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Lyall Johnston—2020

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Jesus said, 'Watch, therefore, because you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.' These words of Jesus mean so much more to us right now at this point in time as we look at a world in chaos, absolute total chaos.

Everything has changed from what it had been six months ago. It's actually quite incredible when you think about it. We've heard about these conspiracy theories for so many years.

I think my first conspiracy theory regarding the end-time events occurred back in 1963. We were on board a ship going toward the United Kingdom and Ambassador College with my wife and family At that stage in 1975, I don't know, I might have read the book 1975 in Prophecy1975 in Prophecy, but on board that ship there were a number of young students also going to Ambassador College, and I was informed by them that the sermons being preached in the Church at that time—which was then called the Radio Church of God—was that Indonesian was coming down and was going to invade Australia. With that triumph would be off the United States for protection and then the place of safety, and that this would happen around 1972.

Well, 1972 came along and that didn't happen! Again, that was the first conspiracy theory that I was involved in regarding the Church. Today, the world is absolutely filled with conspiracy theories!

However, there are also conspiracies that we are learning day-by-day that are no longer theories but there are conspiracies going on behind the scenes. However, these conspiracies are now coming out to the fronts. The radical left, the globalists, are becoming bolder and bolder, and stating what their plans are for mankind.

I believe we heard about the 'great reset.' That 'great reset' is being organized and structured by an organization called The World Economic Forum. Very interesting program, because it just sounds so wonderful:

This 'great reset' that's coming to mankind is going to make your life perfect. You're not going to have to worry about finances. You're not going to have to worry about your health problems, because we've got that all set in place.

We're developing vaccines that we're going to be able to internally heal all your health problems.

Now the crux of all this 'reset' all begins with the virus (Covid 19). But before we go into that, let's have a look and think about Matt. 28.

When we see the chaos in the world, when we see what's taking place, what does God tell us? God tells us: IF we, as a people—talking about the nations of modern Israel, primarily Britain and America—do not obey God, IF we do not follow the way of life that He has given, that He's going to bring a stranger within our midst to rise up above us and roll over us!

Is that happening today in America, Britain and the other nations of modern Europe, the old British Empire, the nations of Northwestern Europe? But the focal point here today has to be the United States. The one really surviving superpower in the world. The chaos has been created to take down that superpower! And in particularly to take down the President of the United States—Donald Trump—because he is blocking this one-world government. He's blocking this reset.

So, the whole program seems to be, at this stage, to take him down so that 'we can have this wonderful world tomorrow'—we've heard that phrase before—all designed by men! But it is a program that is leading to destruction! It is a program that is not from God!

It's not based on the Law of God, not based on the Word of God as contained in the Scriptures. Anything but! It is totally 180% going in the other direction, and God is aware of everything that is going on! God is very aware of each one of the saints:

  • God knows our thoughts
  • God knows our heart
  • God knows our concerns
  • God knows everything about us

God knows the thoughts of the evil men and women that are going against His plan and His operations!

In Matt. 24 we're told to be prepared, to be on guard, to be aware of the things that are coming. When we look at the very beginning of Matt. 24, we find that when Jesus was asked by His disciples what was going to happen, He mentioned the events that would be taking place as we come toward the end-time.

Today what we find is that all these events are converging, one upon the other. Jesus said to them:

Matthew 24:4: "Then Jesus answered and said to them, 'Be on guard…'"

  • Do we have to be concerned with all the nuts and bolts of what is taking place in the world today?
  • Can't we just trust in God and we don't have to worry about anything else? That's true to a point, but Jesus did say:

"…Be on guard so that no one deceives you" (v 4). Watch therefore!

  • What are we to watch? We should be watching what's taking place around us!
  • Should we be concerned? NO!
  • Should we be afraid? NO!
  • Should we be anxious? NO!
  • Why? Because Jesus said, 'Don't be anxious!'

