, he quotes Lincoln:

"The banking powers are more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. They denounce as public enemies all who question their methods and throw light upon their crimes."

"I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me, and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe. As a most undesirable consequences of war, corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow. The money power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of the few and the Republic is destroyed."

The whole purpose of a banking system is to get people in debt. Everything they do is debt. Everything they do is to collect interest. Everything they do is to control. You need to understand that.

Throughout much of the 1800s and into the 1900s the United States suffered several economic crises, one of the most significant was the Great Depression of 1873. As Howard Zinn explained:

The crises was built into a system that was chaotic in its nature, in which only the very rich were secure.

Now I want you to understand how history repeats itself, because the bankers are up to the same thing now, not just for America, because they've already conquered America, but for the world.

It was a system of periodic crises—1837, 1857, 1873, (and later 1893… [Interesting, 1893 comes up again.] …1907, 1919, and 1929)—that wiped out small businesses and brought cold, hunger, and death to working people, while the fortunes of the Asters, Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Morgans, kept growing through war and peace, crises and recovery. During the 1873 crisis, Carnegie was capturing the steel market, and Rockefeller was wiping out his competitors in oil….
In the early twentieth century European and American banking interests achieved what they had desired for over a century within America, the creation of a privately-owned central bank.

Federal Reserve is not government run. It appears to be government supervised, but it isn't. I don't know how many of you saw the news clipping where a representative was questioning Ben Bernanke, who had access to some records of the Federal Reserve, and 300 representatives have signed on with Ron Paul calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve. So they had some things that he was reading. And he asked Ben Bernanke, 'Well, what about this transaction of 500-billion dollars by the Federal Reserve with the Central Bank in New Zealand? Who did that money go to?' He says, 'I couldn't tell you, because it was central bank to central bank transfer.' Hello!? How many of those go on every day? Central bank to central bank. It's amazing how clever they are, and how much they know! When they are questioned: 'I can't remember, I don't know, it's not in my report.' So he was really nailed to the wall by that, so if you have a chance to see that clip again, watch it.

The central bank in America, continuing now:

It was created through the collaboration of American and European bankers primarily the Morgans, the Rockefellers, Kuhn, Loebs, and Warburgs.

So we have a foreign entity from the very beginning, because those in America are actually agents of the foreign entities. Let's come back here and read Deuteronomy 28 for just a minute. Let's read this in the light of what banks do with debt. Since their goal is to what? Have everybody in debt to them—right? Is that fulfilled today? What is the crises that we have facing us today? Because as a nation we have turned our back on God, we have rejected the Word of God, we have embraced the politics and the financing of Satan the devil by the super-elite of the world, who are—I submit to you—strangers in our land. Let's read it.

Deuteronomy 28:43: "The stranger dwelling among you shall get up above you very high… [Are the bankers up there very high? Is everybody dependent on a banker? Yes, indeed! Do you have money? Yes, we covered last week Federal Reserve Note, which is a debt instrument to pay debt, and you really just reduce debt. You never pay it off, and as we discussed, you never really own the title to anything, even if your house is free and clear. It's not free and clear, because the state can tax it. As long as the state can put a lien on it, you only have beneficiary title to it. You do not have allodial title to it. Allodial title, as we covered, means you own property which cannot be liened or taxed. If you give up you allodial rights to borrow, you will never get back allodial rights. I don't think there is anyone in America that has allodial rights to their land any more.] …get up above you very high, and you shall come down very low. He shall loan to you…" (vs 43-44). Remember, every dollar that is printed by the Federal Reserve is backed by 'treasury notes,' because the Federal Reserve is lending it to the federal government. The comment was made: this is stupidity!—which it is. You're borrowing money from a private group, no it says Federal Reserve. That doesn't mean it's run by the government. It's authorized by the government, but not run by the government.

"…you shall not loan to him. He shall be the head, and you shall be the tail" (v 44). Does that not describe those in Washington, D.C., today? What can one man do back in Washington, D.C., to change anything? They don't even represent the people, they represent the powers to be, to bring in their policies to further enslave America. Because the American people, under the guise of being religious, have rejected God, rejected His commandments, rejected His Truth, rejected their history, and have become brainless borrowers indebted to the bankers and slaves of the government. And now they want to make the change shorter and the noose tighter.

