The wrath of God is revealed from heaven upon all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men,
and His Word is sharper than a two-edged sword!

Fred R. Coulter—November 20, 2021

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Greetings, everyone! Welcome to Sabbath services! This message is about justice and truth vs lies, and that's the way it is in the world! What happens when everything gets polarized one way or the other.

Note our In-Depth Study: Judge Righteous Judgment

That's important! Remember that there can never be righteous judgment without truth. So, you have justice, truth and lies! That's what we're going to cover today. Let's see what we find in the world, and that is people love their sins!

Revelation 12:9: "…Satan, who is deceiving the whole world…"—that means the whole world!

Look at the lies that they are wrapped up in. think about it. Let's just do a Jeremiah in New York City, and tell them to repent of Christmas and Easter. They would have the police there and hustle you off, if not run up and kill you. Why? Because they love their sins!

Proverbs 21:24: "A proud and haughty scorner is his name who acts with arrogant rage."

  • What does that describe to you?
  • Does that not describe these mobs that are burning and looting the cities?
  • Those who are on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, all of the media?

They act in arrogant rage!

Verse 26: "He covets greedily all the day long, but the righteous gives and spares not."

In the midst of all of this, this is the atmosphere in which we need to develop the character of God. That's why we need Sabbath services every week. Where would we be without Sabbath services?

Verse 27: "The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to God; how much more when he brings it with a wicked mind?"

Doesn't that tell you a lot about these commentators? They're not news reporters! They are agents of Satan the devil promulgating lies, trying to take down America! Why is God letting them do that?:

  • The test to people is: What do you really believe?
  • the punishment because of the way we've treated God as a people

God wants to know at this time what we are going to do. Not only us in the Church, but also those in society, in government at all levels, in education as all levels: What are you going to do with the stranglehold of evil clinching around you?

Verse 28: "A false witness shall perish, but the man who listens to truth will speak unchallenged. A wicked man hardens his face…" (vs 28-29).

Look at the faces of those out there rioting. Look at the faces of those who were chasing Kyle Rittenhouse. They were out to kill him! One of them, who Kyle wounded, had him down on the ground with his pistol loaded and finger on the trigger, and he said he would have shot Kyle. He was a witness (for the prosecution) on the stand. He was the one who was wounded, the other two were dead.

One of them was coming after Kyle with a skateboard while he lying on the ground, to bash his head in. You can kill a person with that, so Kyle killed him.

Verse 30: "There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the LORD."

All of the Protestants better learn that. You cannot go against God! If you could, then God is not God! You would be God!

You can see all of these things happening if you were watching what was going on with this trial (with Kyle Rittenhouse). There are some people who watched it on television from beginning to end.

Proverbs 19:1: "Better is the poor who walks in his integrity than he who is perverse in his lips and is a fool."

Does that sound like a lot of those commentators ranting and raving? They said he crossed the state line with a weapon. There's another one that exposes them for what they are:

Verse 2: "For a man to be without knowledge it is not good… [Then what happens? They can't keep their mouth shut!] …and he who is impetuous, sins…. [Why does all of this take place?] …The foolishness of man perverts his way, and his heart frets against the LORD" (vs 2-3).

That's what it's all about, to what degree they are against God! That shows you to what degree they are angry, sinful and wretched. If they're in politics… You have to know now that if some of you out there have been politically most of your life as a Democrat, you might as well understand that there are no more Democrats like you were when you first became a Democrat. Satan has taken over the Party.

Prov. 18:17 is a key to understanding when you hear things. You also need to have enough of the Word of God to be able to make the judgment of their words; not their heart, which will come later. This is why you have the media all the fake news and everybody coming out and bringing these things out—all their lies—as quick as they can! Why?

Proverbs 18:17: "The one who is first in his own cause seems just…"

If you just listen to it—MSNBC, CNN, fake news television—and you believe that, you're believing nothing but lies! They are deliberately bound to try and tear down the Constitution, to try and tear down this nation, and God will let them do it, but God also wants to know who is going to stand for truth and justice!

"…but his neighbor comes and searches him out" (v 17).

