Fred R. Coulter—June 16, 2012

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There is the new booklet, Clean and Unclean Meats: What the Bible Teaches. You'll be getting yours in the next mailing. As you look at it, what you have is this. You have three fish with fins and scales, you have a Holstein cow and then you have a pigeon or turtledove. Those are all clean. So, it's clean and unclean meats. On the other side you have a giant shrimp, you have a hog and you have an eagle—unclean. The theme follows all the way through. This covers a lot of things that we need to know about clean and unclean meats.

As you're watching the news, and, of course, everyone's wanting to know what's going to happen with the election in Greece. Greece is quite a study. Compared to the Germans, the Germans work and retire at the earliest at age 67. The Greeks work, belong to a union, work for the country, and retire at 50. In addition to that, their economy is in very poor shape. They are totally, absolutely broke, so broke that no one wants to loan them any money. The Greeks are so upset that at 50 they have to go back to work and there is no work. They're confronted with a lot of problems. One of the major problems is there are a lot of suicides by men who can't find work.

Then you add to that Italy, Spain, Portugal, and you might as well add France in there because it's going to be joining pretty quickly with what's going on. Here are a couple of articles. I won't go through them very much, but here is one:

Financial Crisis in "Real Time" (, June 12, 2012)
Italy's oldest and 4th largest bank, Bank Network Investments, or BNI, ran out of money and declared a "bank holiday."

It's like the joke that was sent out about a year ago. If you get a notice for your checking account 'insufficient funds,' you can take care of that. But when you go to the bank and they say they're out of money, now you're in trouble. It's coming to America. How many people have been warning, 'It's coming, it's coming, it's coming.' It may be one morning you're going to wake up and guess what you're going to find? ATM says, 'Your allotment for today is $20.' With all the controls they have, they can put on limits very quickly.

What they are afraid of with what the election in Greece is going to do, is if they're going to vote to come out of the European Union and get rid of the euro. They just might do that, but a little known, very rarely publicized fact—but it has happened—Iceland fired the whole government, everybody from top to bottom, because they went bankrupt. The loans that they were getting, they were charging exorbitant interest. They fired everybody, declared a total state bankruptcy and are starting again. Who knows what will happen? How are these things going to work?

We also have other problems because the so-called rich nations—United States and Europe and the United Kingdom—can't hold all things together either because they have lots of debt. We have a President who is totally oblivious to any accounting concerning anything and he is acting as if he's got all the world's money in his hip pocket. That won't work either. So, they have been kind of dependent on the BRIC nations—Brazil, Russia, India and China. Their economies are not going so good. They really don't know what to do. We are right at the same position we were in 1930.

Whenever you have debt money: You create money by first creating a note. For the nations it's called a security. Just say a $1-million. Then you sell that note and you get $1-million. You haven't earned anything, you haven't produced anything and now you owe $1-million. Every paper money bill that you have is a Federal Reserve Note.

I've got a little wallet here and I carry it in my pocket as a reminder of what happened in the past. I think I've shown this to you before. I want to show you something because this is what's soon going to happen to our currency. This is a $100,000 mark note from the Weimar Republic, 1930. It got so bad that they had to pay all the workers cash at 10 am, 2 pm and 4 pm. It got so bad that they couldn't print the money fast enough so they resorted to rubber stamping with a higher denomination. Take $100,000 note and stamp on it $1-million.

The United States is about ready to get itself in really deep, deep trouble financially because we've been selling all of our securities to get the money to pay for the $1.2-4-trillion per year debt. Let's keep it in simple terms. You make $80 a week, but it costs you $140 to live. So you borrow $60 every week and you keep doing this. You just keep signing new notes. The day is going to come when the person who is giving you the money and accepting the note is going to say, 'No, I can't do it anymore. You can't pay me back.'

Greece has already reached that point. They can't borrow any more money. They don't have enough money. It's all paper money anyway. It's all a bunch of lies just floating around and accepted as money. Real money is gold and silver.

What they do is this: When they issue a security that gives them so much money. They put this money into the banking system. When no one buys them then the Federal Reserve buys them, and they print money to put that into circulation. So this is going to cause a lot of hyper-hyperinflation. That's why this German note was $100,000 marks and that was in 1930. But time everything collapsed in 1933 there wasn't enough paper to make enough money to buy even the simplest of goods.

You also have another problem. When you try restricting spending—or let's put it this way: when you hold back on allowing people to borrow money, then you're not creating money by lending to them. It goes into the banking system. This created a real difficulty here because the money supply in the United States virtually came to a screeching halt. It dropped in one month on the figures that they have, 61.2 to 49.9. It's going to be very, very difficult for them to raise enough money.