He's talking about a time when famine comes and there's no food around available, when people are going to be starving to death. He says to us, 'Don't be anxious!' And He referred to Solomon and He said:

Look at the birds of the air, look at the lilies in the fields, God takes care of them! Even Solomon in all his glory is not decked or arrayed such as the lilies of the field. Yet, God provides for them!

If God is going to be mindful to provide for the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, to make sure they have their life, are we not more important in God's eyes than them? Of course we are!

That's why Jesus said, 'Don't be anxious!' but at the same time, we do need to be on guard. Why? Jesus tells us! "…Be on guard so that no one deceives you" (v 4).

I don't think we fully understand how great the deception of Satan is! He's going to turn the volume switch right up to full power so that if possible you and I could be deceived, unless our lives are totally built on the foundation of the blood of Jesus Christ, the life of Jesus Christ and detached from this world!

John Guenther's series on the history of the Church as it was in those earlier days, used the word 'detachment' about the people of God, how they were just detached from the world and totally involved in the way of God. They were totally in the Word of God, spreading the Word of God and living their lives detached from the world. Living in the world, but not of it, and that's a great example for us today. That's the example we have right down through time, for all of the servants of God.

Jesus did say, when asked, v 5: "For many shall come in My name…"

We certainly see that today with all the false religions. And the false prophet today that seems to be working very strenuously in bringing all the churches—in fact, all the religions—together,

"…saying, 'I am the Christ'; and they shall deceive many. And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars…." (vs 5-6).

And we see these things converging! Today the war is more within the nation. We look at the United States and where we're standing, looking in from the outside, we just see confusion, corruption and war on the streets:

  • destruction
  • chaos
  • confusion

But Jesus says, "…but the end is not yet" (v 6). But He says, "…Be on guard…"—and watch, because Satan is at work! His main task is, yes, he wants to be God, he wants to rule all nations without God's presence.

  • What does he want to do with the sons of God?
  • What does he want to do with you and me?

He wants to eliminate us!

He will do whatever he can to find us, and we can read about that in Rev. 12. Today what we see taking place is a system that Karl Marx and his dynastic materialism is very clearly seen, he and Hegel had the same idea. But where does all this confusion, they whole program begin?

The simplistic form of that is: We have a problem, so:

  • What's our response to the problem?
  • What's the solution?
  • Where did all of this begin?
  • Was Hegel and Marx the first to develop that program?

Not at all! If we go back to Gen. 3 we see this was there from the beginning. Here was Eve presented with a problem: Satan said to Eve, as the serpent:

God has lied to you, because if you eat of the tree that He says you can't eat of, you'll become wise and have great knowledge.

So, she was thrown into confusion in her mind. She was deceived; we know that because the Scripture tells us. There's the problem! What's the response to that problem?

Satan comes along and he provides a response. This is what's happening: there's an organization and many people—evil men and women—who are offering a response for the problems in the world. They created the problem in the first place through this virus and the way the virus has been propagated and advertised. So, Satan says:

Look, if you eat the fruit of this tree, you will not die! But you'll become like God!

There's Satan's response!

What happened then? Eve ate of that fruit and she became 'wise' in the way of Satan! Adam ate the fruit and the same thing happened.

What happened? Satan was offering Eve and Adam a way of life that is very similar to the Communist Manifesto!

  • you'll be wise
  • you'll have all knowledge
  • you'll be just like God
    • Did that happen?
    • Did they become just like God? No!
    • What did happen? God cast them out of the garden!

They already had the wealth and the plenty, all that they needed for life! But they got cast out and they had to work by the sweat of their brow to survive and live.

That's what's been promised today! There's an organization called The World Economic Forum, and you can read about that online. It is the basic program, the basic organization that is setting up this wonderful world of tomorrow where everyone is going to be happy and everyone is going to be prosperous and have these nice homes to live in. everything in life is going to be just so wonderful!