Verse 2: "A fool has no delight in understanding… [they don't want to listen to it; you can't tell them that they're wrong] …but only that his heart may discover itself… [What happens after that?]: …When the wicked comes, contempt also comes, and with dishonor comes disgrace (vs 2-3). That tells you what's been going on here in this nation!

Try this on someone who believes the lies and they will never give it up:

Proverbs 21:2: "Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the LORD ponders the hearts… [What does this tell us? At any time God can know what anyone is thinking!] …To do righteousness and justice is more pleasing to the LORD than sacrifice. A high look, a proud heart, and the plowing of the wicked are sin" (vs 2-4).

That sounds like the gang of rioters! Black Live Matter: black lives don't matter to them at all! They want to kill all whites, and they don't care if the black on black crime is killing more blacks than any comparison to whites killing blacks, or cops killing blacks.

All of those of you out there who teach the black community, you need to teach them:

  • the Ten Commandments
  • to not sin
  • to stop acting like wild animals against their own people and kill them

even little kids in a stroller on a sidewalk!

Black lives don't matter, no they don't, to Black Lives Matter. It doesn't mean a thing!

Verse 15: "It is joy to the righteous to do justice, but ruinto the workers of iniquity."

I'm glad that the decision came out (on the Rittenhouse trial) in the morning, instead of late in the afternoon, because they would have been out there starting their riots.

I watched the different leaders of these protestors and they took a long time to calm them down and tell them not to riot. Why did it take a long time? Because they wanted to loot, kill, burn and destroy! Even their leaders had a hard time trying to stop them.

I want you to think about this, perfect example: Why won't they indict:

  • Hunter Biden?
  • Joe Biden?
  • Joe Biden's brother?
  • Joe Biden's sister?

They're all paid on the dark money!

Proverbs 17:15: "He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the just…"

Think of the comparison here: Those who were in the Jan. 6th walk to the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., are still in jail in solitary confinement. None of them have done anything wrong! The man who dresses up with horns got a three year sentence from a Democrat woman judge. He did nothing wrong except being stupid!

The congressional police invited them into the building! But they're still locked up because the wicked are in charge. No one can do anything about it! If this goes out, I challenge Alan Dershowitz—one of the leading attorneys in America—to come forth on a pro-bono basis to get all of those Jan. 6th people out of jail! If you don't, you're on the side of evil, though you say you're on the side of what's right.

  • See how the world is?
  • See why we're learning what we're learning?

Because when we take over the world with Christ, none of these things will be there!

Proverbs 17:15: "He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the just even both of them are an abomination to the LORD" (v 15). When you watch it on television, it's an abomination!

Let's see where all of this comes from, every lie! There are more people out there believing lies than ever before. There are some people who are trying to do what is right. I know of a man who left his wallet in the store and he went back three days later and sure enough they had it, and all of his money was still there. So, there are some honest people. That's good! But being overwhelmed with all the lies, here's the answer:

John 8:42: "Therefore, Jesus said to them, 'If God were your Father…'"

These were faithful Jews, supposedly, who came to the temple and were there to do honor to God, but weren't doing it, thinking they were doing it.

"…'If God were your Father you would love Me, because I proceeded forth and came from God. For I have not come of Myself, but He sent Me. Why don't you understand My speech?…." (vs 42-43).

Why don't people understand truth? That's where we are with a lot of this!

"…Because you cannot bear to hear My words" (v 43). You cannot bear to hear the Truth!

Those people who were ready to riot in Kenosha, WI, couldn't bear when they heard the fact that Rittenhouse was not guilty of anything. No one can bring that case again! They were ready to go out and riot. They had a hard time stopping them from going out to riot.

Verse 44: "You are of your father the devil…"

Those religious leaders and supposedly faithful Jews standing right there listening to Jesus right in the temple, He said, "…You are of your father the devil…"

This tells us something we need to remember all the time: Satan goes after the top!

  • Who was Satan going to assault?
  • Who was he going to replace when he took a third of the angels and rebelled against God? He was going to replace God!

He knows that if he get the top, he can take care of everybody below! He likes to get in there as much as he can.