Spain is too big for Europe to solve. Everybody's wondering what's going to happen on Monday. The truth is the American banks, getting 0% interest loans from the Federal Reserve, bought a lot of those European notes when they got the bailout. Everybody is intertwined with everybody else.

Germany really doesn't know what to do. I don't think Germany or the Federal Reserve, or the International Monetary Fund, or the World Bank, nor the Bank of England, or the Swiss Bank or the Bank of International Settlement, can solve it. So we don't know what is going to happen. Nobody knows when the problems are going to really get worse. There are no jobs. The real employment is about 18%. People say between 14 and 25% depending on which age group you are looking at. In Spain it's 25% now, Italy it's 25%.

  • What are you going to do?
  • Where is all of this going to go?
  • Why do we have this?
  • Why is the world in the mess that it is in?

Revelation 12:9—here's why. When men tell God they don't want God in their lives or in their system, then they give themselves over to Satan the devil. Satan the devil is called 'the god of this world' in the Bible. He is the one who invented what is called 'fractional lending.' Fractional lending means this: you say you have so much money in the bank that you're going to loan. You have to have a reserve of say 10%, because they have done the analysis and they know that if you have money in the bank, no more than 12% of the money that's deposited in the bank is ever really asked for. It stays in there.

So, you make a loan for $1-million. The person who has the loan puts the money back into the bank and that comes into the bank as $1-million deposit and it is backed only by $100,000. Now with the new $1-million deposit you can loan out 90% of that. That comes back as a deposit and you loan out 90% of that. Pretty soon you've loaned out 90% on so many different bases of money that now you are down to where it is the banks in Europe: $40 in outstanding debt for $1 in bank reserves.

The whole world has been deceived in this system! Here's the one who is behind it, Revelation 12:9: "And the great dragon was cast out, the ancient serpent who is called the Devil and Satan, who is deceiving the whole world."

When you ask: 'Who knows God?' When you eliminate all those who say they know God, but they don't know God and you get down to those who really believe in the true God, you're down to a very miniscule number of people in the world. The whole world is deceived in every conceivable way.

1. Deceived in government

  • How do the governments work?
  • Can you point out one good government on earth?

2. Deceived in religion

  • Who knows the Truth?
  • Who understands God?

3. Deceived in economics

  • We're at the point that the whole world economy can collapse
  • it's going to happen

I think all of this has caught them by surprise as coming considerable faster than the time table that the power elite… Who are the power elite? These are the ones who rule the world under Satan the devil, the super rich! They don't know what to do. They're not prepared, yet.

We know that world currency is coming, but the system has not been set up to work, yet. We're going to see what is going to happen. We're going to see all of this comes as judgment by God. Also, to add into the way that Satan deceives the world, he's deceived the world through education!

That sets us up for where we are today: high unemployment, not creating new jobs, not knowing how to manage the economy. There are a few bright lights. What happened in Wisconsin is a bright light. What's happening in Texas is a bright light. But that doesn't mean that's going to solve the world's problem because you have the world sitting on minimum, immediate minimum $16-trillion worth of U.S. debt. That does not count the trillions for Social Security, or the trillions for Medicare. Satan is the one who deceives!

Let's take a look and see what happens on an individual level when that occurs. Since we're living in the last days this tells us what it's going to be like and what the cause is. This is the society that we have created in the world today.

2-Timothy 3:1: "Know this also, that in the last days perilous times shall come... [look at the world, the cities, the neighborhoods] ...for men will be lovers of self... [they will all be focused in on themselves—me, myself and I—instead of God] ...lovers of money..." (vs 1-2). They want money, they want to get rich. I tell you what, if you think that Bernie Madoff really was a crook, the world banking system makes him look like a teeny little flea in the corner.

"...braggarts, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy" (v 2). That reminds me of the generation that is coming up today. The majority of the generation today are techno, ignoramus, 'entitlementous.' They want everything given to them. They think they are smart because they can work a cell phone. But they can't spell. They think they're cool because they know certain songs. They have been debased into having sex as early as the school system could educate them in.

If things go from bad to worse, we're going to have riots just like they had in Greece, only worse. Remember, in Greece the populous cannot have guns. Think about what it's going to be here.

Verse 3: "Without natural affection... [Is the country promoting homosexuality? As fast as it can!] ...implacable... [You can't phase them, you can't shame them, you can't cause them to repent.] ...slanderers, without self-control, savage, despisers of those who are good, betrayers, reckless, egotistical, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God" (vs 3-4). If you don't believe that, just watch all the sports, watch all the activities. Watch the things that people do. That's all part of being deceived!

