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June 21, 2022

Greetings Brethren,

Here is the letter from Bill Goff who has undertaken for a good number of years on his own initiative, to work with widows and orphans in Kenya and Tanzania. As you read the letter, you will see that the other Churches of God have not done anything to help him. Here in Hollister, we send him a monthly amount which helps with the orphanage and the widows. He explains the true situation in East Africa, and we are including his contact address at the end.. And if you feel you could send some funds to him to help his ministry, it would be greatly appreciated.

In Christian Love,
Fred Coulter

"Greetings Brethren,

My name is Bill Goff. My wife Marie and I came into God’s church back in 1984 WWC. We were connected to Rod Meredith back in the very early 90ies when he started “Global cog”. But separated from them number of years ago. We worked with Fred numerous times in the past; including helping organize the CBCG FOT site at the “Oglebay Resort” in Wheeling West Virginia a few years ago. Since 2005 my wife and I have been involved with assisting our impoverished Brethren over in Kenya and Tanzania. Many of them have really been suffering, and crying out for help (especially the widows and orphans.)

We started a church orphanage just outside of Kisii Kenya, and currently caring for 19 church orphans. We also assist another 21 additional church orphans who live remotely around Kenya in what we call “The Bush”.

The cog has a lot of members in Kenya and Tanzania (some even were part of the “Radio” cog from the 50ies.) We had no concern about which cog group their families associated with before their parents died. Our only concern was to help these suffering church orphans. They all came to us in the same condition, hungry (starving actually) and wearing their only worn out clothes on their backs. We have been assisting a total of 40 church orphans, and 11 “true” widows. 

These brethren of ours are really suffering. They are all peasant farmers and due to adverse weather conditions, there hasn’t been much harvest. We reached out for help from some of the larger churches of God, but they turned their backs. Fred was the only one of the larger cog who has been helping, as he mentioned in his May 18, 2022 Monthly letter. Please consider helping us help our impoverished Brethren, the need there is great. Also, if you have any Bibles that you no longer use, if you send them to our Myrtle Beach, SC address, we carry donated Bibles every time we go there.

Thank you,
Your brother in Christ.
Bill Goff"

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