Always remember: Where was Satan on Jesus' last Passover? During the foot-washing right there in the room! Remember when Jesus dipped the sop and gave it to Judas? Satan entered into Judas! How did he enter into Judas? Because he was there!

"…and the lusts of your father… [the devil] …you desire to practice…." (v 44).

Think about that in every category of life! Never at any time during our lifetime has so many people in the world—not just in America—believe lies! Are controlled with lies!

"…He was a murderer from the beginning…" (v 44).

  • How many policemen have been killed?
  • How many innocent civilians have been killed in the riots of these evil people trying to burn down the cities?

"…and has not stood in the Truth…" (v 44).

Truth is the most important thing! Satan will take Truth and turn it into a lie! That's where all false doctrine comes from.

"…because there is no Truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he is speaking from his own self; for he is a liar, and the father of it" (v 44).

Those are pretty powerful words, and this is what we're up against.

Verse 45: "And because I [Jesus] speak the Truth, you do not believe Me."

People so saturated in lies that they cannot see or understand the truth! If you speak the truth to them, it's like a foreign language. They can't recognize it.



I want to announce that with the series we just did with Grace of God, we have another message

  • How to Control Your Thoughts

If you don't know who America and Britain are, you don't have a clue as to what's going on or why these things are happening.

  • Book: America and Britain: Two Nations that Changed the World by Philip Neal

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Let's see what God says. Remember that no lie is of the truth! However, you can use the truth twisted to substantiate a lie. So, you've got to be right on top of it so they don't twist it.

Proverbs 6:16: "These six things the LORD hates; yea, seven are an abomination unto Him: [#1]a proud look, [#2]a lying tongue, and [#3]hands that shed innocent blood, [#4]a heart that plots wicked imaginations, [#5]feet that are swift in running to evil… [How many of these already condemn all of these rioters?] …[#6]a false witness who speaks lies, and [#7]he who sows discord among brethren" (vs 16-19). God hates lies!

Sidebar: This is why the Proverbs are the best thing in the world to help you program your own mind to think correctly; especially for teenagers for them to begin to think correctly.

On the news last night, they interviewed the boy accused of being a racist: Nick Sandman. He is the one who stared down the Indian who was beating on the drum and so forth. He said very important and intelligent, because this happened to him when he was 16-years-old.

The question was: How do you feel? They always ask how you feel, never ask how you think! Everything is based on emotion. He said, 'I had to become an adult at 16, and my mind was not quite developed.'

Your mind is not developed at 16, 17, 18, or 19. God won't turn you loose on society until you're 20 and hopefully you have some sense. But the truth of the matter is that you're really not mature until you are 30-years-old.

Then you're really ready to being learning. God wants  us to learn all our lives. This thing that at age 24 you quit learning because your brain stops working, so therefore, you depend on the state and you listen to everything that they say. That is a the psychological captive of people and a lie!

Proverbs 12:17: "He who speaks truth shows forth righteousness… [that's why God is a God of Truth; God cannot lie] …but a false witness deceit."

Here's what God thinks about lying. Think about this: the Church (WCG) fell apart, because they lied to all the brethren when things were really bad. They weren't willing to admit them and elicit the brethren's prayers to help correct the situation. They lied! What happened? The Church (Worldwide Church of God) is no more! Is that a fact or not? Yes, it is! Here's why:

Verse 22: "Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, but those who deal truly are His delight." That's what God wants!

Proverbs 13:5: "The righteous hates lying, but the wicked one is loathsome and comes to shame. Righteousness guards the one who is upright in the way…" (vs 5-6).

That's because of the unseen blessing of God! How many unseen blessings do we have from God? A lot!

"…but wickedness overthrows the sinner" (v 6).

What does it say in Heb. 4 about the Word of God? It's sharper than any two-edged sword, dividing asunder of soul and spirit, joint and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart!

This is why if you apply yourself to learning God's Word, loving God and really understanding that God is there to help you to become like Him, is there any better goal? Any better thing? NO!