Rather than being taught there is a God, you're created by Him, He's given you choice, here's what you need to learn, it's right and wrong, good and evil, if you want your life to be a success, then you follow God's way. Then God would bless the nation. Let's see how God deals with the nations, because God rules over all the nations

  • through Satan and his demons
  • through God and His angels
  • through the governments that are here

Of course, as we have explained, all of God's laws work all the time automatically just like the law of gravity. So, when God looks down at a nation He views the whole thing. Remember this: God knows every sparrow that falls, so God knows every human being that exists: Remember, when He killed the firstborn Passover night in Egypt, man and beast, He knew which one was the firstborn—right? How could He kill them unless He knew? You can't hide from God!

Here's how God does to the nations. He's talking about the house of Israel here, Jeremiah 18:7: "If at any time I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck it up and to pull it down, and to destroy it; If that nation, against whom I have spoken, will turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do to them" (vs 7-8).

The question concerning what kind of judgment is coming upon us with the upcoming election is based upon how many people are turning from evil, how many people are willing to do good. God isn't going to judge them totally like He does those in the Church. He will judge them by His Ten Commandments based on the letter of the Law and based on their honesty.

To show you how the scale is so close to tipping in the wrong way, there has been just a little recovery in the recall election in Wisconsin. Look at what they did to Scott Walker because he wanted to stop all the profligate spending. He wanted to cut back on the greediness of the unions. He wanted to cut back on 100% state contribution for pensions and wanted those who are receiving the pensions to pay 6%.

The governor of New Jersey asked them to pay 1.5% and he had riots. How many people—through loss of job, through problems in their lives—are going to quit doing evil? That's the question. If they do, God says, 'I will repent of the evil that I thought to do to them.' How is God going to do that because some people won't?

It's just like how Abraham negotiated with God. He was going to destroy Sodom. Abraham came to God and said, 'Oh, Lord, You're the judge of the whole earth and You are righteous. Will You destroy the righteous with the wicked?' He said, 'No, I won't. Abraham said, 'What if there are fifty righteous?' He said, 'I won't destroy it.' Then Abraham negotiated all the way down to ten. Couldn't find ten, ended up only three—Lot and his two daughters.

If you turn from the evil God said, "…I will repent of the evil that I thought to do to them. And if at any time I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to build it and to plant it; If it does evil in My sight, that it not obey My voice, then I will repent of the good with which I said I would do them good" (vs 8-10).

You can just take these verses here and just kind of remember what they are and watch your news, see what's happening in different nations and you will know what the situation is. Let's see how this works in practical terms and then we will get to the money factors a little bit later.

God loves us, just like He did Israel. He set before Israel life and good, death and evil. Told them to choose life that they could live, that God would bless them. Everyone wants the blessings—don't they? The ignoramus entitlement generation wants everything. They want to do anything they desire to do, and just think where we would be if they legalized pot. 'Oh, let's get rid of cigarettes. Let's legalize pot.' Is there some kind of insanity going on? Yes! Here's the proposition for all nations on the earth, every person in their individual lives. We have to make choices. Come to the age of accountability, you can't say, 'Mom did it. Dad did it. Grandpa did it.' God is going to say, 'You!'

They were ready to go into the 'promised land,' and God wanted to give them a message to remember going into the land. God owns the whole earth. He's the one Who put the nations where they are. So the same thing applies to all nations.

Deuteronomy 28:1: "And it shall come to pass, if you shall hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD your God..." That's the whole basis of the Bible, that we've covered many times, obey My voice. It's all recorded here in the Bible. You want to know what God wants of you, it's here. A nation wants to know what God wants of them to do, it's here. Plus America is in double jeopardy, because in our Constitution we brought in the Creator God and we said certain inalienable rights only come from the Creator.

" observe and to do all His commandments which I command you today, the LORD your God will set you on high above all nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you IF you will obey the voice of the LORD your God" (vs 1-2).

This is what everyone wants. As I read this very quickly I want you to think about your city, your country, where you are living, what's happening. Think of the different nations of the world. Think of how they are. Think of what's happening in Syria, in Egypt, in Mexico, in Darfur, in Nigeria. Are they blessed?

Verse 3: "Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the field. Blessed shall be the fruit of your body, and the fruit of your ground, and the fruit of your livestock, the increase of your cattle, and the flocks of your sheep. Blessed shall be your basket and your store. Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out'" (vs 3-6). Isn't that something?

Remember this: there are people in the world today who don't know when they are going to get their next crumb of bread. You go home and open your refrigerator and it's stuffed from the bottom to the top and your freezers are full and your shelves are full.

Here's another blessing, v 7: "The LORD shall cause your enemies that rise up against you to be stricken before your face. They shall come out against you one way, and flee before you seven ways" (v 7). That's not working too good today—is it? Why is that?

