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In summary, we find that the same principles are thoughtfully woven throughout the Bible—from one end to the other. True, some of the statutes God gave to ancient Israel cannot be applied by Christians in today’s world—not until Christ returns and sets up the Kingdom of God. Meanwhile, as Christians, we should obey the “laws of the land” that are in harmony with the laws of God. We are to live by every (applicable) word, then, that has come from God—as He gives us the help we need to understand those words.

Having proven that the Bible is in fact true and that it was inspired by the Creator God can be somewhat dangerous—if you fail to act on what you’ve learned. But if you are willing to apply what you have learned, this knowledge can be supremely valuable as part of the essential foundation of your faith. Without the solid, dependable Word of God—the Bible—you can be led by deceivers to believe a variety of erroneous teachings. But with a firmly founded trust in the Bible as God’s written Word to you personally, you can develop a loving, trusting, obedient relationship with God. If you continue to study God’s Word and increasingly come to know both what it teaches and what it does not teach, you can fulfill Peter’s admonition to “be growing in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (II Pet. 3:18).

The Bible stands proven to be true. It is God’s inspired Word to you—His all-important message of how to successfully live your life. What will you do with it—neglect it, or benefit by applying it in your life? The choice is yours—the most important choice you will ever make!