"And all these curses shall come on you… [And you read all the rest of them. They're all right there today, actively happening today.] …and shall pursue you and overtake you, until you are destroyed because you did not obey the voice of the LORD your God to keep His commandments and His statutes which He commanded you" (v 45).

That's why it's so very important, brethren—the commandments of God—even for carnal people in the letter of the law. God's greatest creation goes about and ignores God and rejects Him, and pretends that they are gods. What an insane proposition, when the whole plan of God and everything that He has for people is nothing but love, and goodness, and truth, and eternal life. So that's why they're coming. 'Oh, it's not fair.' Nothing is fair!

Notice: this is on the Israelites from that day forward. "And they shall be on you for a sign and for a wonder, and on your seed forever. Because you did not serve the LORD your God with joyfulness and with gladness of heart for the abundance of all things" (v 46). Therefore, they shall be taken away! And you have already mortgaged them away by borrowing, by being indebted to the bankers. That is their whole goal.

Is this nation now totally enslaved and sunk in debt. And it's kind of like—the way that it's going on in Washington D.C.—the band playing, Britannia, while the Titanic is sinking. As if our wondrous glory is always going to be here. So here's what happened. And also the names that I read, you need to add to it the name of Warburgs.

After the 1907 banking panic in the US, instigated by J.P. Morgan…

Isn't it interesting that J.P. Morgan exists today and survived all the problems that we are facing economically. Hmmm.

…pressure was placed upon the American political establishment to create a "stable" banking system.

Remember, 'never waste a crises'—right?

In 1910, a secret meeting of financiers was held on Jekyll Island…

Look up the book, The Creature of Jekyll Island.

…where they planned for the "creation of a National Reserve Association with fifteen major regions, controlled by a board of commercial bankers, but empowered by the federal government to act like a central bank—creating money, and lending reserves to private banks."

And when 1929 came, no bank could be part of the recovery unless they joined the Federal Reserve System. That depression wiped out all private banks. So here's what they were to do:

"…act like central bank—creating money and lending reserves to private banks." President Woodrow Wilson followed the plan almost exactly as outlined by the Wall Street financiers, and added to it the creation of a Federal Reserve Board in Washington, which the President would appoint. The Federal Reserve, or Fed, "raised its own revenue, drafted its own operating budget, and submitted neither to Congress," while "the seven governors shared power with the presidents of twelve reserve banks, each serving the private bank in its region," and "the commercial banks held stock shares in each of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks."

Now he ends the report, remember this is twelve pages, and I've read to you maybe eight paragraphs.

The retaking of the United States by international banking interests was achieved with barely a whimper of opposition. Where the British Empire failed in taking the United States militarily, international banks succeeded covertly… [stealth revolution] …through the banking system. The Federal Reserve also had the effect of cementing an alliance between New York and London bankers.

Question is: Where do we go from here? What's on the docket? I have another report that I'll just tell you about. They're having trouble selling the U.S. debt obligations, and I noticed that the ten-year treasury notes—you go on CNBC in the morning and you watch the runners at the top and the bottom, especially the one at the top, and you look at one year, five year, and ten-year treasuries. There for awhile they were running, like half a percent. Now the price of them, which the price is par a hundred percent, let's use the figure of $10,000. You want to buy a ten-year treasury note today. You can buy at 94.75 on Friday, with an interest rate of nearly 4%. The thirty-year treasuries were discounted to 95% and nearly 5% interest. And they're still have a hard time selling them, because we are printing debt like crazy, printing money like crazy.

And everybody's in debt: the federal government, all state governments, and here in California they should have slashed the budget by 25%. And instead of laying off people, they should have said, 'All right, your job or a cut of 25%. Which would you like?' Because as Arnold said, 'We're out of money!' I wonder if he's the 'terminator' of California?—who knows! Have to have a little humor there.

