What if I get an input box, hit the "Get Calendar" button but NOTHING happens??

If your browser shows the calendar input box (the words "Holy Day Calendar 1.0" show up in the inside top of box) then you have the correct version of the JAVA language plug-in program.

However, if after entering a date and hitting the "Get Calendar" button nothing happens, one possibility is that your computer does not have enough FREE MEMORY to run the calendar's calculations.

What now?

PC's vary widely as to the type of system (Windows 98, Windows XP, etc.) used, amount of memory installed, amount of memory used by installed programs and so forth.

It is beyond the scope of this site to offer detailed advice on freeing up memory for each configuration a computer may have. However, one common culprit of low PC memory available is unwanted programs loading up automatically when the PC is turned on or reset. These programs many times show up in your system tray (bottom, right side of screen for Windows users) as little icons.

If you wish to look into stopping certain programs (ones you may not use often like audio, video, email, etc.) from loading into memory when you system starts up, we suggest getting a free program called CLEANTRAY. You can download this program at: http://www.killersoftware.com/clean_tray.htm

Please note, however, that you assume all risk for downloading and using this or other programs. If you are unsure about using such software, contact your PC manufacturer's technical support line or do research on the Internet.