Verse 8: "The LORD shall command the blessing upon you in your storehouses, and all that you set your hand to. And He shall bless you in the land which the LORD your God gives you." God placed all the nations in the lands where they were. Also, go back and look at the history of the people as you think about it.

  • What were their economics?
  • What were their gods?
  • How did they structure the family?
  • How did they obey even the principles of God even if they didn't know them?

God will recognize good where anybody does it even if He hasn't given them His law. Today with so many Bibles in the world, no one is without excuse.

Verse 9: "The LORD shall establish you a holy people to Himself, as He has sworn to you, IF you shall keep the commandments of the LORD your God and walk in His ways. And all the people of the earth shall see that you are called by the name of the LORD, and they shall be afraid of you" (vs 9-10). That marks out the United States of America more than any other country today and we are going down, down, down—aren't we? Yes!

Verse 11: "And the LORD shall make you abound in goods... [Do we have it? Yes, we do!] the fruit of your body, and in the fruit of your livestock, and in the fruit of your ground, in the land which the LORD swore to your fathers to give you. The LORD shall open to you His good treasure, the heaven to give the rain to your land in its season, and to bless all the work of your hand, And you shall loan to many nations, and you shall not borrow" (vs 11-12).

Did you know that that ended in 1982 with the United States of America? We were the world's greatest creditor nation until 1982. Now who has the wealth and is lending to us? Our friends? Think about it! This is not to get mad and castigate anybody, put anybody to shame anybody, but it's just a matter of look, if we're mature adults we ought to be able to look at the facts from the Word of God and discern what's going on and know that where we're headed is in a disastrous way. It's not going to work.

Verse 13: "And the LORD shall make you the head, and not the tail. And you shall be always above, and you shall not be beneath, IF you obey the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you today, to observe and to do them. And you shall not go aside from any of the words which I command you today, to the right hand or to the left, to go after other gods to serve them" (vs 13-14).

If you want God's blessings, you've got to do it God's way! Isn't that true? Yes! You can't go your own way and then demand of God to bless you. Another if; after that comes a whole host of things that are actively taking place in the world and in our country today. Just to give you a little measure of an example what happened. Remember there was an election in France. What was the theme? No more austerity, because French President Sarkozy was going to start cutting back on the wealth there to Muslims. Guess who voted in Hollande? The Muslims!

It shows the picture of all the youth in France, all the different flags from all the different nations of all of those who were so happy that the Socialists who promised no more austerity. He was also going to up the retirement age from 62 to 65. Oh, what a terrible thing, you can't do that! So what happens when you leave God?

Verse 15: "And it shall come to pass, IF you will not hearken to the voice of the LORD your God to observe and to do all His commandments and His statutes which I command you today, all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you. Cursed shall you be in the city..." (vs 15-16). Do you have cities you don't even want to go into? Trenton, New Jersey, or is it Camden, I forget which, don't go there. It's run by the druggies! You go there, they don't know you, lucky to get out alive.

"...cursed shall you be in the field" (v 16). We may have abundant crops but we have food that is increasingly unfit to eat because of genetic engineering. 'Oh, yes, God, you don't know very much about things so what we're going to do, we're going to take Your genes that You put in these plants and we're going to mix them all up and we're going to improve on You.' Now we have it that food is unfit. Did you know that they have a method of putting Roundup in the genetic code so that bugs will not eat the plants? But when you eat the seed, guess where the Roundup goes?

Verse 17: "Cursed shall be your basket and your store." I want you to think about this for a minute, because most people don't think on bigger terms. All the forest fires we're having in Colorado, literally burning the state down. New Mexico, Arizona.

Have you ever watched the special on where the Dust Bowl began in the '30s? All of that was punishment from God because of what we were doing. It began in Colorado. If you watch that special, that dust became absolutely a killer. One storm finally after they pleaded and pleaded with the government to do something, one storm stirred up such a huge cloud of dust that from Colorado through Oklahoma and Kansas, that cloud went all the way back to Washington, D.C., and dumped all of the dust.

So, the lawmakers finally said, 'Oh, we've got to do something.' That's an education. You watch that. Dolores and I have watched that. She has relatives that lived through it. You look at the houses that they had. You look at the living standard that they had. You look at the clothes that they had. Compare it with what you have now and then ask yourself: Could I live in circumstances like that?

Verse 18: "Cursed shall be the fruit of your body, and the fruit of your land, the increase of your livestock, and the flocks of your sheep. Cursed shall you be when you come in, and cursed shall you be when you go out. The LORD shall send on your cursing, vexation, and rebuke in all that you set your hand to do until you are destroyed..." (vs 18-20). Does that not sound like Washington, D.C.? They cannot get anything done. They are so fighting against each other, I doubt if they could even agree on which letters of the alphabet ought to be included!