That's exactly what the Communist Manifesto offers; that's what Marx was offering. What happened? It failed! We know that Marxism failed in Russia and China, and here these people want to bring the same program into the world today without God!

'We have the solutions!' But it's like a half-baked cake! Who wants to eat a half-baked cake? Nobody! Why is it half-baked? Because it's a rationalization and the sinking of mankind without the Word of God! Without the Word of God, every plan of mankind is going to fail!

In Gen. 11 God tells us where this world is heading and what it's potential is. As we look at everything that is taking place on the face of the earth, we might say that man is limited in what he can do. But that's not what God says!

Here we find that all man's programs up to this point have failed. We find that mankind has so violated the Law of God, man had become so corrupt, that God had to destroy all mankind and living creatures in the Flood, just saving Noah and his family.

Following that, we know that the earth was repopulated again as the family of Noah expanded right down to the Tower of Babel. This is where we're at in Gen. 11. It's interesting what is said here:

Genesis 11:1: "And the whole earth was of one language and one speech. And it came to pass, as they traveled from the east, they found a plain in the land of Shinar. And they settled there. And they said to one another, 'Come, let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly.' And they had brick for stone, and they had asphalt for mortar. And they said, 'Come, let us build us a city and a tower, with its top reaching into the heavens…." (vs 1-4).

  • Why would they want to do that?
  • Why would they want a high-rise building that reached into the heaven?
  • Who's behind this plan?
  • Satan? Yes!

"…And let us establish a name for ourselves…" (v 4).

  • Why?
  • What's the answer to that"
  • What's the solution?

"…lest we be scattered upon the face of the whole earth" (v 4).

  • Do you think they had in mind the Noahasian Flood?
  • That God may just intervene, even though God said that He would never flood the earth again?
  • Do you think that maybe they suspected that they were not on the right path?
  • That they were not following God's way?

They had that concept, that precept in the back of their mind that! Looking back in time, we can see that's exactly what was going on.

Let's build this tower "…lest we be scattered upon the face of the whole earth" (v 4).

They knew that God would not flood, but scatter them. They saw that as a potential or possibility.

Verse 5: "And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men had built."

Now, v 6 is crucial and vital, because this tells us exactly where we are today.

Verse 6: "And the LORD said, 'Behold, the people are one and they all have one language. And this is only the beginning of what they will do…'"

Does this sound like it could have a fitting in today's world and today's society? "…And this is only the beginning…" Think about that in terms of what's taking place today:

  • virus
  • lockdowns
  • vaccinations
  • masks
  • hygiene

"…now nothing, which they have imagined to do, will be restrained from them" (v 6).

Did you catch that?

Verse 6: "And the LORD said, 'Behold, the people are one and they all have one language. And this is only the beginning of what they will do—now nothing, which they have imagined to do, will be restrained from them.'"

God gave mankind—Adam and Eve and all their family right down to today—to be able to do incredible, amazing things. God tells us the way He wants us to live our lives. He tells us what He wants us to do in order for us to prosper and be in health. Just to enjoy the life that He's given to us.

Men, inspired by Satan, have rejected that way of life! Because mankind has rejected that way of life, God tells us what the potential is that we can accomplish and what these globalists are working at in the world of technology.

"'…this is only the beginning of what they will do—now nothing, which they have imagined to do, will be restrained from them.'"

Verse 7: "Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, so that they cannot understand one another's speech."

Today we have come back to a common language, haven't we? We have little gadgets now that you can talk to somebody in another language and it will translate for you, so you don't have to learn somebody else's language.

Of course, the language of technology is basically just one language, which is spread around the world. Technology is part the wheel of evil that I've chosen to call it: how Satan is functioning and operating to bring about His plans on the planet Earth.

Verse 8: "So, the LORD scattered them abroad from that place upon the face of all the earth. And they quit building the city. Therefore, the name of it is called Babel…" (vs 8-9).

