Book: God’s Bible Pathway For Children

A boy named David was out in the field looking af­ter his father's sheep when the prophet Samuel, who obeyed God, came to him. God had chosen David to be king over Israel.

During a war against the Philistines, David took some food to his brothers who were in the army. David found all the army of Israel standing back because they were afraid of a giant named Goliath. David, who had killed a lion and a bear with God's help, was bold and picked up five smooth stones and put them into his shepherd's bag. David put a stone in his sling and ran at the giant calling out, “The God of Israel will help me kill you, the enemy of the living God.” The stone David hurled with his sling hit the giant Goliath in the fore­head and he fell down dead.

When Goliath's army saw that Goliath was dead they turned and ran.



David wrote many songs and stories called Psalms, which tell us a lot about God and how that fol­lowing His way is the way of right behavior.

God caused David to write, “The Law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the mind. The Word of the Lord is sure, mak­ing wise the simple.”

David was a good king for a long time. Then he did some bad things, but he became very sorry and re­pented and followed God's way. Since then God has made sure that one of David's family has always been seated on the throne of David.

When David died, his son Solomon became king. God gave Solomon understanding to give wise answers and work out problems. God told Solomon how to build a house to the glory of God. The house was called a tem­ple. The temple was very beautiful, with a lot of gold and many shining stones on it.

God blessed Solomon with lots of money, gold, and many other things because he asked God to make him wise to answer the people in the right way.

God caused Solomon to write many true wise words that show the best way to live, called Proverbs. Solomon wrote, “Where people cannot see what the fu­ture holds or the reasons why, they will perish; but he that keeps Gods law, happy is he.”

Solomon also wrote, “He who does what is right ca­res about how his animals are treated, but the wicked man does not care and his ways are cruel.”

The Holy Bible


Many more kings ruled Israel and Judah. Some obeyed God and everything went well. When a bad king would come to the throne and disobey God, then the people sinned and would have trouble, drought and war.



God raised up prophets to speak and write warn­ings of what was going to happen later and why. God said a child would be born Who would become the Savior of all mankind. He would grow up and teach us about God.