Book: God’s Bible Pathway For Children

I need to pray to God the Father and Jesus Christ every day:

I pray for:

  • Protection for my family and me,
  • That God will help me to do what is right,
  • That God will bless my family and me,
  • That God will help us be healthy,
  • That God will make those who are sick better,
  • That God will bring his wonderful kingdom soon,
  • That God will bless me with wisdom,
  • That God will bless me with His love,
  • That God will look after me in the future and keep me safe,
  • That God will forgive me when I do some­thing wrong,
  • That God will provide a good husband/wife for me when I grow up.

I remember to thank God for all the things He provides for me:

  • A home to live in,
  • Healthy food to eat,
  • Safety and peace,
  • Clothes to wear,
  • My mom and dad,
  • My brothers and sisters,
  • Knowledge of the truth,
  • My Bible that helps me learn God's way.

I remember to praise and honor God for He made me and loves me.