Book: God’s Bible Pathway For Children

Obey your parents in the Lord,
For this is right.

Honor your Father and your Mother,

Which is the

First Commandment with a Promise,

That it may be well with you,

And that you may live long

on the earth.

My Personal Bible Pathway

I know that there is a great all powerful God Who created the heavens and the earth. He created the land, the seas, the air and all that is in them.

I know that God gave us His laws and commandments so I would know how to do good.

I know that God loves me and all little children. He expects me to be obedient and it is really important for me to obey my parents. When you think about it, God is my Heavenly Father and that means I should obey Him always. The best way I can show my love to Him is by being obedient and God blesses me when I am obedient.

I know I should live by the “Golden Rule” and the golden rule is for me to treat others like I want to be treated. I know I should treat other people good and not lie or take anything that is not mine.

I know the Bible tells me that God will answer when I pray. I also know that I should pray every day for God’s help. God also wants me to pray for health or needs of other people. It doesn’t have to be a fancy prayer, but one that I really mean from my heart.

I know that to learn what I should do, I must read and study the Holy Bible. Every day I need to read at least a few verses. I know I should first pray that God will help me to understand what I read.

I know that God can hear my prayers no matter where I am or even what time of day or night it is. I know that I should pray that God will help me solve any problem I might have. He may not answer like I want, but He will take care of me the best way.

I know that whatever I do, I should try to do it to the best of my ability and really try hard. God will help me when I am trying to do my best.

I know I am to do all these things and I pray that God will help me to do them. I know that when I fail, I can go talk to God about it and when I am really sorry and promise to try to do better, God will help me.

Now I will pray that God will help me to know what I should do and help me to do it. Please be reading me the Bible so God can teach me.

I must be strong and stand firm when my friends or classmates tease and make fun of me. Because I don’t act like they do.

I know that “Jesus Loves Me!” I love Him and always want to obey Him.