We know about the last book where God talks about the two Babylons. This one here, the ancient Babylon, and the modern Babylon today, which is rising into power:

  • combining all the religions of the world
  • combining all the technology to a crucible in order to rule this world

And it's taking place in the days that you and I live!

We do not know, as it says, the hour that our Lord is coming. He did say to be on guard, watch and pray, because He does not want us to be deceived. We don't have to be deceived IF we are following the Word of God as the guiding principle of our lives.

IF we remain detached from this world… We see what's going on, but we remain detached! Not unaware, not unknowing as to what's taking place in the world, but detached from the ways of the world, and attached to the ways of God!

God says that He would come and abide with us. They would take up residence with us! Jesus says, I man the vine, you are branches! (John 15). Because of our baptism, we've been separated from the world. We're in Christ, and He is in us! Isn't that amazing!

  • we don't feel it
  • we don't see it
    • we just know it
    • it's an act
    • it's a matter of faith

Christ in us, the hope of glory, abiding in us!

We are told we don't belong to ourselves (1-Cor. 6). When we were baptized we gave up our life and put it into the hands of God Almighty and Jesus Christ. We made a commitment that we would now walk in the way of God the Father and Jesus Christ. Think about that! You do  not belong to yourself, Paul wrote to the Corinthians.

We were purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ. God the Father owns us today. Therefore, how are we going use our lives and our bodies. Paul was addressing the problems of sexual promiscuity. So, if my life and body belongs to God, how am I going to treat that body? how am I going to use that body? which belongs to God and not me! I no longer belong to myself, I belong to God, therefore, I said, 'Father, I will follow in Your footsteps as you have shown us through Jesus Christ, because I belong to you every day.

I'm going to 'bring every thought into the captivity of Jesus Christ' (2-Cor. 10:5). That's a way of life!

Now we have the world, on the other hand, drawing us and wanting to pull us and deceive us and follow their way. How is that happening? Let's a look!

I have a paper called The Hub of the Wheel of Evil. What is this hub? Imagine all the technology that the world has developing to bring in this new world government! This new world system! To reset the economy of the world! But it's not just the economy that they're going to reset; it's every facet of your life, to be in control of your life. That's the key, control! Who is it that really wants to control us?

All of these technical devices, I'd like you to think of them as a wheel, the wheel of the hub and the spokes going out to all these particular devices: technologies and programs that these people are trying to implement.

We have to think about that with two factors: The wheel with a hub is being controlled

Ephesians 2:2: Satan is "…the prince of the power of the air…"

In Matt. 4 Jesus was offered all the kingdoms of this world. Remember that? In His temptation? Satan said, 'IF you will bow down and worship me, I will give You all the kingdoms of the world.'

That shows us who is in control of this world. 'Satan is the god of this world,' Paul says (2-Cor. 4:4). Jesus said that Satan is:

John 14:30: "…the ruler of this world is coming, but he does not have a single thing in Me."

When Jesus was offered that rulership, what did He say to Satan? Get out of it Satan, for it is written that you shall worship the Lord your God and Him only will you serve!

Jesus Christ refused to sell His soul to Satan! So, have all the saints down through the ages (Heb. 11). You and I will refuse to sell our souls to Satan, the god of this world. Only God the Father and Jesus Christ will we serve!

However, today we have men and women who have sold their souls to the devil, and we can call them the globalists, the rich and the powerful.

Do you know what the biggest, largest foundation in the world is today, by far? The Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation! It has the greatest economic value, or capital. It exercises influence and power, and in fact, has the pharmaceutical industry in the palm of their hands.

People like that have sold their souls to the devil! You can think of a number of people—the rich and the powerful.

  • Where did they get their power?
  • Where did they get their billions of dollars?
  • Why is it that at some of these pharmaceutical companies where the CEOs are billionaires?
  • Where do they get their money from?
  • Who is paying them?

