ANNOUNCEMENT: It is with great pleasure that God has opened the door for A Faithful Version (AFV) to be inserted as a module into the bible tool, e-Sword! This popular bible program has had over 40 million downloads since its inception in 2000.

And now one can make easy copy and paste verses into their sermon notes. The e-Sword program can be downloaded here:

AFV (A Faithful Version) is to be loaded from e-Sword itself, on the option "Download" and then select "Bibles" and then select the Language "English", and the option to "Free" downloads. Tap the pointer on the Title "A Faithful Version", and the Bible will be downloaded to the PC. Close e-Sword. Re-start e-Sword to see the new additions, and the Bible will be listed in the Bible window. This is for the text only, not including footnotes, and not including the Commentary or Appendices at this stage.

Courtesy of a friend

A Faithful Version is also available for theWord application. which is also a free Bible software application.