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Lyall Johnston—January 7, 2017

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Greetings everyone! Welcome to Church at Home! Church at Home is sponsored by the Christian Biblical Church of God and we are dedicated to restoring original Christianity for today!

Today, as has been reported in the news media that we are now living in the Post Brexit, Post Trump era, the post Brexit and the post Trump world.

  • What does this mean for us?
  • What does it mean for you personally?

The world, in one sense, has gone into a tailspin and at this point, there is a great deal of uncertainty of what is going to take place next. Most of all, the shocking thing is how that the news media and all those who are commentating, both on Brexit—the British referendum to depart from the European Union—and Donald Trump, now as the President-elect of the United States. How could the news media have gotten this so wrong? In fact, is this the first time that this has happened? As a matter of fact, there is a very notable time in history when the news media got the election of a United States President wrong. That was President Harry S. Truman.

In an article here, from Wikipedia, the web-based Encyclopedia—just to give the details—it says,

Dewey Defeats Truman was an incorrect banner headline on the front page of the Chicago Daily Tribune, on November 3, 1948. The day after incumbent United States President, Harry S. Truman, won an upset victory over Republican challenger and Governor of New York, Thomas E. Dewey, in the 1948, Presidential election. The newspaper, in fact, was famously held up by Truman at a public appearance following his successful election, smiling triumphantly at the error.'

We had a similar situation in the United States when Newsweek Magazine[transcriber's correction] also got it very, very wrong when they announced the Democratic contender for the President as 'Madam President[transcriber's correction].' They had to withdraw thousands of copies of Newsweek Magazine[transcriber's correction].

  • How could this be?
  • How could this have been so upsetting?

Part of it is that there was a force, a power involved and it's very hard to deny this factor that God was in control. As the prophet Daniel says, 'God is the One Who sets up leaders that He chooses.'

Why, today, would God cause the referendum for Brexit to go against the popular movement to remain in the European Union? Why was it that Donald Trump, against all apparent odds, is now the President-elect? If all goes according to plan, as it should do, then, he will be the next President of the United States, replacing President Obama.

Why would God interfere, we might say? Or, perhaps the better question: Why would God choose to be involved? Here, understood, there is perhaps an assumption that God was involved. Can you think of any other reason? Why, yes! Much of the media for months have been saying, of course, that the people in the United States wanted a change! The same was true for the United Kingdom. People were wanting a change. People wanted out of the European Union more than wanted to remain because they could see where this was heading. Many journalists who could see the trend, reported this. In the main, it was those who wanted to remain that were heard. Those who were giving an opposite message were not the ones who were popular and not heard.

So, this is why the world, in a sense, is in a state of flux. Here we have the two most powerful nations in the world, or were the most powerful:

  • the British Empire: There's never been an empire as great as the British Empire up until the end of WWII, when the Empire crumbled and eventually, came to an end.
  • the United States: The same thing is happening and many journalists could see this.

It's almost like they understood what is written in the Bible, the Word of God, about what would happen to a nation, particularly a nation that God had called and placed His name on, such as He did with ancient Israel. The same message that God gave to ancient Israel is also applicable to the modern nations of Israel.

Particularly, we mention the Untied Kingdom and the United States of America, who today, have the same name placed on them that thousands of years ago were placed on the two sons of Joseph: Ephraim and Manasseh. Yes, Jacob renamed Ephraim and Manasseh by putting his name on them and calling them Israel. Ephraim and Manasseh today are indeed the modern descendants of those two young lads and as a people.

To understand more of this and to understand prophesy, this a factor that we need to know, we need to understand. We have a publication, which is titled America and Britain: Two Nations that Changed the World, by Philip Neal. That's a statement of fact. That's a statement of history. In this book you'll read of their Biblical origins and prophetic destiny. You can request that book from us and we'll send that to you.

So, history rolls on. To understand history—past, present and future—what we need to be able to do is to turn to the pages of the Bible, because it is there and there only that we can have a sure knowledge of what is ahead for us.

In order to do that, that means that we have to take that Book, the very Word of God in print, given to us by Him… In today's world, God gave it to us primarily first through the English language. Yes, there were copies around before, but an accurate translation of that Word was not made available until the days of King Henry VIII by a man by the name of William Tyndale.

You can go to many book stores and you'll find titles such as Bible commentaries, the Tyndale Commentary; it's a name that's well known. A man who translated the Word of God from the original Hebrew and Greek into the English language in a form that even, as Tyndale stated, 'The boy behind the plow could read it and understand it.'