Because they sold their souls to the devil, he's enriching them. Satan is bringing his plan to fruition.

Here we have Satan controlling these people. They sold their souls to him; they're the hub.

What these people are doing is controlling this wheel of evil. As you can imagine the hub of a wheel, what could we say is the center of the wheel. It's the Internet of things. They are going to control the world until Christ comes and rejects it all. They're going to control the world through the Internet, referring to everything in the world of technology. Everything!

We know that we are able to, as the Church of Living God to take advantage of those positive sides of technology. Satan is working in the opposite direction; he's using it to bring all human beings to his feet to worship him:

  • through the false prophet
  • through the beast
  • through the worship of the image of the beast
  • by the mark of the beast

Which it says it's going to be implanted either in our mind or on our hands, one of those two (Revelation).

Again, the center of the wheel is the Internet of things. Each spoke going out to a particular technological or some kind of organization to bring about the plan of Satan. Each of those aspects are so interrelated that it's quite incredible! It's remarkable the technology.

I'm doing just a little reading, even from a layman's point of view shows much of what is happening, much of what is coming out at this particular point in time.

First of all let's just rehash that. We have, first of all, Satan who is in control of all things. Secondly, the organization of the group of people at the masthead, at the very center of controlling the world inspired by Satan and sold their souls to Satan the devil.

Everything is under control and they're going to be controlling us, and are beginning to control through the Internet. That's why they're putting up all this satellites. That's why all these antenna, large towers and a multitude of miniature towers being fitted within homes, schools, bus stops and telegraph poles, whatever, around the world. So, we have this web covering the world!

I'd like to just mention some of the things that are at the hub of this world, controlling them all. It's all controlled through the hub, but a key factor is the World Economic Forum is the place where all these plans are being developed so we have this 'wonderful new world of tomorrow,' which is going to end up being run by despots and the people as slaves under the system.

The Internet, of all things, functions through 5G technology, and some of the 5G technology—I'm not certain how that goes—when you look into the details, it's quite amazing. It's not for man; 5G technology is meant for machines. It's a weapons grade technology and can be very harmful to human beings.

There are plenty of examples of that; I won't go into that. You can check on that yourself if you have a mind to do so.

The 5G operates through satellites, antenna, and it's all interconnected. It becomes very frightening for many people when we realize that this group of people running all things want to control us. And the means that they're developing to control us is 5G and the Internet.

How will they do that? If you've read anything about vaccinations and the health of mankind, you will begin to understand. They're now developing technology by which they want to be able to control mankind!

 (showing a picture of blood cells; see video)

There are tiny little spots, which are nanobots; 'bot' is another word for robots. Here we have attached blood cells—nanobots or nano-robots; not the science fiction type—this is real life. This is an article from:

Genetic Engineering and Biological News: Red Blood Cells Harnessed as Nanoparticle Carriers for Vaccines

A 'nano' is 1/billionth of a meter. This getting right down to the cellular molecular size robots, engines.  Yes, these little engines, little nanoparticles, little nanobots can target any part of your body.

Of course, Bill Gates is the one driving this technology, so rather than just vaccinating us with part of the virus that will eventually build up the immune system against the virus, they are planning now to go in with these nanobots with a code. What they're doing is developing a synthetic MRNA, which is a messenger RNA that will go into our DNA—once you've been vaccinated—and change your DNA so that your body will produce protein.

The incredible thing is, it's a synthetic system that they're putting in to change our cellular structure.

What does God say when we're sick? You call for the elders of the Church and they will come and lay hands on you, and by the Word of faith you will be healed!

This whole system is counter to the very Word of God. Not only that, but changing and adding to our DNA and changing our DNA so that our DNA—as some have said—will mutate. Isn't that cancer? These little nanoparticles, they can put codes into those that can be controlled from a laboratory.

Those little nanoparticles can take a payload. So, whatever these people want to put into that payload of these nanoparticles, and that's what's so incredible!

