Book: God’s Bible Pathway For Children

The place where Israel lived became very dry be­cause there was no rain for years. Later, Israel and the rest of his family went to Egypt to buy grain for his cattle and sheep. Joseph recognized his brothers. He told them to bring back Benjamin. They did not know Joseph was their lost brother who they had sold into slavery because of jealousy. The brothers had taken Joseph's coat of many “colors” and put blood on it. They took it to their father, Israel, and said a lion had killed Joseph. Israel cried for Joseph. After many years, Israel found Joseph alive. There was much joy! Joseph forgave his brothers and said God wanted it to happen. They moved to Egypt and lived there for many years and had lots of children.

The children of Israel were called Israelites. The Israelites grew into a nation of many people while they lived in Egypt. When a new Pharaoh ruled Egypt, the Is­raelites were made slaves to the Egyptians. They forced the Israelites to work very hard.

The Egyptians did not know anything about the true God. The Egyptians thought that things like the sun, moon, stars and even snakes, fish, frogs and alliga­tors were gods. They believed these had power to watch over them and help them in times of trouble. The Egyp­tians followed Satan's way, trusting in lies.