Book: America & Britain

Determining the geographical regions ultimately settled by many of the tribes of Israel is largely a matter of speculation. The table below reflects a consensus of key researchers who have studied the complex genealogical histories of the Israelite tribes as they migrated into northwest Europe. Their conclusions are based primarily on identifying those clans that represent the “determining element” of a particular land. Biblical clues, where available, have also been taken into consideration.

  • Ephraim

    Britain, including some former colonies

  • Manasseh

    United States of America

  • Judah

    Jews, in Israel and around the world

  • Reuben

    France (mostly northern areas)

  • Dan

    Ireland, Denmark, Scandinavian areas

  • Simeon

    Scattered among the Jews, British Isles

  • Levi

    Scattered, mostly among the Jews

  • Issachar

    Finland, Scandinavian areas

  • Zebulun


  • Gad

    Switzerland (French-speaking areas)

  • Asher

    Belgium (mostly northern areas)

  • Naphtali

    Norway, Sweden

  • Benjamin

    Norway, Iceland, British Isles