Psa. 15 talks about qualifying to enter into the Kingdom of God. Think about this. Look at what happened with the Church. Why did it fall apart and disintegrate? Because of the lies told at the top! The lies told by the ministers to cover up the lies at the top. Then you had a lot of people who became so complacent, one foot in the world, one foot in the Church.

One foot in the world so that they could get along with people in the world. One foot in the Church so that if there was trouble they could run to God. Well, God doesn't operate that way! I think if you read Rev. 3:14-20 you will see what kind of attitude that is!

Psalm 15:1: "LORD, who shall dwell in Your tabernacle? Who shall dwell upon Your Holy hill?…. [New Jerusalem on the high mountain] …He who walks uprightly, and works righteousness, and speaks the Truth in his heart" (vs 1-2).

That's important! Why? Because as anyone thinks—man or woman—in their heart so he is!

That's why you need the In-Depth Study: Heart-Mind Connection.

Let's look at the world and see how we are to separate ourselves from the world—not go off and live in a cave someplace—mentally and spiritually! God separates us from the world. What does He tell us to do about Babylon the Great? Come out of her My people!

Psalm 62:1: "Only for God does my soul wait in silence; from Him comes my salvation. He only is my Rock and my salvation; He is my fortress; I shall not be greatly moved" (vs 1-2).

That's what we need to do in this world that is so flowing back and forth with evil, violence and so forth.

Verse 3: "How long will you imagine mischief against a man? You shall be slain, all of you; you shall be like a bowing wall and as a tottering fence… [everything they think they're trusting in is going to collapse] …They only consult to cast him down from his great height… [get rid of God; that's what they're doing in the world today] …they delight in lies… [God says, 'I hate!'] …they bless with their mouth, but inwardly they curse. Selah. My soul, wait in silence for God alone; for from Him comes my hope" (vs 3-5).

That's what's important. That's why we have the Sabbath Day, so that we have hope that comes from God. We don't have to be overwhelmed by it.

Verse 6: "He only is my Rock and my salvation; He is my strong tower; I shall not be moved. In God is my salvation and my glory, the Rock of my strength; my refuge is in God. Trust in Him at all times… [notice how He sums that up; don't be fooled by something that looks good when it's really not good] …you people; pour out your heart before Him… [in prayer, in study, in occasionally fasting; that's how we stay close to God] …God is a refuge for us. Selah" (vs 6-8)—meditate on it!

Then David comes back and talks about what I think is a really tremendous part of this Psalm.

Verse 9: "Surely men of low degree are vanity, and men of high degree are a lie; when weighed in the balance, they are altogether lighter than vanity."

If that doesn't describe the political system, I don't know anything that does! Even those whom you thought were for truth… We will find put pretty quick when they bring up this bill to legalize 'pot.' The Democrats are so set on destroying this nation that they are rushing everything through they can to tear this nation down.

Whether you can trust the election in 2022 or not, I don't know. A lot of it will depend on how people react.

Verse 9: "Surely men of low degree are vanity, and men of high degree are a lie; when weighed in the balance, they are altogether lighter than vanity. Trust not in oppression, and do not take pride in stolen goods; if riches increase, do not set your heart upon them" (vs 9-10).

Isn't that what happens to a lot of people? They come into money and everything falls apart!

Verse 11: "God has spoken once; twice I have heard this: that power belongs to God. Also to You, O LORD, belongs mercy; for You give to every man according to his work" (vs 11-12).

Let's see how we apply this. How do we apply this in a world that is evil, that has so many difficult things coming along?

You will find that Psa. 25 is so for our day today. In other words, it shows that God's Word is always true at all times in every space of time in history: past, present and future.

Psalm 25:1: "To You, O LORD, do I lift up my soul. O my God, I trust in You; do not let me be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me. Yea, let none who wait on You be ashamed; let them be ashamed who deal treacherously without cause" (vs 1-3).

Here's how we need to pray, and how we need to study:

Verse 4: "Show me Your ways, O LORD; teach me Your paths."

Remember that it says we're all going to be taught of God! That's why we study the Word of God to us.

Verse 5: "Lead me in Your Truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; on You do I wait all the day long." Looking always to God; not looking to self!

