July 19, 2022

To Whom It May Concern:

On Saturday, August 20th, 2022, I will be on the twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean hosting a Sabbath service at the following location:

Kapok Hotel (Pem Bois Meeting Room)

16-18 Cotton Hill, St. Clair, Trinidad

Tel #: (868) 622-5765

Time:  10:00 am


This is on the Saddle Road to Maraval near the Savannah.

If you are interested in attending, or know of anyone in the area who is, please pass this information along. Please let me know ahead of time so we can have the proper accommodations by contacting me via email, phone, text or WhatsApp at one of the contact options below. 

Thank you,

Nolan Joseph


Phone/text/WhatsApp.           (352) 575-4848

Alternate Phone:                     (352) 575-5445.