"...because of the wickedness of your doings by which you have forsaken Me. The LORD shall make the pestilence cling to you until He has consumed you from off the land where you go to possess it. The LORD shall strike you with lung disease and with fever, and with an inflammation, and with an extreme burning, and with the sword, and with blasting, and with mildew. And they shall pursue you until you perish'" (vs 20-22). Is that true? Has that happened?

I know these are not lovely words. These are not sweet, kind words that you want to hear on the Sabbath day so you can go home and feel better. But we need to understand these things are coming. We need to understand how it's going to come. We need to realize that every word that is in here in Deut. 28 is going to happen.

When you read that, don't let yourself get too depressed, because it's hard reading. If you think Deut. 28 is hard reading, let me tell you something. You read the book of Lamentations. You ever read the book of Lamentations? You might do that. It happened twice. All the old civilizations of the past are gone because God had to do this to them.

Every one of them thought it would never happen to them, but it did! We're right at the same point, so what I'm saying is nothing more than many other people are saying that's going to happen if we don't wake up. First, we've got to straighten out our lives individually before God and then we've got to straighten out the finances by quit borrowing money.

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What I want you to do instead of being depressed about this, use it as a tool to analyze what you see taking place in the world. God says that it will be well with the righteous. He will watch over you.

Isaiah 3:8: "For Jerusalem is staggering and Judah has fallen because their tongue and their doings are against the LORD, to provoke the eyes of His glory." Are we doing that with our atheism? Are we doing that with trying to get God out of the schools? Yes, we are!

Verse 9: "The look of their faces witnesses against them; and they declare their sin Like Sodom. They do not hide it! Woe to their soul! For they have rewarded evil to themselves. Say to the righteous that it shall be well with him..." (vs 9-10). If you're loving God and keeping His commandments in spite of what's going on in the world, God is going to watch over you. Psa. 91 is the Psalm of rescue in times of disaster.

"...for they shall eat the fruit of their doings. Woe to the wicked! For the evil doing of his hand will be given to him" (vs 10-11). All you have to do is just look at the Middle East what's going on there. Look at Syria. What a horrible place, no one can do anything. People are so set in their evil that they won't stop and change and turn.

  • No one has any compassion
  • No one has any love
  • No one has any concern

Those who do, their hands are tied. They can't do anything.

All of these things start out a little a time, a little at a time—incrementalism—a little change, a little change. Then no one will notice it. Then all of a sudden VOILA! What do you have? Something that's unrecognizable!

Isaiah 1:4: "Ah, sinful nation, a people burdened with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children who deal corruptly! They have forsaken the LORD; they have provoked the Holy One of Israel to anger; they have gone away backward."

We're right at this point now. We're right at a point that if there were enough people to do some things that are right—and I don't know how it's going to work out with the election—but if there are enough people doing right that want to straighten things out, then the current regime will go. If not, the current regime will stay and get worse because that will be our punishment.

Verse 5: "Why should you be stricken any more? You will revolt more and more; the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot even to the top of the head there is no soundness in it; only wounds and bruises and putrefying sores; they have not been closed, nor bound up, nor soothed with ointment" (vs 5-6). That's all the crime, all the sex sins, drug sins, gangs, evil business practices—including banks, businesses, insurance companies, con artists, the whole thing—neighbors evil against neighbor.

Verse 7: "Your country is a desolation, your cities are burned with fire.…" It doesn't become a desolation all at once, but now we can see. Look at what Colorado is going to be like after these fires. It will be desolate! Remember where the drought started. What if that goes the way it did then?

"...Strangers devour your land right in your very presence... [selling to overseas countries and people] ...and it is wasted, as overthrown by strangers…. [v 8]: a besieged city." (vs 7-8).

Verse 9 shows a little hope again. What God does everything there is a lot of things that we need to understand which are not good, that are hard to take—and they are hard to take—God gives a little encouragement. Verse 9: "Except the LORD of hosts had left us a very small remnant, we would have been as Sodom; we would have become like Gomorrah."

Then He talks about 'why do you have all of these things that you are doing to Me and you won't change?'

We don't know how many people will do this and to what degree they will do it, v 16, God says: "Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean;' put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes; cease to do evil." That's what God would honor. Like with the government. If they finally balance the budget, get rid of the waste, quit doing things against the people, then God will pull back His hand of correction.

Verse 17: "Learn to do good; seek judgment, reprove the oppressor. Judge the orphan, plead for the widow." Here is what God wants. God is always merciful but it has to start with each individual. I don't know if there will be groups of people that will do this together, but God says, here's a promise.

