by Carl D. Franklin [Up]

Here is an excellent synopsis by Alan Ruth at of Carl Franklin's essays:

In this three-part paper which complements the research found in In Defense of Jehovah, Carl Franklin challenges some of the assumptions and doctrinal conclusions found in writings of those who believe God's name is Yahweh or a variation of it.

Was there no letter "j" or its sound until about five hundred years ago? Did Tyndale's translation of the Bible use the letter "i" for both the "i" and "j" sound? Is there a letter "j" in Hebrew? Was the name Jehovah invented by the Catholic priest Galatinus in the 1500's, as a number of sources such as the Jewish and Catholic Encyclopedias state? What do other historical and Biblical sources say about Jehovah? Is Jehovah pointed with the vowel marking of Adonai? Is Hebrew a sacred language? Was the original language of humanity Hebrew? After the tower of Babel, when God scattered humans by giving them different languages, was the "heavenly language" of God given to the Hebrew peoples?

This carefully researched series is an essential source for those studying into the Sacred Name doctrine found in some churches and fellowship groups.

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Written by: Carl Franklin
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