Really, this is God's gift to mankind and in that Book God declares the end from the beginning. From the very beginning chapters of the book of Genesis, which is the first book in the Bible, God begins to declare the end from the beginning. All the way through the Old Testament—the Prophets and the Writings—God shows His plan and how He was going to accomplish that plan to do what He said He would do. At this point in history, God has fulfilled every prophesy that He has given according to the time in which we live.

There is no uncertainty about the present and the future of both the United Kingdom and the United States. God has great plans for our nations. You need that book, America and Britain, in order to understand, because there are some basic principles in how to understand prophesy.

We have an article about the rules for understanding prophesy—Fourteen Rules for Bible Study, (truthofgod.org)}. These are rules that you will find in the Bible; the Bible actually interprets itself. We don't have to rely on men. Where we read a particular prophesy, we can turn to other segments of the Bible, to other portions of the Bible where God actually explains what He is saying.

Again, coming to the United Kingdom, coming to us personally, putting it on the scale or putting it on the basis of you and me:

  • What lies ahead for us?
  • Can we be certain?
  • Do you know where your life is headed?

It's interesting that a study has been done of the great empires of the world and there is a mean figure of 250 years being the average time and life of an empire. They rise to great heights, to great power, to great possessions, but then something happens. What happens is that the nations begin to sit back on their laurels, they begin to have a breakdown in their morals, which leads to nationwide, or empire-wide, corruption and that is what is brings an empire down. That's exactly what has happened to the United Kingdom and is happening also to the United States.

However, it's as though, now, we have a hiatus. Now, it seems that we have been given a moratorium, a break, a space in time where what we would like to present to you, as an individual, is that God has a plan and God has caused this for a reason!

  • Do you know what that reason is?
  • Can you think of any reason why God would stop the downward slide of our moral corruption in order to accomplish something?

As we said, God declares the end from the beginning! Throughout the pages of the Bible, and particularly through the prophesies of the prophets appointed by God, God put His Word in their mouths. Most of all, from the mouth of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ as the Bible calls Him.

As we said earlier, in the book of Daniel, we can turn there to Dan. 4, and we can read what God, Himself, says through His prophet Daniel, a man appointed by God to show what was going to happen in world history right down until a time, which we know from the Scriptures is a time when Jesus Christ Himself will return from heaven above to set up the Government of God on earth. A time when Jesus Christ Himself and His angels and saints, will replace the rulers of this world and set up His Kingdom, which is a kingdom of great prosperity. A kingdom in which there will be true peace. Jesus Christ is going to set Himself up as King of all kings and Lord of all lords in Jerusalem, from His Holy City and His throne in Mt. Zion.

All the nations, at this time, after great tribulation, after great destruction will take place, Jesus Christ will return to this earth, but He won't return unopposed. Biblical history shows that the nations of this world under the deception of Satan the devil, will believe and have the nations believing that Jesus Christ returning with all His saints and Holy angels, are actually aliens invading earth from outer space. Does that sound like science fiction to you? Well, that's the program! That's the plan! We know that when Jesus Christ comes all the nations of the earth will rise up against Him to fight Him.

We're just going to read this one verse. You can read all the context in which this verse is said.

Daniel 4:25: "That you shall be driven from men… [talking here of King Nebuchadnezzar] ...and your dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field, and you shall be made to eat grass like oxen…. [this actually occurred] ...And you shall be wet with the dew of heaven, and seven times… [seven years] ...shall pass over you until you know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever He will."

"...the Most High… [referring to Almighty God] ...rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever He will."

  • Can you accept that?
  • Can you accept that as a Truth from the lips of God Almighty Himself, as He spoke through His prophet Daniel?

Worth thinking about—isn't it? Particularly when we think of the Brexit referendum and the results and when we think of Donald Trump now as President-elect of the United States. Let's read that phrase again. "...the Most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever He will."

If you can accept that as a statement, it will help you to understand, that indeed, God has caused this to happen in spite of the country, in spite of what men prognosticated, in spite of what man says or occurred, is stated right here—that God, Who "…rules in the kingdom of men, gives it to whomever He will."

  • Can you accept the fact that the Brexit decision was given by God in spite of the opposition of many?
  • Can you accept that Donald Trump, if this is what occurred, which has great potential to slow down the moral decay within the United States?

Yes, indeed! There has been a lot of fear-mongering amongst the news media in great opposition to Donald Trump! For all those who are in opposition for the outcomes:

  • of the Brexit referendum
  • for Donald Trump becoming President-elect against all odds

Something had to have happened. God is able to move men and women to make decisions that He desires, that He wants, that He sees as necessary. Why? To accomplish His will!

Yes! Great opposition is still are going to continue against the Brexit decision and President-elect Trump is going to face great opposition. Is the President-elect without fault? No! Neither are you or myself. We all have many failings. There are some things that were said in the Trump campaign that are more in line with the thinking of God than the opposition.