You can claim this promise, v 18: "Come now, and let us reason together,' says the LORD. 'Though your sins are as scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are read like crimson, they shall be like wool. If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land" (vs 18-19). We're right at the junction.

  • Which way are we going to go?
  • Are we going to go to do good?
  • Are we going to continue with the evil that we're doing?

Verse 20: "But if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured with the sword; for the mouth of the LORD has spoken it." When God says, He's spoken it, it's going to happen. God's word is always effective, works automatically.

Verse 21: "How has the faithful city become a harlot? It was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it—but now murderers. Your silver has become dross, your wine mixed with water; Your rulers are rebellious, and companions of thieves; everyone loves a bribe, and is pursuing rewards; they do not judge the orphan, nor does the cause of the widow come before them" (vs 21-23).
I want to talk a little bit about the process that we see unfolding right in front of our eyes! We're going to talk about money and lending, which gets into the banking system. Our enemies hold enough money to buy our banks. What would happen if that occurred? Nobody thought of that! Good question. Can't the government pass a law to prevent those banks from being bought? They could, but they won't because the countries will say, 'You pass a law that we can't buy this bank, we're not going to buy your bonds anymore.' What do you think is going to happen?

Deuteronomy 28:43: "The strangerdwelling among you... [those who are not born in the country] ...shall get up above you very high, and you shall come down very low." Question: what is very high? What is very low? We don't know because we've always been on the high side—right? Yes, indeed!

Remember, all the prophecies of God are fulfilled to the maximum. What does this really mean? Go back and read in the book of Judges and 1-2 Kings and the Prophets. See what God did to punish the people and all the chances He gave to them to repent and they didn't do it. What happened to them? "...he shall get up above you very high, and you shall come down very low" (v 43). Remember where we read if you did what God said you would lend to nations, wouldn't have to borrow?

Verse 44 shows that's reversed: "He shall loan to you, and you shall not loan to him.…" Is that happening? Been happening for a long, long time; so much so that we are in real trouble! The old rule is always true: he who holds the gold makes the rules. In other words, the one who controls the finances makes the rules and there just isn't too much the average person can do about it.

Give you an example. What if you go to the bank Monday morning because Greece voted to get out of the EU and reject the euro and the banks are under Federal Reserve orders to restrict withdrawals? And you come in and say, 'I need to draw out $3,000.' Sorry, because of the emergency, the most you can have is $300. 'Well, how long will that be?' We don't know because we can't have a run on the bank!

Now notice what else: "...He shall be the head, and you shall be the tail" (v 44). Are we at a tipping point, getting closer and closer to that? Think about that. Yes, indeed! How's it going to come about? What is going to happen because the whole worldwide banking system is now becoming more and more coordinated? If one bank goes, one country goes, it's just like tipping that first domino! Have you ever seen these things where they set up all the dominos? They spend a long time, make a huge big thing out of these dominos. Then they start falling, till the last one goes down.

I've got a report here. I'll summarize some of it. Hyperinflation 2012, may be delayed until 2014. Just depends on what happens. This is kind of a technical report so I won't bother you with all the technicalities of it. I'll just read you certain paragraphs of it.


With no viable or politically-practical way of balancing U.S. fiscal conditions and avoiding this financial economic Armageddon...

It's going to happen. All states are in debt—are they not? Yes, indeed! The government's in debt. Yes, indeed! Government agencies have bonds; they're in debt. Yes, indeed! Individuals are in debt. They have mortgages on houses and buildings—don't they? Yes, indeed!

...the best action that individuals can take at this point remains to protect themselves, both as to meeting short-range survival needs as well as to preserving current wealth and assets over the longer term.

What does that mean?

Efforts there, respectively, would encompass building a store of key consumables, such as food and water...

How many supplies do the stores have? What they have is inventory on-demand. They don't have warehouses full of stuff. They have it delivered so that they cover their needs for a certain number of days. What if all of a sudden half the population of Hollister, which would be probably over 10,000, went to all the supermarkets here in town, started buying up, loading up their carts? You think everybody would get an equal share? You think they would be loving and helping and sharing?

...and moving assets into physical precious metals and outside of the U.S. dollar.

Then it shows a chart here, what's happening to the number of dollars going up. Out here we have what is known as Costco. Costco has been a warehouse-type of market where you can buy things at low price. The other day Dolores discovered that for the same pack of blueberries at Costco it cost $2.00 more than at Trader Joes.

One kind of cheese we like they don't do it anymore. The price went up from $9.00 to $14.00. That's the way it's going to go. That is inflation! Hyperinflation is where I started by showing you that German mark, $100,000. They had $1-million, $5-million, $10-million.