Verse 6: "Remember, O LORD, Your tender mercies and Your loving kindness, for they have been of old. Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions; according to Your loving kindness remember me for Your goodness sake, O LORD" (vs 6-7).

Psalm 26:1: "Judge me, O LORD, for I have walked in my integrity…."

Our integrity does not need to be what we do because we think of it. Our integrity comes from God!

"…I have trusted also in the LORD without wavering. Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart… [that's what God does all the time] …for Your loving kindness is before my eyes; and I have walked in Your Truth. I have not sat with deceitful men, neither will I go in with hypocrites. I have hated the congregation of evildoers and will not sit with the wicked" (vs 1-5).

All of that is how to stay away from those things coming against us!

Psa. 51 is the Psalm of David's repentance after Nathan came to him and showed him that he was the one who did evil with Bathsheba! Here's what God desires and why we have God's laws and commandments written in our heart and mind:

Psalm 51:6: "Behold, You desire Truth in the inward parts… [down to the deepest part of your soul and being] … and in the hidden part You shall make me to know wisdom." That's the whole thing that God wants us to come to understand!

This is something that comes in cycles. Right now we're in the cycle of a lot of evil, and there's a good amount of truth that's trying to resist it. But let's figure this and see if we can apply this to what's happening in the established Christian world and what they teach. This happens:

Romans 1:18: "Indeed, the wrath of God is revealed from heaven upon all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the Truth in unrighteousness."

That's what we see every day. Do you know what the news agencies say? All the fake news? If we don't report it, it never happened! Think about that arrogant statement and how much power they have. They can say that, and we can see that it is true.

Verse 19: "Because that which may be known of God…"

Let's apply this to the Christian world today. As we have notice, and pointed out, they are the ones who have given the platform to lawlessness, because they have a lawless grace! A lawless salvation!

I need to give a message, and give a listing of all the things that establishment Christianity has and believes today, that the New Testament Church never believed, never practiced! Yet, everything that has been written in the New Testament is in full force. Just like the things in the Old Testament. Stop and think about it:

  • What is the end result of human life? Death!
  • What do true Christians look forward to? Resurrection!
  • What do the Protestants believe? Going to heaven!

The New Testament Church never believe that! Yet, they (the Protestants) all believe it! Here's why God is going to judge them:

Verse 19: "Because that which may be known of God is manifest among them, for God has manifested it to them… [Do they not have the Bible? Can they not read what it says?] …for the invisible things of Him are perceived from the creation of the world, being understood by the things that were made—both His eternal power and Godhead—so that they are without excuse" (vs 19-20). They can't say:

  • I grew up in it
  • it's what was taught in the seminary
  • this is how I interpret the Bible
  • this is what we believe

They don't know that all the evil that's going on in society can be traced back to the fact that they didn't teach the Bible correctly, and the Truth of God!

  • don't keep the Sabbath
  • don't keep the Holy Days

That's filters out into the education, the politics and everyday life! They are without excuse!

Verse 21: "Because when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but they became vain in their own reasonings, and their foolish hearts were darkened."

When the foolish heart is darkened, he/she thinks they're enlightened.

Verse 22: "While professing themselves to be the wise ones, they became fools and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of an image of corruptible man, and of birds, and four-footed creatures, and creeping things" (vs 22-23).

  • What happens?
  • Does God come down and say, 'There, there, that's nice, you're well intentioned; I'll accept it'?
  • What does it say about lies? He hates lies!
  • Is God going to endorse and accept anything that He hates? No!

Verse 24: "For this cause, God also abandoned them…"

The next time you watch a religious channel, think about Rev. 3:14. We've applied this to the Churches of God, which is true.

  • Do they claim to represent Christ? Yes!
  • Do they claim to have a lot of works and everything like that? Yes!

I want you to think about the Protestant!

Revelation 3:14: "And to the angel of the Church of the Laodiceans, write: These things says the Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Beginner of the creation of God. I know your works…" (vs 14-15).

God doesn't say, 'I know your faith.' He says, "…I know your works…" Why? Because whatever your faith is, that's what your works are going to be!