Genesis 11:6: "And the LORD said, 'Behold, the people are one and they all have one language. And this is only the beginning of what they will do—now nothing, which they have imagined to do, will be restrained from them."

These things are all possible. Why should we worry? If our lives deeply set into God the Father and Jesus Christ, we have no need to worry! But Jesus did say to watch and be prepared, because they're working on mind-control.

Are they going to be able to put some kind of components in these little nanobots? Just think of the ability of the human mind that God has given to us! Yet, to be misused in such a desperate attempt to rule this world.

  • this is why Jesus Christ is going to come back
  • this is why He's going to crush this whole satanic system

The people who are running this whole system, we don't know if they've committed the unpardonable sin. But we do know that God is going to throw the beast and the false prophet into he Lake of Fire! That's the end of these people.

So, let's just have a quick run through of some of these things all connected through the Internet of things:

  • the 5G and it's technology generation
  • the virus: Wuhan Virus (Covid 19)
  • satellite systems and antenna/towers
  • cameras to track and trace you and me

This is how Satan very likely will find out who are the people of God. That's who he's after.

  • What about the lock down?
  • Is that of Satan?
  • Is that part of the Internet of things
    • stay at home
    • don't go out
    • wear your mask

Right now in the United States, they're being told to wear a mask even in your own house. I have word from California that you're not even going to be able to sing psalms or hymns anymore.

It's all a hoax!

The media have sold their souls to the devil! They're pushing this program all the way!

What about ATIFA rights? It's all part of the program. The 'Russian collusion' didn't work. Everything that's followed on from that to get rid of the President of the United States Donald Trump—who is blocking a lot of this at this point in time—one thing follows another.

What about transhumanism? We have four or five sermons on that at truthofGod.org, and it's becoming more and more of a reality of what they're planning to do to meld humanity with technology by pumping these little nano-robots—let's call them—into our system.

This is why we need to resist vaccination! Of course, some might ask, 'What happens if we're forced to be vaccinated? And we have no option?'

Let's remember that we belong to God the Father and Jesus Christ! Can They handle that? Absolutely! That's why Jesus said, 'Don't be anxious, even if they want to take our lives,' which is part of the plan!

Keeping in mind the World Economic Forum, which has a strategic intelligence platform where they're developing all of these wonderful plans, which is the way that they place it, and it's all under the control of human being!

On the surface it looks wonderful. But the plan behind the scenes is absolutely diabolical, satanic, Luciferian in that sense!

The great economic reset, which is apparently scheduled for July 2021, is only the beginning. Reset the economy and then reset everything else about your life and my life. We will either go along with, or we will resist and unto death!

One thing we have no idea of is all this particle acceleration. Every time someone goes in for an MRI scan, particle acceleration is used. I think there's something like 300,000 particle accelerators around the world. All of that is in the medical field. I believe also that a lot of the technology that you take a contrast drink or it's injected into you before you take an MRI. That's pumping a lot of that technology into your bodies. All this with these nanobots is all able to be controlled. Hence, why we should resist vaccinations and anything of that particular nature.

Of course, another spoke of the wheel is take down posts (such as Facebook and Twitter) We can see that quite clearly.

Let's just have a look as a summary and what's happening in the world today:

  • the virus, Covid 19, which is a hoax

The virus is real, but the pandemic is not! I've seen two different figures where it takes 3.6 or .7 percent of the population to die before it can be termed a pandemic. The latest figures that I've seen is that this particular 'plandemic' or false system has been brought upon us, runs out of .002, so far below.

And of course, we're finding that a lot of people have died and they're all being recorded as Covid even if they have tested as Covid. People are being recorded as having the virus even without testing. In Florida there were 300 testing stations had a 100% tested for the virus. Come on, who are they trying to kid?

Why? Because the numbers haven't come to what they're projected to be, so therefore, we have a manufactured falsehoods. Again, deception! Who is the master of deception? Satan the devil! So, we have the virus.

