Book: God’s Bible Pathway For Children

Sometimes God starts using a person when they are a very young child.

Hannah prayed to God very fervently for a child and God answered her prayers. She gave birth to a son. His name was Samuel. His mother dedicated him to God's service at the tabernacle when he was a child.


As long as he lives, he shall be given to the LORD”


God talked to Samuel when he was only seven or eight years old. Samuel listened to what God told him. Samuel learned how to do the work in the tabernacle when he was growing up. He grew up to be a priest, judge and prophet for Israel.

Eli was the priest at the time that Samuel was young. After Samuel became a priest, God destroyed Eli and his sons for their wicked, evil deeds. They did not respect God and disobeyed Him.

God wanted Samuel to lead Israel in righteous­ness. He listened to God's instruction and told Israel how to please God.