"…that you are neither cold nor hot; I would that you be either cold or hot" (v 15).

Here are the halfway converted people. Think of it that way.

Verse 16: "So then, because you are lukewarm, and are neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth. For you say, 'I am rich…'" (vs 16-17).

WCG was pretty rich at one time! They've already have been spewed out of the mouth of God and what is left are the remnants holding fast to the Truth.

Think about the Protestants. Are they not rich? Don't they have a lot of money? Yes, indeed!

"'…and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing'…" (v 17).

  • they don't need any correction
  • they don't need any changing
  • they stay with the same lawless doctrines

"…and you do not understand that you are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked" (v 17).

  • "…wretched, and miserable, and poor…"—not rich toward God
  • "…and blind…"—you read the Scriptures but you can't understand them
  • "…and naked"—you have none of the clothing of Christ!

What is the clothing of the saints? Righteousness!

Verse 18: "I counsel you to buy from Me gold purified by fire so that you may be rich; and white garments so that you may be clothed, and the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and to anoint your eyes with eye salve, so that you may see."

That's saying a lot! They're in terrible condition! So, the next time you watch TBN or Day Star or whatever, think about this right here. Think about them as we come into this Christmas season. How much they're praising God and all of this, but it's all pagan! They have abandoned God.

Verse 19: "As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore, be zealous and repent. Behold, I stand at the door…" (vs 19-20).

  • that can signal His return
  • it can signal the door of the mind

"…and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me." (v 20).

What does this tell you? They're not converted! That's the foundation of what brought evil to America!

Let's end by talking about Thanksgiving, which is coming up. The way it's done in America, originally done to honor God, and in Canada, the only two countries in the world that have a day set aside for the true God.

Think about the pilgrims and puritans that came over, a lot of them kept the Sabbath. They never kept Christmas, Easter and New Years. They followed the Word of God. They're the ones who started Thanksgiving!

I think we can be very, very thankful to God for everything that He's given to us, whether much or little, but especially all the knowledge of the Truth! There is nothing that can replace the knowledge of the Truth, Nothing!

Psalm 50:14: "Offer to God thanksgiving… [look at how that's been perverted with all the sports and sales and activities] …and pay your vows to the Most High; and call upon Me in the day of trouble; and I will deliver you, and you shall honor Me" (vs 14-15).

Psalm 26:6: "I will wash my hands in innocence… [that only can be done through repentance] …so I will go about Your altar, O LORD, that I may cry out with the voice of thanksgiving and tell of all Your wonderful works. … [this tells us about our destiny, always remembering that]: …LORD, I have loved the dwelling place of Your house, and the place where Your glory dwells"  6-8).

Here's what we need to look at; Psalm 147:5: "Great is our LORD and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite."

Think about that! Think about what God has given us to understand. If it's infinite, think about how much we're going to learn when we're resurrected. That will be something!

Verse 6: "The LORD lifts up the meek; He casts the wicked down to the ground. Sing unto the LORD with thanksgiving; sing praises upon the lyres unto our God" (vs 6-7). Praising God for His creation!

Everything that there is was created by God! The universe, the greatest and most magnificent things our eyes could ever behold. We can see it in a way that down through the centuries other people could never do it. We can see what God has made.

Then we have the power microscopes that you can see things that exist that you could not see any other way!

All of that God created for His plan, from the tiniest to the most gigantic! And He's preparing a place for us! That's why we need to be thankful for everything:

  • of God's Word
  • of His Truth
  • of His love
  • of His understanding

and thanksgiving to Him!

Stop and think how great God is, because all of us as human beings down through all time, every one of us, lived and moved or are living and moving in Him! We have nothing we didn't receive!

All the praise, honor and glory goes to God! Keep that in mind for Thanksgiving!

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Scripture referenced, not quoted: Hebrews 4

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Message: How to Control Your Thoughts


  • America and Britain: Two Nations that Changed the World by Philip Neal
  • Interlinear Greek-English New Testament by George Ricker Berry by George Ricker Berry (revised/updated)—coming soon

Transcribed: 11/24/21

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