  • we had everything trying to remove Trump

We had the whole Russian lie about the Russian collusion, and that's what it is!

  • a second wave is coming

The wave of the virus hasn't necessarily brought the desired achievements to these people, so they're going to bring a second wave. That will come.

But there's something else: the first wave a Communism failed, and the radical left are working on a second wave. But it will fail in the end; we know that!

It's amazing how quickly everyone fell into steps regarding the virus. We all complied without any proof. They said this is what you have to do, but we may not have done that, but mankind has generally done that. This is what is called the 'lockstep.'

Paper from: The Rockefeller Foundation produced by the World Economic Forum

LOCK STEP: A world of tighter top-down government control and a more authoritarian leadership with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.

Control! Control! Control! Satan is at the head! What happens? We crash:

  • the economy
  • the food chain
  • the transportation

Why? To bring in and reset the world order! That in itself is a problem, because that will bring famine; deliberately bring famine!

  • What are you and I going to do with this famine?
  • What are we going to do with the shortage of food?

Let me give you some Scriptures where we find that God is always the One Who always supplied food to His people in a time of crisis.

  • Did not God supply water to Israel in the desert (Exo. 17)?
  • Did not God supply quail for the people to eat (Exo. 16:12-13)?
  • Did not God provide manna? (Exo. 16)?
  • What did Jesus say we should pray for (Matt. 6)? Father, give today—or this day—our daily bread! That's both physical food as well as the Holy Spirit!
  • What about Elijah and the widow (1-Kings 17)? God provided meal and oil that didn't run out!
  • Can God do that for us today? Of course, He can!
  • How about Jesus' needs after 40 days and 40 nights of fasting?
  • What happened there?
  • Didn't angels come and care for Him?
  • What about Elijah when God told him to go by the brook and drink the water, and God sent ravens to him with bread and flesh?
  • Can God provide for His own in a time of famine and lockdown?
  • Can God provide for you with all these devious things taking place in the background by Satan the devil?

Matthew 6:31: where Jesus says, "Therefore, do not be anxious, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?'…."

This is what we are concerned about. 'Oh, we must go out and stockpile.' It's wise to be prepared! To be on guard and have some things available! But what if that runs out, as time goes on? We can rely on God and His power!

  • What Matt. 14 where Jesus fed 5,000 people from a few loaves and a few fishes?

We need to keep these examples in mind, that God will provide!

Referring to handout: It goes though the control of the group of globalists who are controlling the world through the Internet of things and all those aspects around the wheel, all interconnected and working for one goal: to bring about the Beast Power and the false prophet! That's the ultimate goal, Satan ruling all mankind!

Rev. 12—we find that Satan comes at the Church, attacking it. It seems that the only ones who survive Satan's final attack will be those whom God delivers and takes them and protects them in a place where he will preserve them so the Church can be preserved to follow Jesus so that the Church would never be eliminated or destroyed. It would remain intact and always be the Church of God until He returns.

Revelation 12:11: But they overcame him through [#1]the blood of the Lamb, and… [secondly] …through [#2]the word of their testimony…"

You and I believe that there's only one God and His Son is Jesus Christ. Satan the devil[transcriber's correction] is the 'prince of the power of the air.' Jesus Christ is returning to abolish this whole regime of the wheel of evil, those who control it, as well as Satan himself.

"…and [#3]they loved not their lives unto death" (v 11).

  • we want to be in the Kingdom of God
  • we want to be there with Jesus Christ
  • we want to reject everything that this world has to offer that comes from Satan the devil
  • we want to receive only those things that come from God

Heb. 11 is such an inspiring chapter; it goes right back to Abel, the first of those whom we're told that will be in the first resurrection at the return of Jesus Christ. We have no fear what man can do to us, just like the saints of old.

