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Welcome to Southern Ohio! Should you wish to attend Sabbath Services and fellowship with brethren, then please view the calendars for specific dates, times and activities.


Cincinnati CBCG Fellowship

(Calendar web address: http://calendar.yahoo.com/ccbcgf)

Location: 523 Scholten Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244
Time of Services: 11 am weekly
Cincinnati Christian Biblical Church of God Fellowship Email: ccbcgf@yahoo.com

Local contacts:

Roy Rudd, 513.734.1081 and

Roy and Marie Mack, 513.742.2379

Christian Biblical Church of God Southern Ohio

(Calendar web address: http://calendar.yahoo.com/cbcgso)

Location & Time of Services: Check above calendar for more information

Christian Biblical Church of God Southern Ohio Email: cbcgso@yahoo.com

Should you like to contact the organizers of the CBCG Southern Ohio or would like more information on the Cincinnati Fellowship, please feel free to contact Tom or Rhonda:

For more information, contact:

Tom or Rhonda Fannin: 937.288.2266

Tom's Cell: 937.763.3733


Email: thefannins@ymail.com