  • A moratorium?
  • A hiatus designed by God?

Well, all we have to do see whether this is so is to wait. Eventually, all truth will be made known. We know that the path that most leaders in the world are going in today, is a rushing forward to that great 'one world-ruling' empire, that 'one world-ruling government' and to that 'one world religion,' which is in total opposition to the teachings and the faith and the beliefs given to us by God Himself, through none other than Jesus Christ! We have to ask ourselves:

  • Who are you going to believe?
  • Who am I going to believe?
  • Are we going to believe the news media, which flip-flops and changes from day to day and with a heavy bias towards the deception of mankind?

We know, and it has been proven, that they were deceived. Many reports, in fact, were blatant lies. Fortunately, there are sources who have had access to original documents that have helped to expose these lies and these errors. Many are saying, 'How can we believe the news media any longer?' It won't take long before many of us will begin to believe those lies again. There's only one protection against the lies of the media. What do you think that is? The Apostle Paul tells us in the New Testament. He says 'to prove all things.'

How are you, how will I, 'prove all things?' Again, the answer is given in the Scriptures by taking heed according to the Word of God. God's Word that has been written for us is true, it is upright, it is total righteousness and God cannot lie! In fact, the brother of Jesus Christ, the Apostle James who headed up the Jerusalem Church after the death of Jesus Christ, said, 'With God, there is not even a shadow of turning.' You say, 'How can I believe that the Bible is the Word of God?'

  • Have you ever taken time to look at the creation?
  • Have you ever taken time to look at the galaxies and all the heavenly bodies and see how they are strung out by the hand of God in perfect array?
  • Have you ever studied a small insect?
  • An ant, for example and see how that ant is always busy about the work it has to do?

When you look at all of God's creation, whether through a telescope or through a microscope, we find absolute perfection. A God, the God of creation, Who has created all things by the Word and power of His mouth, bringing everything into being, is He not able, then, to give His Word to us and cause it to be written in a form? Then, to preserve that?

Here is God, Whom we are told upholds the entirety of the universe right in His own hands. Is He not able then to uphold a few words? I say a few words, but the entirety of the Bible? Is that too big an expectation that God is able to do? What do you think?

Yes, God can create the universe. He could create the microscopic world that man, even with his most powerful magnifying equipment cannot get to the bottom of, cannot reach to the ends of God's creation in its minuteness. Just like he cannot fathom the heavens above and the greatness of them. Our knowledge is limited because we are finite; God is infinite! To say that there's no way that God could cause the Bible to be His Word, to be written down and preserved for all those years is a lie from Satan the devil!

Satan does not want you or anyone else, reading the Word of God and actually believing that it is the Truth. If we read the Bible and if we do what it says, you know what's going to happen? You are going to grow in wisdom! You are going to grow in understanding! You are going to grow in knowledge, particularly the knowledge of Who God is and what He is doing here on earth! He has caused that to be written down for us. The reason that even traditional Christianity doesn't understand the fullness of God's plan is because they use the Bible to teach their particular traditions and beliefs. What they don't do is to obey what God says!

We can just begin with one teaching. That's the fourth commandment, the Sabbath Day. Yes, the Sabbath Day was made on day seven of the re-creation of this earth and its force has remained until today. Why would God change the day that He observed and called it His own?

You see, God possesses the Sabbath Day. It is the Sabbath Day of God. By that, what do we mean? He possesses it! He is the One Who gives the instruction! He's the One Who shows us what He wants us to do at that particular time!

There is another reason. Just changing tracks here, for a moment. The reason for these decisions—both the Brexit referendum and the particular result of the American elections—is that God is being merciful to us. In Amos 3:7—we need to read this because it's a very important topic—Amos was given this for the people of Israel. That was ancient Israel, but if you understand Biblical prophesy, you'll understand that it is dual. It had a former application, but it also has a future application. Here is one reason why we have this hiatus, why we have this moratorium.
Amos 3:7: "Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing unless He reveals His secret unto His servants the prophets."

God has already done that. You can go to all the prophesies of both the Old Testament and the New Testament. That's where the prophesies are. That's where we find the prophets. Today, those who are preaching from the Bible, the Word of God, they are not the prophets. They are the ones that God is calling and requiring them to give His Word of old. The Word, which has not changed. The Word, which is trustworthy.

"...He reveals His secret unto His servants the prophets." God has already done that. So, the responsibility of anyone preaching from the Bible, preaching from God's Word, needs to be taking the message of the prophets to the people.

We'll pick this up in the next segment. Thank you, once again, for inviting me into your home. Until next time, this is Lyall Johnston saying, 'Goodbye, everyone.'

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Transcribed: 07-19-18
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