Hebrews 11:1: "Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for…"

Faith is something that is so real within us that nobody could convince us otherwise. We know what God has done. We have seen His examples. In one sense, our inner mind, the light of our eyes see already that our faith in the Father and Christ is tangible in the spiritual sense. We know it, because God has put something in our mind that convinces us.

"…and the conviction of things not seen" (v 1).

  • Are you convinced of the power of God in your life and mind to overcome all of these obstacles?
  • Whatever Satan throws at us?
  • Even unto death?

When Christ returns you will hear His voice. You wake up and there's an angel waiting for you to transport you up to the Sea of Glass.

You can read through all the saints, but let's just have a look at v 10, talking about the faith of Abraham:

Verse 10: "For he [Abraham] was waiting for the city with the foundations of which God is the Architect and Builder."

Abraham was looking not for something in the physical life, but in the spiritual life, in the future.

Verse 13: "All these… [the saints] …died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them from afar, and having been persuaded of them, and having embraced them, and having confessed that they were strangers and sojourners on the earth."

That's what we are! We don't belong to ourselves. God the Father has purchased us, personally. That's what you mean to Him! You're His, He owns you! Therefore, we want to do those things that are pleasing in His sight.

John says that we should not love this world, 'the lust of flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pretentious pride of life.' Those are the things that we are casting off so that we can:

  • have the mind of Christ
  • have the thinking of Christ
  • bring every thought into the captivity of Jesus Christ

Verse 32: "Now, what more can I say? For time would fail me to relate the accounts of Gideon, Barak also, and Samson and Jephthah, David also, and Samuel, and the prophets; who by faith…" (vs 32-33)—God gives us the faith of Christ!

"…were victorious over kingdoms… [of this world, that Satan is building in this world] …worked righteousness…" (vs 33).

We must be about our Father's business building the mind and character of Jesus Christ!

"…obtained promises, shut the mouths of lions,  quenched the fury of fire, escaped the edge of the sword… [we may or may not] …were strengthened from weakness, became mighty in war, and turned back the armies of foreigners. Women received their dead restored to life; and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance, that they might obtain a superior resurrection" (vs 33-35).

That's what this is all about! We're fighting this evil that we may "…obtain a superior resurrection."

Verse 36: "And others endured the trial of cruel mocking and scourging…"

  • Are you experiencing that?
  • Will we all face this in the future?

Yes, because we have chosen God the Father and Jesus Christ rather than the ways of this world. Why? That we might "…obtain a superior resurrection."

"….yes, and moreover, of chains and imprisonment. They were stoned to death, they were sawed in two, they were brutally interrogated, and slaughtered by the sword. They went about in sheepskins and in goatskins, being destitute, oppressed, and ill-treated; of whom the world was not worthy…" (vs 36-38). That's the life that we've been called to!

"…they wandered in deserts and in mountains, living in caves and in holes in the earth" (v 38)—detached from this world! Living in it, but not of it!

Verse 39: "But these all, though they had received a good report through faith, did not obtain the promise… [Why?] …because God had determined in advance to provide something superior for us so that without us they would not be made perfect" (vs 39-40).

In other words, God is combining all those servants of the Old Testament with the witness of the New Testament.

Why? Read the book of Ezekiel! God is allowing all these things to happen:

  • the troubles on Israel
  • the troubles on the world

So that the world may learn to know God is God!

The time is coming when all nations, all people will know that God is God! That's why He's bringing the troubles on this world. We belong to Him; He's purchased us with a price!

Read the book of Ezekiel and see how many times it says that God is bringing all these things to pass:

  • allowing them to happen
  • allowing Satan to do it
  • allowing the globalists to do this
  • allowing the Internet things and all that involves

to learn one lesson: That is, they will all come to know—in spite of all their machinations, in spite of all the devilish things they do—that only the Eternal God is God! He's going to subdue everything under the power of His name and His glory.

May we all glorify God in the lives that He has called us to live!

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Transcribed: 6/14/21