Book: Beliefs and Doctrines of the New Testament Church

The word gospel means “good news.” The gospel is the wonderful message of God’s plan of salvation for all mankind through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. The New Testament calls this message the gospel of grace. The gospel of grace is the good news that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and that through His blood all who repent and believe in Him may have their sins forgiven and may enter into the Family of God. The gospel is also a message about the coming Kingdom of God on earth. It is the good news that when Jesus Christ returns to the earth, He will set up the Kingdom of God and the Government of God. He will rule all nations as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The saints who are given immortality at the first resurrection will inherit the kingdom with Jesus Christ and will rule and reign with Him as kings and priests. The gospel must be preached to all nations as a witness before Jesus Christ returns to set up His kingdom. Through the preaching of the gospel, God is preparing saints for His kingdom by calling those whom He chooses to repentance and conversion.

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