But nevertheless, do all the cutting you want, but what's going to happen? Revenues on taxes are going down, everything is going down, so they really should have cut about 50% to make it really stick and work. But no one can do that, and that is politically totally unpopular and those who are running Sacramento are worse than the inmates running the insane asylum in Washington, D.C.

Here's a report: Towards a Global Currency? Toward the Integration of the Dollar and the Euro. Now remember last year in October and November when the banking crisis really hit the point, and the reason there was the panic was because they were drawing money out of the Mutual Funds at such a fast rate that it would be impossible to have any reserves to cover them. It was being done and we're never told who did it. Who holds the power of enough money to do that? Grandma and Grandpa? State governments? Other central banks? Yes! The super-elite rich in the world.

Now next December or January, when they have—and I think it's very interesting how they do this. The super-elite meet in Switzerland every year, about 300 of the most powerful men in the world, including the central bankers, including the treasury secretaries of all the major nations, including those who have billions like George Soros, the wealthy Arabs, and so forth. They all gather to plan for the next year what they're going to do. The only way that those funds could have been drawn out of those Mutual Funds as fast as they were to threaten the collapse of the United States financial system, was the big boys did it deliberately to cause the crisis. Remember, the stock market had reached it's high—right? What goes up, you've made all the money you can going up, you brought oil up to $150 a barrel, it can't go any higher. So how we going to make money, because it's not going up? Turn the other side of coin, and take it down.

So all of those who bought at a high price now must sell at a low price, and you bid it low, so you get all the money. It's exactly what happened. And it came so close to a total collapse of the United States banking system, financial system, and especially as centered in New York, that Bernanke called the leaders of Congress together, and he told them that we would be bankrupt in days unless they acted. And so what did we have? The emergency rescue package—right? 'Never waste a good crises.' What did we have come right after that? What was President George Bush's reaction? Now he did this in October/November and it's continued. What was the solution? 'Oh, we have to have controls on these things worldwide.' Right? Well, it was controlled worldwide, that's why it happened.

'But we've got to control the banks.' In other words, we've got to consolidate the central banking system's power over the world. So what did he call for? Anybody remember? Someone said Henry Paulsen. No, he's just a pawn in it, he's nothing. What did he call for, what did he set up immediately? Not the stimulus plan, that came later. It was hosted in Washington, D.C., by the United States government and it was what? The G-20! Now what is the G-20? That's the group of twenty countries and their central banks to have what? Uniform regulations worldwide so this crises can't happen again—right? Yes! Wonderful!

Now let's talk about what they're up to. Remember, before you take over a government, you take over the economics and the banking system. That's how they're working now. Remember, when this came up, what did we discuss? We said they're first going to bring in a world banking system and then follows a world government—correct? That's what we discussed—right? It's happening exactly that way.

So this is written by Global Research; you can go online and look that up.

With a view of restoring financial stability, world leaders have called upon the group of twenty countries [G-20] to instigate a new global currency based on the IMF's Special Drawing Rites (SDRs). {Towards a Global Currency?}

And what did we discuss, back then when the G-20 was announced? They are going to use the World Bank and the IMF. Guess what they're using? The IMF—correct? It talks a little bit about how the thing in Iran was worked. The little secret that is unknown to most people is this: The reason we had to invade Iraq was not because Sadam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, which he did have at one time. It was because he told the Americans and the oil people, 'I am not going to purchase any oil in American dollars anymore; I'm going to do it in Euros.' All the other oil companies were about to do that. Now you have to stop that—don't you? Because that would collapse the American system too soon. So that's why the war. And it was done to exclude Russian and Chinese interests in the Middle East, and the central Asian oil fields.

Here's what we have right now:

The establishment of a new global currency and central banking system is an instrument of global economic domination which is intimately related to the broader U.S.-NATO military agenda.

Think of the war in Afghanistan. Who's there besides the Americans? NATO. Some think that that's practice for invasion of Russia. I don't know.

What is more likely to occur is the formation of a global proxy currency predicated largely on the Euro and the U.S. dollar. In response to the Euro-dollar hegemony, Russia and China and members states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) may decide to develop bilateral trading arrangements in rubles or yuan.

