Book: God’s Bible Pathway For Children

From the time Jesus was a baby, He was taught in vision directly by God the Father early every morning. He was never instructed by a man or rabbi. Mary, His mother, did teach Jesus some things as a small child.

Jesus grew to be a very wise and sensible man. He became the greatest teacher because He had come from God the Father and understood more than any man. Jesus told the people about God and how He wants everyone to live. Jesus was given great power by God the Father to heal sick people so they could get well and heal blind people so they could see and heal deaf people so they could hear. Jesus showed that following what He said is the most important step to knowing the true way of God. We are to love Jesus and God the Father with all our hearts.

Jesus Christ will give the gift of life forever to all people who love God and obey His laws and way of life.

Jesus said that the time is coming when God will get rid of Satan and his demons and teach all people God's way. Jesus came to tell us to repent and obey God. He came to tell us about the time when He, Jesus, will change this evil world. He came to die on the cross to pay for all the sins and disobedience to God so that peo­ple can know the true God.