Book: The Christian Passover


AT Author’s Translation Judg. Judges
Ant. Antiquities of Jews, Josephus KJV King James Version
b. Babli, Babylonian Talmud Lam. Lamentations
  thus b. Pes. is tractate Pesahim Lev. Leviticus
  of the Babylonian Talmud LXX Septuagint
Bk. Book M. AB. Mishnah Aboth
BJ Belluni Judaicum M Men., Mishnah Menahoth
cf. Compare (from Latin confer) M. Pes. Mishnah Pesahim
Ch. Chapter Mat. Matthew
I Chron. I Chronicles Matt. Matthew
II Chron. II Chronicles NASB New American
      Standard Bible
Col. Colossians NIV New International
Cor. I Corinthians Num. Numbers
II Cor. II Corinthians p. page
Dan. Daniel pp. pages
Deut. Deuteronomy Pes. Pesahim, Mishnah
Dt. Deuteronomy I Pet. I Peter
e.g. for example (from the Latin II Pet. II Peter
  exempli gratia) Phil. Philippians
Eph. Ephesians Pro. Proverbs
Ex. Exodus Prov. Proverbs
Exod. Exodus Psa. Psalm
Ezk. Ezekiel Rev. Revelation
Ezek. Ezekiel Rom. Romans
f following page; 225f means RSV Revised Standard
  “page 225 and following   Version
  page” I Sam. I Samuel
ff following pages (see above) SB Schocken Bible
    Sec. Section
Gal. Galatians sic thus (from the
      Latin; inserted
Gen. Genesis   beside an error in
      order to make
Gn. Genesis   clear that the original
Heb. Hebrews   has been copied
i.e. that is (from Latin id est) I Tim. I Timothy
Ibid. in the same place (from the II Tim. II Timothy
  latin ibidem) Tit. Titus
Ib. the same (see above) v. verse
Isa. Isaiah vv. verses
JPSA Jewish Publication Society of Vol. Volume
  America Zech. Zechariah
Jub. Jubilees    


[ ] A parenthetical thought inserted into a quote for explanation.
( ) A parenthetical thought inserted for explanation.
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