Then it breaks it down.

The IMF recently presented a plan for issuing debt denominated in SDRs rather than U.S. dollars.

And it has:

  • Percentage of U.S. dollars: 63%,
  • Percentage of euro: 41%,
  • Percentage of Japanese yen: 18.4%, Percentage of British pound: 9%.

So this tells us what? Is this a precursor of the devaluation of the dollar by 40%? Of the euro by an equivalent amount? Don't know.

The media has heralded this decision as a major innovation…

Of course, they own the media, surely they would.
…when in fact the Bretton Woods institutions, have for many years, been issuing debt denominated SDRs. "Today the SDR has only limited use as a reserve asset, and its main function is to serve as a unit of account of the IMF…."

Now that is going to change.

SDRs would no longer be an accounting unit, but a unit of currency in a basket. Actual central-banking functions, however, would not necessarily be transferred to the IMF… [That is, yet.] …they would remain in the hands of the four continental central banks, United States Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan.

That's what they are looking at. So they get a report out this way, tells you pretty much what it's going to be. So this means that the SDR would be a proxy currency, and the IMF would formally be responsible for overseeing a global currency. What is important is this: All of the money-making remains in the hands of private central bankers.

Now they can start pushing for world government, once they get this in. Last winter a comment was made—that Russia and China were pushing for a global currency. They will get it, but they won't necessarily be a central part of it. But now you see how Satan stealthily does one thing one time, change a little bit, does another thing another time, and now here we are on the verge, the only way we can save the world economy, and would you want the world economy to collapse? Of course not! And remember, if that happens, remember, that American troops are in 140 countries. What's going to happen then? They will not be part of the currency, but they will be part of the G-20: the Central of Russia, Central bank of China, Central bank of India, Central bank of Brazil, etc. those leading banks, the top twenty industrial countries of the world controlling 98% of the wealth of the world.

Once that is in place, we'll see it come in as the ultimate rescue from our financial woes. We're going to take a hit financially. The pound is going to take a hit, the Euro's going to take a hit. Everybody's going to take hit. But you see, we have asked the question which is this: The governing elite who control the money and the wealth in the world want to do this and accomplish it with the least loss to them. They don't care about anybody else. So it will be something, which will be fast and the change will take place very quickly. Then when you bring in a global government, now a global government then controls all policy of war and peace—right? The central banks control all policy of monetary and trade, and also they will not finance anyone for war. You can't have a country set up its own printing presses now, and print out money to start a war like Hitler did.

So it's going to be something! So this is where it's headed, as far as I can see. So be alert and see what you can see. And see, everybody's stuck—right? Every person in the world. You have money, it's denominated by some bank—is that not correct? You have a credit account, that's denominated in some currency—correct? You use credit cards. 'Oh, I don't use credit cards, I use debit cards.' Not much difference, you're just paying as you go that's all, but you're still using it.

Mentioned about a cashless society. That is the perfect plan. The way to perfect this system is to bring in the mark of the beast. That's the ultimate! But remember what we've discussed down through the years: You can't bring in the mark of the beast until you have a new world numbering system—correct? Isn't that right? So, your bank will now have a couple of numbers added to it, on the bottom of your check, to make it part of the world banking system. You then have a new international number. It's not yet on your right hand or in your forehead, but that's the last step before it. What are you going to do? The bank says, 'All right, with this new system, we have to issue new checks. We have to adjust your bank account.' You have no say, and you have no vote, and you have no control, and you're one step away from total enslavement. The mark of the beast is going to be more than buying and selling. They are going to control thoughts.

So that's where it's going. So read any commentary fifty-years-old or older, going back and trying to analyze Rev. 13, and especially Seventh-Day Adventist commentaries, and Ellen G. White—they don't have a clue; they do not have a clue! The only way that we can understand it is not because we are who we are, but because:

  • we are following what God wants us to do
  • we are watching
  • we are looking
  • we are weighing these things

That's the only reason that we can have the understanding.

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Transcribed: 8-19-09
Formatted: bo—8-20-09