Book: God’s Bible Pathway For Children

Everyone needs to know how and why the world started, so a book was written. The book tells us how to live and why we were made. God inspired some people to write what He wanted all people to know. It is a very big book and is sometimes hard to understand, but it tells us the way that is the truth. Today, very few people believe and love God. Neither do they read God's book. So they do not know the gateway that leads to life.

The book we have to read is called the Holy Bible. When we read the Bible, we find the truth. For God is true and His Word is true.

All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth. God’s word is the truth.
John 17:17

There have always been two almighty, all-powerful beings who are God. They know everything and under­stand everything. These two great God-beings have the same shape as people. They have arms, hands, legs, feet, a body and a face, but they are much, Much, MUCH greater than people, because They are spirit. They are not flesh like people who will die.

They have no beginning because They have always existed. They have no end because They cannot die, except for the One of the God family Who chose to come to earth as a man and our Savior to die for the sins of the people that He had created.

These great beings are called God the Father and God the Son. They are spirit, which our eyes cannot see, kind of like the wind or electricity.

God the Father and God the Son live in heaven above the earth. Our minds cannot understand how much God the Father and God the Son know or how mighty they are. A man named John had a vision. A vision is a picture in the air, in the mind or in the sky instead of on paper. In the vision John saw that God the Son had hair white like wool, as white as snow and God the Son's eyes were as a flame of fire. His feet were like brass, as if they burned in a fire. God the Son's voice sounds like a huge waterfall and a great trumpet.

John said he saw a throne in heaven and God sit­ting on it, Who looked like a jasper stone and a sardine stone in His glory. And around the throne was a rain­bow like an emerald.

Around the throne are twenty-four smaller thrones with twenty-four elders sitting on them. Out from God's throne came lightning, thundering and voices.


The third Heaven is where God's throne is. God says, “The heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool.”


The second heaven is the sun, moon and stars.
The first heaven is the air and clouds around the earth.