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Scores of pages of research on the Biblical origin of nations available for your free download! Further articles will be added in due course.

The 'Lost' Tribes of IsraelNew

Nations in the Bible:

The Biblical Origin of Nations. An Introduction to the Table of Nations
A beginner's guide to the concept of the modern identity for the 'lost' tribes. How can we prove that they ended up in north-west Europe and certain colonies?

The Sanctity of Nationhood in the Bible
God has brought about and developed the various peoples of mankind. He names them and pronounces blessings, curses and oracles against them. He is the author of the Divine right for national identities.

Hamitic Peoples

Who are the Mysterious Sukkiim?
These people are mentioned in IIChron 12:2-3. Where did they come from and can we identify their descendants today?

Origins of the Australian Aborigines
From which of Noah's son and grandson do the Aborigine peoples descend? Tracing the roots of Australia's indigineous peoples is difficult, but can be done.

Where are the Edomites Today?
Much is said about the peoples of Edom (and Amalek) historically and prophetically in the Bible. Where did their descendants migrate to? Can we identify them in the modern world?

Japhetic Peoples

Who are the Japanese?
The Japanese descend from Japheth, but who son or grandson? Anthropology and history inform us of their origins. And the Bible of their prophetic future.

Shemitic & Abrahamic Peoples

Who are the Latvians and Lithuanians?
South of the Baltic (in north-east Europe) dwell the descendants of Abraham and Keturah, including the Latvians and Lithuanians. But how can this be proven?
Who are the Peoples of Rosh?
The Rosh are mentioned in western Russia and in the ancient Middle East. Are they the same people? Did these ancient Rosh migrate to Russia?
Mysterious Origin of the King of the Norths vs King of the South Conflict
The original Assyrians and Cushites were in conflict within centuries after Noah's Flood. Was this the roots for the 'King of the North' vs 'King of the South' conflicts?
Assur and Israel - Contenders for the Birthright
The tensions between Germans and British to have world leadership seems to originate with their ancestors 1,000s of years ago.

In Search of ... The Origin of Nations
Almost 500 pages of in-depth research on the nations of Genesis X. Around 700 references and 2,000 footnotes plus dozens of charts, maps and tables.
The Great German Nation
Over 300 pages of proofs for the origin of the Germans, tracing their roots to the ancient Middle East.