Here is when you're going to know it's going to take off and be in trouble. How many have heard of QE2? You know what that is? Quantitative easing! What is that? That's a nice way of saying 'since the system is running out of money we'll print more and put it into circulation.' What happened to that? It will reach the point that the Federal Reserve will have no alternative to prevent any imminent collapse as has been seen in official activities in the last several years, because of the QE thing. They will create and spend whatever money is needed including deliberate debasement of the dollar with the intent of increasing domestic inflation.

…and likely the Treasury, also will remain in place to do whatever is needed, at whatever cost, to prevent systemic collapse in the United States. All of these actions, though, have costs in terms of higher domestic inflation and intensified dollar debasement.

Purposeful intent of doing it.

Another thing that is not in this not in this report, which is interesting, how many have heard of the G20? I've spoken of the G20. The 20 major central banks in the world. Remember what happened after 2008? First thing they did, they said, 'We're going to form G20, leading nations of the world, get all the bank regulations the same.' Now that has expanded out to be 150 central banks, all interwoven together. What's going to happen? Let's talk a little bit more here about debt. Have you ever heard of GAAP? This is Generally Accepted Accounting Practices. In other words, meaning be honest. So, they haven't done it.

Efforts to save the system at any cost will likely continue as long as possible with the government spending whatever money it and the Federal Reserve need to create until such a time as the global financial markets rebel. The ultimate cost here, though, will be in inflation and the increasing debasement of purchasing power of the U.S. dollar and the eventual dollar collapse beyond any government or Federal Reserve control.

This is as hyperinflation nears. What will have to happen is this. They will have to increase the money supply. I wonder if we're going to see increased denomination of bills. They also know that with hyperinflation you're stuck with a problem. They brought up about Y2K: had to reset all the computers and all of that sort of thing. Think what it is if you have to change prices everyday. Then twice a day, then three times a day, then four times a day. That's what happened to Germany. It got totally out of hand.

Actual U.S. Debt Exceeds GDP Of Entire Planet, April 11, 2011 (

The early stages of hyperinflation will be marked by an accelerating upturn in consumer prices...
Have we had that? Yes, indeed!
...a pattern that was already begun to unfold in response to QE2….


As consumer prices begin to spike, as the Fed moves to accommodate funding needs for ever-exploding federal fiscal shortfalls, and as the U.S. dollar comes under ever-heavier global selling pressures

That's what happened in 2008. The worst thing that the government has done, and this is in collusion with the bankers and the government, to make securitized mortgage securities, and then you trade them like stocks and bonds on the market. So that's how all the prices got inflated up—up, up, up!

I remember when Davis' were living here in Fairfield. He was a foreman building houses. They just kept building and building. The prices would go up—$200,000, now $300,000, now $400,000 for the same house. Then build a little bigger one—$500,000. A little bigger one—$600,000. He said they can't build them fast enough. I said, 'Where's all the money coming from?' He said, 'I don't know.' That's the housing bubble! You inflate it!

Now what they want to do, because the housing bubble has burst, they want to securitize loans for multiple dwelling places like apartments and have the government secure that. It shows the insanity of it. Then what will happen?

Both domestic and foreign holders getting rid of their dollar holdings as quickly as possible.

They're going to say, 'I want to get out of this before there is nothing left.'

Let's come over here to the book of Proverbs. Here's what they're going to try to avoid, but with the hair-trigger stock market buying and selling and being worldwide, you have to be awake 24 hours a day 7 days a week sitting right there in front of your computer screen watching your investments. In 2008 when the sellout came the price went down and was ready to cause a mortal wound to the U.S. banking system because of all of these 'phony-baloney' securitized mortgage securities.

Proverbs 23:4: "Do not weary yourself to be rich; cease from your own wisdom. When your eyes look upon it… [That is wealth and this is so true today.] is gone! For surely riches make wings for themselves, and they fly into heaven like an eagle" (vs 4-5).

The fellow who wrote the book, The Day After the Dollar Crashes, he says all your money goes to money heaven. That's what happens with hyperinflation. 'I've got my 401k of $500,000.' Really? Inflation takes off—hyperinflation—in a year it could be worth $20,000. That's your retirement. So, all of this 'phony-baloney' stuff that they have, it's just not going to work.

Chapter 7: Federal Reserve, Systemic Solvency and Inflation vs Deflation ( I won't bore you with the facts of it but they're going to try and manipulate the system by adding money, by taking away money, to try and keep inflation down and keep deflation from occurring. But you can't balance it out.

Then it talks about the money base. Remember, if they're not making loans, there's no money being created. When the loans are contracting and people are getting out of debt there's less and less and less money. Who knows where the money has gone because so much of it is digitized. Who knows if there's any gold in Fort Knox? So, here's what's happening right now.

Fundamentally, banks are placing high levels of excess reserves with the Fed, instead of lending the funds into the normal flow of commerce. As a result, bank lending is down, and small businesses and consumers are experiencing a horrific liquidity squeeze. This pattern continues despite the Fed's QE2 buying of Treasury securities.

The QE2 was designed to help keep the stock market up. Because the Fed is the lender of last resort and they have to have—at least ostensibly—e a reserve of assets on which to lend money. One of them is the Depository Trust Company which holds all the original stocks and bonds. Here's what to look for. He says: Late 2013, beginning 2014:

Money Growth and Velocity Will Increase.The U.S. hyperinflation very much will reflect a complete loss of confidence in the U.S. dollar. The Fed has primed the system for explosive money supply growth; all that is needed is a pickup in bank lending.

The Fed's initial moves to debase the U.S. dollar worked, impairing the U.S. currency's exchange rate value and triggering commodity inflation fueled by the weak-dollar policy. This also has helped to set the stage for a global dumping of the dollar and dollar-denominated paper assets, a rapid influx of unwanted dollars from abroad that either would collapse the financial markets or would force the Fed to flood the system with the incoming liquidity, monetizing dumped U.S. Treasury securities among other assets.

What does that mean? It means this. It was interesting, last night on the news they had a special report about this very thing. Before China collapsed when it had the gold standard, think that was before WWII, they said they were 'not paying any more of the bonds. But the future government is indebted to pay it to you.' Guess how many trillions of dollars worth of that old debt the United States holds? $4-trillion! Do you think they're going to honor that? That was the question of the report.

They're going to start selling it. Someone has $100-million worth of treasuries. 'We need to get out of it immediately. What will you give us for it?' $100-million; let's see, I'll give you $10-million. Got it, you take it. Now go try and collect. So you come to the government money window and say, 'I've got $100-million worth of debt here. I want to collect.' Sorry, we're out of money. That thing begins to escalate and think of all the instant electronic trading around the world. It's going to be chaos.

…a rapid influx of unwanted dollars from abroad that either would collapse the financial markets or would force the Fed to flood the system with the incoming liquidity, monetizing dumped U.S. Treasury securities among other assets.

So what they would say, 'We've got the printing presses running and in five minutes we'll have the money for you. You want to take it?'

As dollar selling intensifies anew and debased-dollar inflation mounts.

People are going to say, 'I need a raise.' The grocery store says, 'I need a higher price.' Utility companies say, 'You bill is doubling next month.' That's hyperinflation.

Holders of dollars increasingly will not want to hold them long, in turn, raising the velocity of money, and so the cycle of inflation will begin to accelerate, all with still-impaired economic activity.

So what are you going to do? He gives things to do and that is:

  • have some supplies on hand
  • get out of debt as much as you can
  • have a store of money on hand
  • If you have some gold and silver, that's going to help carry you through

Who knows what's going to happen. But know this, when that hits it is going to be every man for himself. It will be 'love your neighbor as yourself.' They will get and take whatever they can, from whomever they can, wherever they can get it.

If it gets worse, you read Deut. 28 and Lamentations. If you think what I'm bringing up here is hard to handle, wait until the reality of it hits and it will hit.

  • have some food stocks
  • take care of yourself
  • be careful
  • don't get stuck in a difficult position with lots of debt

Exactly how it's going to work out, you put all these things together, it's going to lead to really a very difficult proposition. I remember one of the very first sermons that I gave back in 1995 I talking about all the unfunded debt that we have. Now that has quadrupled. I said, 'Brethren, get out of debt.' If you have enough money, buy some gold, buy some silver. Guess what gold was selling for at that time? $270 an ounce! If this breaks out, there's no telling where the price of gold will go. If you sell it, how much good is the paper money going to do you?

You can use that for some reserve to keep yourself afloat and buy a few things. But be very careful how you handle it.

  • you have to be trusting in God
  • you have to be claiming His promises
  • ask for His angels to be about you
  • ask for God to watch over you

Hyperinflationis going to come! The words of the prophecies are going to take place.

If you have things you need to do, get them done now. This is why this past two years for the Church I have been building up a supply of all books, building up a supply of things that we need. In case there is hyperinflation we have it paid for. If there is depression and no money, we have it paid for. That there will be an adequate reserve also to help see us through the rough times.

What's going to come out at the other end? There's going to come a world currency. I've covered that many, many times. With all the things that are going on, it looks like we're considerably further from the finality of the end than we have thought.

So we need to continue doing what we need to do!

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